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  1. Time for some more!


    Time Crisis or House of the Dead

    3DO or Sega CD

    Street Fighter IV or Mortal Kombat 9

    Nintendo Power or GamePro

    Super Mario 64 or Sonic Adventure

    Final Fight or Streets of Rage

    Dr. Mario or Puyo Pop/Mean Bean Machine

    N64 controller or Dreamcast controller

    The Joust pterodactyl or Evil Otto


    House f the dead


    Street Fighter 4

    Sonic Adventure

    Streets Of Rage


    both but Dreamcast a little more

    Evil otto

  2. General cluster

    X-man with the scissors crabs and teeth

    Pitfall Harry

    Jungle Hunt guy



    Pac-man JR.

    Pheonix bird

    Centipiede/millipede guy

    Bentley Bear

    The Yar

    Dig Doug

    Major Havoc


    if it had specials just imagine Cluster beating his opponents by raping them

  3. My collection Isn't as big as some of you guy's collection but I'm only 16, so to have 500+ games is a feat.Not shown is my LE 25th Mario Wii with box,White PSVita and Gamecube,Wii and Xbox games What do you think and what should I get more games for or what console should I get next?


    Edit:Picture with my games didn't come out good so will take another picture later





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  4. First RPG for a console:Dragon Stomper( the 2600 via Supercharger)

    First handheld with touchscreen/internet capabilities: the game.com

    First console with downloadable games: the Intellivision via Playcable

    First console with online Gaming: the SNES and Genesis via Xband modem

    First console with console/handheld incompatibility: the Turboexpress

    First handheld/console: Microvision/odyssey

    First console with motion controls: The 2600 via Datasoft's Lestick controller( if it dosent count then the XaviXPort)

    First killer app for a Videogame: Space Invaders

    First console with analog stick: The 1292 Advanced Programmable Video System(yes before the N64 and 5200)

    First console with Arcade perfect ports: Neo Geo AES

    First console to play other console games: intellivision or Colecovision via System changer/Expansion Module #1

    could go on forever



  5. The Halcyon came from one of the original investors in RDI by way of another collector in New Mexico. I just happened to mention it while buying some other consoles from him and we worked a deal. The VC4000 came from a collector in Germany if I'm remembering right. The fellow that runs the Pong Picture Page website. We did a big deal quite a few years back and that was part of it.


    may I ask how much you payed for the Halcyon?, i sure people would like to know.

  6. Can I throw some Barbie games out there? Just because the games are targeted at girls doesn't mean it's okay to skimp on gameplay . . . or fun.


    But, then again, it is Barbie . . .


    Eh i guess it's OK, I hate when people say(not you) that educational games like the mario ones are horrible when you have to be a child to appreciate it because a educational game won't have anything a teenager or adult will like in it but in Barbie's case they are HORRIBLE so yeah a contender for one of the worst games ever

  7. Here's my list. No dupes, but it does contain variants.


    Atari 2600 (Sears Heavy Sixer, 4 switch woody, Darth Vader, 6 Switch Light,

    Sears Arcade 2, Dactar 4 in 1, Dactar 007, Coleco Gemini,

    Columbia Home Arcade, Jr, Greek Pirate,Edu Jogos (Argentina))

    Atari 5200 (2 port, 4 port)

    Atari 7800 (with expansion port, without expansion port)

    Atari Lynx (Version 2)

    Atari XEGS

    Atari Jaguar

    Atari Stunt Cycle

    Nes (Toaster, Top Loader, Messiah Generation Nex)

    SNES (Original, Mini)

    N64 (Clear blue, Pikachu, JPN gray, Original)

    Gamecube (Black, NR Reader, Panasonic Q)

    Gameboy (original, color, pocket)

    Gameboy Advance (original, sp, micro)

    Gameboy E-Reader

    Nintendo DS (Original, Original Graphite (JPN), Lite (white), Guitar Hero)

    Nintendo DSi

    Virtual Boy


    Nintendo iQue

    Famicom (Round Button)

    Famicom Disk

    Sharp Twin Famicom (Black/Red)

    SMS (1, power base converter)

    Genesis (1, 2, 3, Megadrive, Nomad)

    Dreamcast (White, Black Sports)

    Saturn (Round button, Oval Button)

    Game Gear

    Sega CDX

    JVC X-Eye

    Laseractive (Sega Pack)


    Arcadia 2001


    Channel F (Model 1, Model 2)

    Playstation (Various grey, Blue debug, PSOne w/LCD, Grey modded)

    Playstation 2 (Fat, Slim (Silver), Test, Slim (Black, modded))

    Playstation 3 (60gb)

    PSP (Original black, Original white (JPN), Slim white)

    Xbox (Original, Mt Dew, XBL Beta Debug, Launch Team)

    Xbox 360 (Premium US, Arcade JPN, Elite US)

    Wonderswan (Swancrystal)

