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  1. Yeah I was there with him. It was good meeting you. Hope to see you next year
  2. I don't have an Xbox One but I want to buy a game for my brother-in-law on the online store. Is it possible to buy a game and receive a code and then give the code to him in a Christmas card or something and he just puts the code in and the bought game unlocks?
  3. Can you find the screenshot or page scan of the Quake announcement? Yeah almost all the mags were saying the JagCD was single speed.
  4. I'm not saying anything about what's possible and what isn't. I just thought I remembered you wondering who started that rumor about the Jag-Quake magazine article. My memory which may be mistaken was that the question of who-when was never resolved. I happened to stumble across that and went holy crap this might be it.
  5. A bit OT but I think I found the guy you were looking for who made the Quake on Jag 30% complete in magazine announcement
  6. Almost 20 years? It's more than that now. Almost 23
  7. I'm trying to figure out how to buy this for Xbox one and gift it(gift code) to my brother in law. I'm sure it's a great game but he'll love the visuals. He won't care about gameplay. He's a trendy.
  8. Just a bump on this and to clarify. Though it came from a JEP these are just files that Atari threw away with their Hard Drives when they went out of business. Most of these TTP files have nothing to do with the Jaguar.
  9. I am sharing here the unsearched directories for the Jaguar Extremist Pack #4. Included is an example screenshot of .TTP files in there sorted by latest. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ycufun5r6ed3eqp/Unsearched_Directories.zip/file Hope you guys can find this useful.
  10. Is that Scavone holding up the Iron Soldier poster?
  11. Atari Owl seen the source to that one time
  12. Straight transfer from system to system via IDE. No card swap etc.
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