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  1. So, has any one on this list received their refund yet? There does not appear to be many of us still waiting.
  2. So, there is a sequel to BE&EM I knew it.
  3. Now that that's over what are we going to do for fun around here?
  4. With less than a hour to go can BE&EM get up?
  5. Looks like we are now down to the last two hours!
  6. Gotta love this stuff! Long live the Intellivision polls, pre-polls, post-polls, and polls about the polls. And no, prior to yesterday I did not know! The "show results" button seems to defeat the purpose of the poll in the first place and shows possible bias. Clearly late voters will poll the favorites and not the low voting games even if they like them and are not going to vote for them as they see them as having no chance. I vote that the "game of the year" poll is re done in a fair and democratic way!
  7. Ok, Thanks for the explanation as I didn't know that.
  8. How do you know that if you have not voted yet???
  9. It's the last day to vote here in Australia.
  10. So back to our normal program... Has anyone noticed a voting pattern here? When voting started the votes were well spread across all the nominations but lately only a couple are getting a look in. Since votes are hidden to members until they have cast a vote why is there now such a imbalance to the vote spread? Conspiracy theory? Inside trading? Collusion between voters? A rat that smells? Back to our normal program....
  11. That could be quite a sticky situation.
  12. Imagine if Eric was back! :mad: Rev, M-crew, and Eric in a three way. That would surely fill another 26+ pages.
  13. So we now have a poll conspiracy theory? Just gotta love this stuff!
  14. Perhaps some people are waiting to cast a late vote.
  15. And I am complaining about a constant +30 to +35C temperature without any relief for months! We are planning on moving to a cooler climate!
  16. Well there is a new can of worms! Mine are both Australian PAL brown versions (currently in storage) but I wonder what they will reveal?
  17. Yep, Just got the prompt when I booted up this morning (before reading this) and it installed seamlessly. :thumbsup:
  18. Look left for the answer. Why are there no Australian dots on Revs map?
  19. Thanks slabomeat. It's worth $80us to me and when all refunds are made there would be no posts here anymore.
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