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  1. I only have two but they're both 1 year apart ... so this year the oldest starts and next year I'll have 2 for the next 3 years. Ugh. They're both smart kids and will both be getting some scholarships but dang ... this is a chunk of money. I'd rather pay as much as I can now to help them than have the games collecting dust on my shelf. Love seeing them up there ... but not that much
  2. Some long term collector is selling off a lot of his collection! https://www.ebay.com/sch/fushekhome/m.html?item=223950442387&hash=item34247c8f93%3Ag%3Aw7kAAOSwgaZeclDf&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Yeah, it's me and this is my shameless plug. Going to liquidate a lot of the stuff that I just don't play any more and help pay for my kids' college education. I'll be adding more as time permits ...
  3. Paid through Paypal for mine. No email confirmation but shows $100 paid to Intellivision Entertainment so assuming all is right with the world 😎
  4. Reserved my Amico No confirmation email either, but they took my money from Paypal! And what's funny ... is that I'm getting advertisements for "Amica Auto Insurance". They must think I'm just missing up my search results when I search for Amico 😀
  5. Bought a couple thousand old Magic cards from a yard sale for $5 this summer that I finally decided to go through. They had looked to have been picked through as there were VERY few "Gold" rare cards. However, there were some older cards from before they designated rares with a gold colored icon and I was thrilled to find these two guys among the commons!
  6. Know these are hard to find (supposedly only 1,000 made?) and even harder to figure out what they are worth! This unit is in VG cosmetic condition (only issue is one of the rubber bumpers on the bottom is missing). The screen was tested with an Atari 520st and worked fine. The floppy drive powered on, appeared to read disks when inserted and I double clicked on the drive (red light came on and unit seemed to run), but the drive showed 0 bytes read on any disk read so I'm assuming that the belt/band needs replaced. Oh, and I have the manual for the monitor as well. I'd be willing to sell or trade. I have no idea what to ask, thus the "interest check". I'd also be willing to trade for complete RPGs from just about any system (Phantasy Star for the SMS, Valkyrie Profile or Suikoden II for the PS1, that type of stuff). Let me know if you're interested.
  7. Went to some garage sales this weekend and mostly struck out. Later in the day, asked if they had any video games, and she said no but she had some boxes for Sega Genesis that she'd sell for $10 and asked me if I'd be interested. I said sure, thinking that maybe I could pair some loose games with some boxes. She went into the garage and pointed up to the console boxes below. I said, "I'll take them!". They all have the Styrofoam/cardboard inserts and are in great condition!
  8. No international shipping? Good luck finding a buyer on your location of Atlantis ... I've heard they are experiencing some flooding issues. OK ... bad humor, just consider this is a free bump.
  9. Yard sale find ... DS with 14 mainly Petz and Sims games with a $30 price tag. Was thinking "pass" until I saw that the DS was the Tri-Force edition! Powered on and has the stylus so I scooped up the lot and convinced her to include Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the $30. Kirby's Canvas Curse is a decent find as well.
  10. This is an ugly trend that Ive seen here that have driven the common folk like me away from the hobby. There have been limited releases (Blix), secret releases (bcs tires), releases that were supposed to be cancelled yet show up on ebay (Smurf), boxes for those who know someone but not to the masses, prepaid games that never come to fruition and prepaid rom rooms that take forever to be uploaded and available. Now we add to this unauthorized boxes. Sorry this has happened to you bbww as I have a solid respect for u in our prior dealings. Good luck with releasing and enjoying the hobby. Ive enjoyed this hobby for many years, especially in the golden age of IntelligentVision. The market is now flooded and, even though some of the games lately look fantastic, the fun seems to be sucked out of hobby. Maybe it will return, but Im not so sure ...
  11. So the question of the day ... if Spiker is the last game NOT in your collection, does the reissued Spiker qualify you for the 125 club? Asking for a friend (and, uh, ignore my signature below)
  12. Mr. Tallarico, I would encourage you to maintain Doug TenNapel's input on the new Earthworm Jim game. As the creator of Earthworm Jim, it would be a shame if "politics" got in the way of his inclusion. It would be the same mistake that Disney almost made by removing James Gunn from GOG 3 ... I believe that they made the right decision by bringing him back. I'm looking forward to the new console and a new game in the Earthworm Jim series. So far, I'm impressed with what I've seen and heard and the Earthworm Jim announcement was a huge step in bringing legitimacy to the project. Keep up the good work!
  13. Personally, I've learned to set politics aside when it comes to my entertainment. As someone who typically resides on the conservative side, I would never be able to enjoy a Hollywood movie again if I avoided any 'leftist' actor or producer. It takes something pretty offensive for me to raise an eyebrow enough to avoid a movie/project. Someone simply stating their opinions, even if sometimes not so eloquently, doesn't mean that you can't appreciate what they do or create. Most people who disagree with your social/political stance are NOT EVIL. We simply have a different set of beliefs and shouldn't be shunned because we share them ... and we should show the same patience for the other side as well.
  14. 1 ECS, 1 keyboard, couple of intellivoices and a system changer. All complete
  15. Definitely enjoyed the song, nice work. This will be a must buy for me when it comes out
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