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  1. I must overthink my priorities. It was rainy here as well, but I re-painted the bath-room and the cellar.
  2. AFAIK: No rules means literaly no rules. But ripping a stolen gfx is as good as stealing it yourself. So the original author has still the copyright. No matter how you got the gfx IMHO.
  3. If you use handybug, you can stop in the middle and modify the colors on the fly to find the best contrast.
  4. @Spydabee : You can try it in Handybug and tweak the colors directly in the HW registers (0xfda0..f for green, 0xfdb0..f for blue-red)
  5. Change ROM? Yes it is possible, but not that easy. Check out Carl's /Songbird's/ blog about hacking Quadromania Redux.
  6. 42bs

    Lost mail to US?

    No kidding? Brazil? So the UK did out-source their customs to Brazil. Probably due to the Brexit 🙂
  7. 42bs

    Lost mail to US?

    Wow. But it seems to get better. My AA order took 4 days to Germany, but now it is stuck in customs since 3 days.
  8. BTW: AssembleByte(ColorBits, LineBuffer[i] & ColorMask); This masking is redundant as you mask already when writing into LineBuffer.
  9. Ah, it seems the "trick" is to map any color > 15 to 16 and after masking to 0.
  10. Fine. But with a color > 15 (0..15), it only works if you set an action point, right? Anyway, I will try.
  11. Nice feature. Do you mind if I "borrow" it for sprpck?
  12. Limit of "theme" is IMHO to limiting. Limit in size is a challenge. Limit in time is of course also a challenge as we (most of us) have a lyve besides the Lynx (not much, but ... ). So two weeks should span at least over two week-ends.
  13. A reason why I like the 128/256 bytes compos. Though it is also unfair if you compete with x86 demos (mighty CISC vs. RISC like).
  14. New update pushed. Now Carl's picture compresses down to 1156 (5 bytes left from Amiga tools). Fixed the bug found in the "Astroid Chasers" credit screen. Removed "logic" compression. Now it only uses a sliding window of 32 pixels to find the best compression. Still it packs differently in most parts then the Amiga tool.
  15. In sprpck I do this, but only to the right. I have this "int plimit[4] = { 6,5,4,3 };", means a packed chunk of this number of elements is not worth to further investigate. But sprpck cannot "see" beyond a full packet. Maybe I should "split" up into 16 pixel chunks as last step.... (this is so mind-bogling, writing a 249byte rotozoomer is a piece of cake compared to this).
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