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  1. Awesome didn't realize how huge the worlds are, then again I haven't played the game in like a decade. Could it possible to get high resolution maps for Gauntlet The Third Encounter and Eye Of The Beholder?
  2. Looking very good! Do you have a storyline intact or are you currently working on one for it?
  3. Just preordered mine Btw how many hours of gameplay will this have? I know text based adventures are usually pretty short but thought I'd ask anyway.
  4. Excellent show Mark . Looking forward to the Blue Lightening episode!
  5. Well at least I can play the Mame version of Relief Pitcher, but this really sucks
  6. I'll be honest, I think I would be afraid to give these guys my money now
  7. How long will the preorders be around for?
  8. This is supposedly the real Gauntlet 3. http://www.gamesthatwerent.com/gtw64/gauntlet-3/
  9. Mike557

    Wyvern Tales

    Count me in for a copy as well
  10. Put me on the list as well. Been dying for a true Lynx RPG for well over 20 years now
  11. Mike557

    Wyvern Tales

    How many hours of gameplay will this approximately have? Looking good btw
  12. Dirty Larry had awesome graphics, but the gameplay seemed to go at a sluggish pace.
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