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  1. Hi good afternoon. does it continue for the c64? I would also be very happy with the madpascal. there aren't that many demos for the c64 yet. the c64 is much more known than the plus4 Thank you.
  2. hello, really great thing. Thank you. greeting
  3. hello, that looks great. is there already the source code, please? you can certainly learn a lot from that. Greeting
  4. hallo, danke für die info. madpascal macht aber schon sehr viel für den plus4 und du auch...
  5. Danke. Kann man bitte den File-Befehl von Madpascal auch für den Plus4 anwenden? Gruss
  6. hello, can this "file" also be used for the Plus4 from Madpascal? Thank you.
  7. Hi, Thank You. this function is ok. why is this "'....~" ? why ist this function : FillChar(pointer(ATTRIBUTE_ADDR), 24 * 40, 0); when i take it out the screen is the same. greeting
  8. i have not yet understood the relationship between the colors in multicolor mode. have you ever seen why one of my programs is not running on the yape? how do you know that yape is better than winvice? what test experience did you have? Thank you.
  9. Hi, Thank You. worked wonderfully. a great thing what you do with the plus4 everything. you have a lot of ideas. I'm also interested in the hires mode. do you have an idea for that too? Thank you
  10. Hello, I have now used multipaint to create a color image in text format for the plus4. where are these values in the text ? --------------------------------- org $4000 ; bitmap: .byte org $6000 ; colors 2 .byte org $6400 ; colors 1 .byte ---------------------------------- greeting
  11. Hi good afternoon. where do you get your smile-graphic to load it with your program? Thank you.
  12. test code with: winvive = ok yape = no ok mister-fpga-core plus4 = ok var SCREEN : pointer; GSCREEN : pointer; BORDERCOLOR : byte absolute $ff15; BGCOLOR : byte absolute $ff19; a,b,c : word; const SCREEN_ADDR = $0c00; EMPTY = $20; begin GSCREEN := pointer($2000); SCREEN := pointer($0c00); FillChar(pointer(SCREEN_ADDR), 25 * 40, 14); asm { lda $ff06 ora #%00100000 sta $ff06 lda $ff07 ora #%00010000 sta $ff07 lda $ff12 ora #%00001000 sta $ff12 }; FillByte(GSCREEN, 8000,8); repeat until false; end.
  13. ------------------------------ change/replace only 6 chars of copied set. ------------------------------- why do I only see 5 chars?
  14. test.prg with vice. greeting
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