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  1. Hey everyone, I have a few auctions going on right now on ebay. Please check them out and bid if interested If you have any questions feel free to ask. http://www.ebay.ca/sch/bejamquinn/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
  2. ya i tried contacting. i would love an atari 2600 jr. pm me !
  3. i just found this article about a guy writing about his life and the timeline of video games. here is a paragraph he wrote about poussinet: "There was this team of three programmers I met in a group reunion. They were once showing a game they had completed that is called POUSSINET. They made it on the good old Atari 8-bit computer. If I remember, POUSSINET was some sort of Super Mario Bros. type, where the player controls this little yellow bird in a maze that resembles some sort of automated factory. Too bad they only sold like 2 copies!" So he knew bruno and denis. Only 2 copies sold, so these prototypes and versions are some of the only ones in existance
  4. not all* i have one final copy cassette and one disk and another cassette labeled with pousinet
  5. Heres some pics ! taking offers if want more pictures just let me know. tons of stuff. coding, level design, pixel art, some legal even
  6. Okay so a while back i ran into a guy on craigslist who gave me 2 boxes of atari stuff for free. Turns out he was a programmer of an atari game: poussinet. In the box i found all of the blueprints, code books and tons of other neat one of kind stuff. There is a cassette labelled poussinet, and a few Floppys too. If anyone would be interested in these one of a kind items, i can get pics. and i may be willing to sell if the price is right If you have any interest at all just send me a pm !
  7. okay i dont know how to do any of that.... it is my first time getting an atari 400 or 800, i also have the books he used to write the code and some pixel design and level design
  8. oh thats crazy, i live near vancouver so i just went and got the rest of the stuff, do you know anything about poussinet?
  9. oh wow ! i actually got my stuff from bruno too !!! so you are the guy who bought the other stuff, i actually just have one cassette and one tape. hmm ur name is "dafivehole"? you a hockey goalie?
  10. Okay this is my first post on atariage so i dont exactly know how things work here... however i needed to sign up to get info and help on this atari find of mine. I got a large lot from a programmer and in it there was a game called "Poussinet" and lots of stuff about it. i havent been able to find practically any information on it besides the programmers of it (Bruno Fontain and Denis somthing) that it was produced by CRN and that it was released in 1985. if anyone can help me please post and i may share a bit more details or show pics of what i have if anyone is interested.
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