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  1. Already losing track of all the "virtual" titles I've bought.. between Steam, Amazon, Origin, GOG, Humble Bundle, and the consoles... I'm sure in another 10 years most will be lost to memory. :P

    1. Flojomojo


      That's why I generally refuse to get into another store, like Desura or Direct2Drive, since I won't know where to look. Humble, GOG, and Steam all are easy enough to navigate, and have 99% of what I would want anyway. I've used the Steam calculators and they show that I would need like 7 lifetimes in order to finish what I have now.

    2. Bill Loguidice

      Bill Loguidice

      I keep a spreadsheet. It was painful at first, but is well worth it now that I have thousands of digital titles in various stores (although I do tend to try to keep most such purchases to Steam unless there's no way to avoid it).

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