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  1. Your collection isn't that small. My Collection is a little bigger. But I have been collecting since I was 12. DO you buy your own?


    Yes brought every one of them except for the PS2 slim one of the PSone redesign,Wii,blue Gameboy advance SP,blue Gamegear,both red DS's,and the 3DS(either my dad found it in one of the houses he remodels or brought it for my birthday).

  2. If you have a PS3 controller,you can downlod a app to allow you to use a PS3 on your android tablet.there's also one for the Wii which I use for the PS1 emulator(about to get a PS3 next week).Don't know if any game would work for it but I assume if it allows for mapping controller input then it should work.And yeah there are some great console games on Android(Modern Combat,Dead Space,Dead Trigger,Need for speed Most Wanted etc.)

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