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  1. So I'm recapping this duo that had no CD audio, like I've done dozens before. Replaced the audio caps & the CD audio comes back. I move on to replace the caps in the bottom right corner of the board that handle the CD drive. After replacing those, drive spins like crazy. Doesn't matter what you do even if you pout a hu card in their the drive spins. I've checked everything a thousand times over & have no idea whats wrong. Any help is appreciated.
  2. So far all my offers have been the 4 pack of pints :/ anyone have the 6-pack of shot glasses?
  3. Thanks I've seen those. There pint glasses, much larger. I do plan on getting those but there still widely available :/
  4. Hello, me and my girlfriend were about to purchase the Atari Shot glasses one night only to see that that particular seller was "out of stock" so we went to other sites that all said the same thing. Eventually we called Think Geek and they told us it had been discontinued. So I was wondering if anyone had a set they were willing to part with? These are the ones were interested in:
  5. I've recently come across an Atari 5200 at a flea market. I already have one so I want to give it to my girlfriend. Everything with it works and I have a controller for it too. The only thing I'm missing is the RF Switch. It's a 4-port so it needs that spec ail one that the RF and the power connects into. Finding one on eBay isn't that easy, I recently missed my chance on one on eBay and was wondering if anyone here has one they could sell me?
  6. oh thank you I appreciate the recommendations
  7. Well I haven't actually done it on an NES cart before. My main concern was how to I put the rom onto the Atari cart's eprom. Obviously you cant just copy paste a rom itself you need to make it into a file the eprom supports and the 2600 itself can comprehend. The only games I wish to create are like pepsi invaders or even Atlantis 2, but I don't want Pepsi invaders to have a blank cart with the sticker written in my own handwriting "Pepsi invaders" Id make it more like the magnet they sell at the store here. Same with Atlantis 2, Id make my own unique label and not literally write atlantis 2 on the ariginal cart liek the real ones.
  8. I see your point. So i guess what your saying is that there really isn't any tutorial on making reproductions of Atari carts for this reason. I figured it out on an NES and doing so on other consoles around the same time period is very similar. My desire was never to flood the market or sell of my reproductions, but I understand how some people would. I appreciate the reply though, as disappointed as I am about not being able to do it myself thanks anyway.
  9. I know of the harmony cartridge and its great and all, but I like having the actual game. I want to make my own carts with labels that only play that game. Seems inefficient but I'm a collector and have an interest in reproducing games that are basically impossible to find without selling my car, like Pepsi Invaders for example. I know Atari Age could just make it for me, but I'm really interested in doing it myself.
  10. I've been looking into making my own reproductions of games. I've looked into it for other consoles such as the NES and was interested in doing Atari also, but I cant seem to find any tutorials on how to make a reproduction of an Atari 2600 game. Could someone please help with a link? Ive searched the internet and the forums and didnt come up with what I was looking for so please help.
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