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  1. Yes no love,The Lost World is one of the worst arcade games of all time!. no.I've never played it actually and have no excuse why(it's readily available on Mame).When me and my sister went to Chuck E Cheese when we were little there was a Jurassic Park sit down model there.We only played it I'd say around 3 times before they replaced it with Johnny Nero Action Hero.I played it once and It could have been a decent game(I don't remember if it was good or not) but not as good as a Jurassic park sit down cab,Now The Lost World looks like and could be the better game but since I have a Jurassic boner for the 1st sit down cab I like it better.
  2. Thanks,and a thanks to you too Benny.I accidentally wrote above that I have a control panel(HotRod) but I do not at the moment.If and when I get said control panel(or X arcade) can I replace the joysticks and buttons with authentic/better joysticks and buttons(granted there the same size as the ones in the said control panel) and if so, are they easy to replace/which are the best I can get?I see these push buttons(GoldLeaf pushbuttons):http://www.ultimarc.com/goldleaf.html they look pretty decent and there cheap($1.95)
  3. So a lot of people say that Hotel Mario is one of the worst games of all time(IMO mainly from the AVGN review) but I don't see why it gets such a bad rep.To me the gameplay is reminiscent of 80's arcade games like Mario Bros.Yes the cut scenes are kinda bad and it's not the best Mario game but it's far from bad IMO.So what do you guys think,is it really as bad as some make it out to be or is it a pretty decent game.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIyO-ojujOU
  4. I already have a empty cabinet and a spare computer.Its a kinda recent computer.I have a CRT monitor.I have a premade controller panel(HotRod control panel).I will be downloading games but only games that are VERY expensive or hard to find(as I collect arcade machines).
  5. 1.Jurassic park(1994) sit down model 2.Jurassic park(1994) sit down model 3.Jurassic park(1994) sit down model and BTW Computer Space is awesome.Have you guys even played it before or are you just basing it off of a first impression?
  6. No order: 1.Super Mario Bros. 3 2.M.C. kids 3.Spyro 3 Year Of The Dragon 4.Spyro 2: Ripto's rage! 5.Crash Team Racing 6.Excitebike 7.Tekken 3 8.Killer Instinct 9.Dr. Mario 10.Need For Speed Underground 2
  7. I hate in when Velociraptors and llamas with hats stabs you 37 times in the chest

    1. Kiwi


      Man I hate it when that happens. Thanks goodness for mutant healing powers though.

    2. BalloonFighter


      At least Carl didn't eat my hands this time.

    3. simbalion


      What the...?

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  8. So I've been trying to pinpoint how much it would cost to make a Mame machine and I've always thought it would only be around $500-600,if that but others have been saving over 1K.So tell me,what all the parts I need for a Mame machine an how much would it all cost to make a simple Mame machine(2 joysticks and 12 buttons,no trackball,no six player action,no Tron joystick etc)?
  9. keep spending checks on porn,living in a wankers paradise

    1. Gemintronic


      You pay for pr0n? I just use an ad blocker, personally.

    2. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Paying for porn like it's 1997' Stream it boss!!!

    3. xDragonWarrior


      It was a parody of Gangsters Paradise(Pastime Paradise) that I made up(in case you guys really thought I pay for porn)

  10. You're hearing the last thoughts of a man about to blow his brains out Fall back with a blood stained blouse on top of his spouse Spread out on a blood stained couch In front of his kids that he just killed in the same house

  11. You're hearing the last thoughts of a man about to blow his brains out Fall back with a blood stained blouse on top of his spouse Spread out on a blood stained couch In front of his kids that he just killed in the same house

  12. Well I have used a Wii and PS3 controller(through an app) and they work pretty good(you can use an Xbox 360 controller but you need to hook it up via a cord as it does not have Bluetooth).no issues yet.For the Wii controller,all you do is open the app and turn on your Wii remote and it's synced.For the PS3 controller though, you need to root your tablet(very easy) and change the master address(what the PS3 controller will connect with) from the PS3's address to the tablet's address(it won't work with the PS3 after this so to fix you hook it up to the PS3 via USB cable and press the home button).
  13. Quote of the day:Words can weigh a ton Therefore it's never to fall Into the hands of the wrong one

  14. So I put my hands up, they're playin' my song The butterflies fly away I'm noddin' my head like Yeah! Movin' my hips like Yeah!

    1. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Who's that chick who's rockin kicks? She's gotta be from out of town...

    2. BalloonFighter


      Interrogating the scum of the earth, we'll break 'em by the break of day.

  15. I tried being a gigolo, but meh, they'd have to pay by the POUND

  16. Shut Up Grandma, Drink Your Prune Juice!

    1. Dave Neuman

      Dave Neuman

      all your base are belong to us


  18. Now THAT is nice.It has that classic 2600 look and you can SEE what you are playing
  19. Here's a horoscope for everyone: Aquarius: You're gonna die Capricorn: You're gonna die Gemini: You're gonna die TWICE Leo: You're gonna die Scorpio: You're gonna die

    1. bomberpunk


      wouldn't the Gemini die twice?

    2. xDragonWarrior


      that's what i said


    3. bomberpunk


      yeah you sure did. looks like i read it too fast TWICE lol

  20. **DISCLAIMER**I am not hating on the people who make homebrew games.In fact I love homebrew games and would buy them all if I had the money,it's just that I hate one thing with MOST of the games: I dislike when homebrews do this.You go out of your way to make a game for a retro console yet the boxart is modern looking.If you're gonna make the game retro make the boxart retro looking aswell,not modern looking. This is an example of a homebrew boxart that also LOOKS retro and IMO how all homebrew boxarts should look: Not this: AGAIN,I am not hating on the homebrewers as I cannot do anything close to making a retro game or any game for that matter.I wish that all the homebrewers from the Odyssey to the Dreamcast to keep making GREAT games.If I offended you sorry,I am just voicing my opinion
  21. If Microsoft Windows’ users could claim $1 for every time their Microsoft Windows freezes, Bill Gates would be bankrupt in about three days!

    1. atarian63


      still would love to see ol Bill Gates bankrupt!


    2. icemanxp300


      yeah windows 7 doesn't freeze on me either. It's a pretty solid os.

    3. ValkerieSilk


      Well there's always OS/2 Warp

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  22. With a worth of $72 billion, a 6% rate of return would earn Gates roughly $114.16 per second he is alive, making it a poor investment for Bill Gates to bother picking up a $100 bill if he dropped it.

  23. Why wasen't any of the Spyro games on your list?.I mean they are some of the best looking games on the PS1 and IMO some of the best PS1 games of all time.Anyway... Top 8(cause I can't think of 10) in no particular order: 1.Tekken 3 2.Spyro 3 Year Of The Dragon 3.Crash 2:Cortex Strikes back 4.Crash Team Racing 5.Gran Turismo 2 6.Final Fantasy 7 7.Jet Moto 3 8.Micro Machines V3
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