    3do (Panasonic Top Loader, Panasonic Front Loader, Goldstar)

    Commodore 64GS

    Commodore CD32 (NTSC, CUBO)

    Commodore CDTV

    Sega 32X

    Sega CD (Front Loader, Top Loader)


    Intellivision (1, 2, Tandyvision, Super Pro System, Sylvania/GTE)

    Turbografx 16 (Original, Turboexpress)

    Turbografx CD


    Neo Geo AES (US, JPN modded)

    Neo Geo CD

    Neo Geo Pocket Color (Various)

    Neo Geo Pocket (B&W)

    Odyssey 1

    Odyssey 2

    Pong (Odyssey 300, Arcadian 2600, Compuvision, Nintendo CTG-15, Heathkit 1380)

    RDI Halcyon


    Super TV Boy

    A'Can Super Funtech

    Bandai Pippin @World (US)

    Action Max

    Amstrad GX4000

    APF M-1000 (M-1000, MP-1000)

    Cassette Vision

    Super Cassette Vision

    Phillips CD-I

    Compact Vision TV-Boy

    Cougar Boy



    GP32 (BLU)

    Interactive Vision

    Interton VC4000

    Memorex VIS



    Nuon (501)


    RCA Studio 2

    Entex Select-A-Game

    Sega Mark 3

    Super Grafx

    Supervision (Quickshot, 1 other)



    Barcode Battler



    PC Engine (Core Grafx)

    Casio Loopy

    Sega SG1000 (Original, Dina 2 in 1, Telegames Personal Arcade)


    SGS Telesport

    Black Point 10

    Palladium Tele Cassetten

    XGameStation Micro

    Hydra (Parallax)


    Bandai Supervision TV Jack 8000

    Daewoo Zemmix (CPC-51R)

    Coleco Telstar Arcade

    Palmtex Super Micro

    R-Zone (Super Screen, XPG)


    Atari Jaguar CD

    GP2x Wiz

    Casio PV1000

    Tomy Pyuuta

    Capcom CPS Changer

    Playstation Vita

    Neo Geo Omega (CMVS)



    Atari 800xl, 130XE

    Atari Mega ST2

    Commodore Vic20

    Commodore C64 (NTSC, PAL, 64C, SX64)

    Commodore C128

    Commodore Amiga (1000, 500, 2000, 3000, 1200, 4000)

    Commodore Plus4

    Coleco Adam



    Mattel Aquarius

    Apple IIe

    VTech VZ200

    MSX (One Chip Clone)

    Spectrum ZX +2a


    you have a RDI halcyon?... :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o So Jealous :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o, where did you find it

    and where did you find the Interton Interton VC4000 also?

  8. No, not even close to CDi.


    MS has:

    Tons of cash

    Strong existing fanbase

    Track record of good consoles

    Strong first party developers

    Strong first party franchises

    Strong 3rd party relationships (Activision, EA, UbiSoft, etc)


    What i mean by becoming the next CD-i i mean lagging in sales compared to the Wiiu and PS4 and the fact that it has media capabilities like the CD-i.

  9. I have 46-50 consoles but notices i have alot of repeats. 4 Genesis(1 Model 1 and 3 Model 3), 5 Gameboy Colors, 3 Gameboy Advances, 2 Dreamcasts, 2 Game.coms, 2 PSPs, 2 DS Lites, 2 Rzones(1 head and one XPG), 3 PS2s, 3 PS1s(1 PS1 and 2 PSones), 2 gameboy pockets and originals, the rest i only have one of.Some do you have alot of repeats like i do or do you have alot of individual consoles?

  10. Anybody have any advice on the best handheld emulator system? I imagine there must be a thread somewhere but my searches didn't return anything real useful. Just reading around my best options seem to be a dingoo 320/330, or a PSP.


    Oh and advice on a good place to order one from is appreciated.


    The PSP is the best way to go.Not only can it emulate lots of retro consoles pretty good but it can also do the PS1 decent and play PSP games and is around the same price range.

  11. i already see that happening. the stores in my area have phone and tablet sections and they're getting bigger. if they were smart they would revert to being retail for new-gen and an eBay rival for classic systems, which is actually how they started out in the first place.


    but if they started selling classic consoles then they would be more expensive than Ebay .Just think, $30 for The Legend Of Zelda and $20 for E.T. :mad:

  12. With the hassle of playing used games,a mandatory 24 hour online check,$100 more than the PS4 and $200 more than the Wiiu. it;s just like the CD-i, a game system with media capabilities that's destined to fail.Everybody with no internet will have no choice but to go to Nintendo or Sony(loss of money there), and the people who rarely/never buys new games will go to either Nintendo or Sony(loss of money there) so that's a huge loss to them and a profit to Nintendo and Sony.What do you think, Do you think it may succeed or go the way of the CD-i, a game system that promised much but ultimately failed.


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