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  1. Hello everyone. Been a while since I posted. I hate selling things, but I'm only two Intellivision games away from finishing the set, and I figured I would sell off a few things from my collection to help fund the quest. Below are the games for sell. The Metroid Prime Trilogy is in great condition. Some minor scuffs on the bottom of the metal case (just general shelf wear). The disc has literally only been played once. I bought it on launch day and have simply looked at it basically haha. (PENDING) The Kid Icarus is in fair condition. The cart is the 5 screw version. Not sure how much this helps the value, but I figured it was worth mentioning. The box is fair. Manual is fair. The Styrofoam is included. Faselei! is in really nice condition. Nothing more to say about it. Any further questions are encouraged. Feel free to PM me! I am asking $50 for each game.
  2. Hello everybody. I recently gained a copy of Congo Bongo. Now I am only missing Learning Fun II and Tutankham for the full set! On top of that, I upgraded two things. I now have a CIB computer module, and I upgraded my Truckin' to CIB. I now have a loose copy of Truckin' for sale if anyone is interested. $10. I also have a CIB Sears Snafu for sale. No idea what to ask for it, any help appreciated.
  3. The only things not pictured here are my copies of Spiker and Mud Buggies, along with my ECS module.
  4. I currently have nothing for trade but I'm willing to work out a deal for cash. Lathe shot me a PM. Hopefully we can work something out. I don't plan on going down homebrew road, I wanna finish the set the start getting upgrades casually.
  5. Hello everyone. It has been a good long time since I have posted here. Figured I would update everybody on life. I have moved, got engaged, been hospitalized and even more since I last posted. One thing has remained constant though. My game collecting. I now stream speed runs on twitch frequently as well. This all being said, I miss this community quite a bit. Figured I would cry out for help on the last 3 carts I need for the full 125. Most of my set is CIB. Only about 12 games of mine are loose. This being said, I'm fine with loose carts. I'm missing the following. Congo Bongo Learning Fun II Tutankham Unrelated note. I'm working up an in depth review of the music synth. I have a music degree and I realized that not many people have went into its capabilities and such. So I figured being educated on games as well as music, it was my mission.
  6. Sure am! Just been taking a pretty darn long hiatus. Since back then I've been streaming speedruns and all sorts of fun crap
  7. Searching high and low. Any helpers?
  8. Bump. Changed price etc. Also changed the info a little bit. Not looking to lowball anyone lol. I just generally had no clue where to put this.
  9. I forgot to mention that I was including the games, and cords all for that price. Probably should have mentioned that lol. I'll leave it here though. Might as well.
  10. Nah. I'll just hold onto it. Its not even really worth selling at that point. I honestly have no clue what SNES consoles or these games are going for now anyway lol.
  11. Lol. Guess I'll just take it down. Nobody seems to want it. I'll just put it in the "extra crap" pile.
  12. Added a price. I just want to get rid of this thing and the games.
  13. The guy who painted it said that it looked good at one point lol.
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