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  1. I don't like Andrews content because he's driving up the price of the console. . Damn you Andrew
  2. Well it's going around. We got your unsolicited input on my unsolicited input. If that's what fine sounds like I'd hate to see the poor guy in pain.
  3. Yeah... you come off extremely unhappy. Just want you to be happy. Like in the N64 community!
  4. Yeah but he's miserable. I'd rather not see him so miserable
  5. Then go code for PC. Why are coding on the Jag? Just to complain? Everyday? With every post? You'd be happier on the N64
  6. Here is how to get started on the N64: then you don't have to worry anymore about the Jaguar and all its bad things.
  7. Problem persists. Cleaned ends of ribbon cable with soft cloth and window cleaner. Used compressed air for electronics to blow out ribbon cable slot. reseated. Rinse repeat. I have nothing small enough to go into the ribbon slot. No obvious pin bends that I could see. Completely dead from 7--> break key. Though yesterday for a brief period(5 minutes maybe) it worked intermittently. Since its that one row connected to that one pin I can't imagine it being dirty Mylar. I see no breaks but tomorrow will go forward with complete Mylar cleaning.
  8. Swapped the 4501s. No change. Removing ribbon cable and reseating seemed to clear up all problems except the 7,8,9,0,<>. So now will concentrate on the slot and first pin.
  9. I don't think you need to.Get in an elevator after the self destruct is activztedy. But... It's been almost 30 yrs
  10. Ben is trying to talk me into an Indus GT i think it was. What do you guys think? 1050 maybe?
  11. Who was it that first accomplished the bank switching on the 8bits? Lucasfilm? That is how they are making the cartridges bigger than 16k isnt it?
  12. They should have cartridgized(I think i invented a word) all these games once the XEGS came out that they could have. Would have helped with sales.
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