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  1. The first time I played Spelunker was on the NES and found it to be extremely difficult but also addicting. I can't really explain why a game that can be so frustrating also has that one more go appeal. Since the game was one of my favorites on NES and I really like the box art I decided to pick up a copy of Team Pixelboy's version on the Colecovision. Game play: I felt like the Colecovision version was a bit easier overall (which is a welcome difference for me as I am not that good). This version was a bit more forgiving in the distance that you can fall without dying. The stalactites seemed to be spaced out further and the minecart seemed to move slower making it easier to control. Graphics: The graphics and sounds being both impressive for the Colecovison and pretty similar to the NES. I really like the two tone color of the walls and floor of he cave. Controls: The controls seem simpler and less tricky than what I remember on the NES. I felt like jumping off of a rope was more straightforward in this version which was a plus for me. Sound: The sound is similar to the NES version and I have a love/hate relationship with it. I enjoy the music in the game but it gets repetitive after a few rounds. I really wish there was a way to turn off the background music but keep the helpful sound effects. The warning sound for health and the tune is plays before the ghost appears are really helpful. The repetitive sound for the bat doesn't help me as I only hear it when he visible (and apparent) anyway. Sometimes I find the bat sound annoying if he happens to be on screen for an extended period of time if I have to ride elevators etc. My criticism is really about the design choices of the original developers, not team pixelboy's implementation (which seems to be spot on). Overall: Since the Colecovision version is on-par with the NES in terms of graphics and sound and seems easier overall, I think this may be my new preferred version of the game! I made are review video showing the box, manual, and cartridge along with gameplay footage (captured from my Collectorvision Phoenix) so I thought I would share it here:
  2. I called amazon support today and the confirmed that the Kindle edition of the book is not compatible with Kindle devices (which seems counterintuitive to me). I missed it when I first purchased the book but there is a "available on these devices" link that you have to click on to see which devices are supported (figured I didn't need to since I was using a Kindle device). Only Kind fire devices or Kindle apps are supported. I know that there are screenshots and images but I have comics and other books with pictures that work on the Kindle devices so I'm not sure why it wouldn't work.
  3. Thanks! Clicking this link and then clicking the download latest version button worked for me. Thanks for the great software Tony!
  4. I checked, there are no updated available for the Kindle as it was recently updated. I'll have to try Amazon support.
  5. I can't seem to get the application to run I am getting the following error: Below is a summary of the errors, details of these errors are listed later in the log. * Activation of C:\Users\kynrek\Downloads\MSXSpriteEditor.application resulted in exception. Following failure messages were detected: + Application manifest has either a different computed hash than the one specified or no hash specified at all. + File, MSXSpriteEditor.exe.manifest, has a different computed hash than specified in manifest.
  6. I purchased the kindle version and when I tried to read it it says that it is unavailable fir download and not compatible with my device (a kindle oasis I just got a few months ago). I can read other kindle books just fine. Am I missing something?
  7. Does anyone know if the SaveKey or Atarivox are supported through the controller port or if they could be included in the 2600 core?
  8. I made a video talking about deciding which games to keep in my genesis collection along with game video capture from my system. Let me know which games I should keep! https://youtu.be/kBkkrPVn5-A
  9. Yeah sometimes he is slow to respond but he always comes through. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  10. I can't seem to find one that works with the maxflash 8megabit Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  11. I am trying tor write the mac/65 cartridge image to my maxflash 8mb flash cartridge but it will not run. I keep getting warnings that it won't work with a gen 1 or with an emulator workbook preview. how can I tell if I have a gen 1 or a preview? (my cartridge is red) can I upgrade to a gen2 or do I just have to buy another one? I think it said an XEX format rather than bin might fix it but I can't find one.
  12. Excellent! Thanks for getting me an answer, no wonder I was going crazy! Yeah I'm not sure where I got $1000 from I just got a few books that say $600
  13. I was getting the same error in both the emulator(s) and on my physical 800xl so it couldn't have been a physical disk failure. I created a blank atr file using the atari800 emulator for Linux and then used dos2.5 to "write dos files" the started saving files to the disk image and started seeing the error in both the Linux emulator and the windows altarra. I suspected basic because I saw a bunch of code executing in the debugger that I didn't assemble there. I started my program at $1000 and when I ran t1000 there were extra instructions there which is why I suspected a basic cartridge interference.
  14. I think I solved the problem. I beleieve BASIC was being loaded and was causing a memory conflict with the assembler editor. (does the 800xl load basic when another cartridge is loaded?) I'll have to double check the dos version I was using.
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