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  1. Only have one now but I need to get another one. The one I have needs a tune-up. Red screens are causing weird behavior with save data
  2. All of you football game fantatics, what do you think works well with this game and what could be done to make it better?
  3. It may be the SD card in that one situation with Doom on K model Jags.
  4. As soon as I press the button it just throws the ball
  5. No crashing here. Maybe you're freaking it out with such a high score 😂
  6. Someone said holding the button increases pass strength. Where's this option? As far as I can see when you hit the button it throws it. Not when you release it.
  7. Hopefully I'm correct now let's play some football!
  8. This was also discussed before. Some thought the Jag would have trouble with the screen tilt. Others disagreed.
  9. I think Songbird would remember the details of where this was shown at. I believe he was there. Eric Nofsinger demoing it on a real Jag at a convention in the early 2Ks?
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