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  1. My friend just started a Jaguar wiki. So I'm just getting the word out if anyone wants to contribute. The domains www.Atarijaguar.wikia.com. If the site gets popular she plans to drop that .wikia in the title and it to just be atarijaguarwiki.com. I'm a huge Jaguar fan but not just quite as much as her. Thanks!
  2. That is an auction I would not buy.....
  3. Apparently,this is a sort of rare game.In one of the Jag auctions I got, I got a manual for this game,but no cartridge or box.I suspect someone offered a price just for that game,got it,but the seller forgot to give him the manual.I haven't seen one of these on eBay, and I'm just wondering what the price of cart only is.
  4. Pac man and ms.pac man make really good use of the controller.Actually all games do,it's a really good controller,but you have to be careful with it.
  5. Pac man jr has to be my second favorite for sure.Or maybe my first?
  6. I hate how the * console is matte like the 2 port.Gloss is way better.Well,I guess my questions been answered.Time to post another!Atari's so interesting,I just never stop asking questions.
  7. So far I don't have any boxed 7800 games...but a boxed system.I display all my boxes and games separately and put my boxes on display and my games in droors.The only system or games I keep in box are my sealed ones(of course) and my XE game system...I just never play that thing.
  8. I know the 5200 is a scaled down 400,but is the hardware any different besides there being no keyboard?Is a hybrid console a possibility?
  9. Really?An asterix themed console?Hmmmmm.....interesting ; )
  10. Yesterday I finally got a high score of exactly 100 on the pinball game for the MB Microvision
  11. I couldn't find anything about this when I searched,but I just wanted to know what the 4 port console w/ the asterix on the bottom that can fit the vcs adapter is worth.
  12. None seem to be pushed in,I'll try the second controller port soon and see if it has the same problem.
  13. I got a 5200 vcs adapter and it works.However,the fire button on all my controllers doesn't work with it.It goes in all directions and works,but the fire button doesn't. Please help!
  14. I really like the 7800(everything but the sound)and just wanted to take a little survey to see which 7800 game is the most beloved.I only have 15 games but my favorite so far has to be Food Fight.
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