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  1. Just ordered a copy off Amazon and can't wait to read it!!! Oh, and Hi Randy!!!
  2. If eebuckeye doesn't want it, I'll take it. PM me the instructions
  3. Can you post any pic's of the 5200's and controllers and games? Thanks!
  4. change email address

  5. I'm new after about 8 years layoff from here. So, what is the price and how do I order one?
  6. How much for shipping to Florida, 33813?
  7. I'd still like to know, though... will an ST here in the U.S. run software from England or Germany? Thanks!!
  8. Hello Been a looooooong time since I've been here but it still feels like home. If I seen a game on eBay and its from England, will it run on my North America 1040 ST? I really, really want Dungeon Master and Chaos Strikes Back but the only ones are from England and Germany. Does anyone here have a power cord for the 1040ST and Dungeon Master for sale?? Pretty Please!!!! Al
  9. Gyrus, Super Cobra, River Raid, Keystone Kapers, Missile Command..... how much you want for these?
  10. I'm looking for 400/800/XL/XEGS game cartridges. Highly looking for Miner 2049er, Jumpman Jr., and Necromancer but would consider buying any cart since I don't have many. Thanks!
  11. Hi Guys!! I'm looking for an Atari 7800 (which I'd prefer) or an Atari 2600, each a complete system (power supply and joystick) that is modded with AV outputs. I've lost mine and you'd would really make this 65 year old stroke survivor happy!! Message me, please!! Thanks!!
  12. Playing the hell out of Elder Scrolls Online. Good game but I wish there were more classes rather than 4 (Tank, Healer, Thief, Sorcerer )
  13. Awesome! The game really, really looks good!!
  14. The story has been updated as Nintendo confirms that the adapter works only with Smash Bros. and only the Wii U: http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/news/38673/gamecube-controller-adapter-only-compatible-with-smash-bros-on-wii-u
  15. I am really interested in reading peoples experiences here on AtariAge. I spent some time and watched 4 live games on Twitch yesterday, two playing on PS4 and two playing on XB1. The game really looked good (though Twitch video quality leaves something to be desired) and the people playing were really into it. The atmosphere of the game looked incredible. But all of the players were also having trouble with dying on a regular basis. All were having to retry areas at various points in the game, multiple times, due to deaths. One guy was getting really PO'd when he died for the 4th time in the same area (the Alien was stalking around the area and there were people shooting at him also). He finally cleared it when the Alien went after those that were shooting at him and then left after the slaughter. The Alien hadn't done that previously, so it appears that the game might be very random in regards to the actions of the Alien. Anyway, looking forward to more comments on the game.
  16. I was very seriously considering buying this game at launch. But after reading several early reviews, I thought I might wait a bit longer as a few facets of the game (such as the SAVE system) I'm not sure I'll like. One of the nice features of the XB1 and PS4 is that Twitch is available on both and a lot of people are broadcasting their games live. I plan on using it to watch people playing Isolation live to get more of a feel for the game.
  17. You hit the nail on the head: what Destiny needs is Jar Jar Binks!
  18. Ahhh, understood. Knowing that you had current gen systems, I was just curious why you picked the 360 version. My son was really, really torn between the PS4 and Xbox360 versions as he wanted the better graphics of the PS4 but he has a lot more friends to play with on the 360. He ended up getting the PS4 version and wishes now he had gone 360 so that he would have a better chance of getting into raids.
  19. Re: Fire Emblem... I agree with ya, Cybergoth. The GameCube, Wii and 3DS stories are fantastic. But I still have a fond place for Sacred Stones and go back to it occasionally.
  20. Just curious, Moycon..... did you buy the 360 version of the game because the Ghost Edition was available for that platform or was the 360 version the platform you actually wanted to play the game on and the Ghost Edition was a bonus?
  21. The game looks like it has the possibility of being just as addictive as Animal Crossing, and if this is the case, I'M IN!! http://youtu.be/AosrBRarRSU?list=UUGIY_O-8vW4rfX98KlMkvRg
  22. That's basically me. About 10 - 12 days to make it to Lvl 21 and then lost total interest. Others enjoy it and that's cool, but I played enough. Besides, my time is now taken up playing Defense Grid 2 while waiting for The Walking Dead Season 2 on Oct. 21st.
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