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  1. i'd be willing to do this i got so far in programming then kinda got stuck. i'd like to see it do a little overview of the assembly basics though cause that was hard for me and it would be cool to get some light shone on it
  2. i woulda made the jaguar cd based to start with a cart add on. and since i belive the lynx was still half alive i would of made a add on kinda like the super gameboy to play the games on the jag and then started to cross platform games more between the two. also atari needed a big mascot in 1996 sega had sonic, sony had crash, nintendo had mario. now how about the companies with systems that didn't have a mascot? that's right 3D0 and jaguar both failed.
  3. thanks for the help
  4. a complier and emulator for lynx so i can start developing for it
  5. if you can even cram a hour long game into a 2600 cart i'll be surprised
  6. Mega Man I Final Fantasy I Zelda I Bubble Boble Zelda II how much for these? have they been tested? do they work? pm me
  7. the more i hear about this system i less i think console and more i think computer. doesn't anyone else see the idea of this phantom thing alot like that of those old computers you hooked up to your tv. i at home right now have a adam family computer from the early eighties. it's a computer that doubles as a coleco vision.this hear seems to be the same thing to me
  8. it doesn't look like that bad of a system it's a shame that it was emtpy too bad they didn't launch the jag like that in the first place it coulda taken off then
  9. do you have a version that can be played on a emulator yet? it'd be cool to try this out it looks real good
  10. last year when i started trading on the net it wasn't taking too long to get stuff around with canada post. but i've noticed lately i've been having a problem. i've got a couple of pacakges i sent 5 and 6 weeks ago and they both havn't been recieved by the people waiting. the thing is i live in a small town and would have to go pretty far(like hlaf an hour) to the closet office for ups or anything else though
  11. http://net4tv.com/voice/story.cfm?storyid=3743 this link is to a time line that seems really wrong to me. it talks about sega with the first acrade machine and crap and the barbie games didn't happen till like 1996 my sisters use to have barbie games for the nes i still got a couple now that the system is with me
  12. i want a web site with lots of info on consoles from way back you know something with pics and time lines of failed consoles past and present
  13. is this a system about to lanuch/just lanuched or already been out and pretty much fizzled out in north america i just went to that site and saw they run $160 us that's alot to pay for a system without support
  14. this thing looks great!! does it really only play pc games though?? i went and looked around at a few different sites and it seems that you load shit on to it through your computer. it's a cool idea but doesn't it seem more like a fancy palm top computer more then a video game console to me
  15. they do seem to work again after sitting i'm going to dig out my other systems and see what i can do with them
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