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  1. This has nothing to do with sequels missing an earlier entry but I still find it amusing that the first 7 Mario Party games were released once a year, for USA and Canada at least, meaning you can name them like this: Mario Party 99 (N64) Mario Party 2000 (N64) Mario Party 2001 (N64) Mario Party 2002 (GC) Mario Party 2003 (GC) Mario Party 2004 (GC) Mario Party 2005 (GC) As for King of Fighters, given Fatal Fury Special includes Ryo from Art of Fighting as a hidden guest character and KOF 94 includes many Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting characters, one could make the argument that Fatal Fury Special could be called King of Fighters '93.
  2. Some game consoles and home computers are known to have bad capacitors though. As in, ALL units of a particular make and model have bad caps and will stop working. Some examples: PC Engine Duo / TurboDuo (not R or RX versions) Sega Game Gear LaserActive PAC modules (NEC and Sega) Most 68k Macintosh computers (Compacts, LCs, etc) eMac G4 iMac G5 (probably many other G3, G4 and G5 systems too) In those cases, the failure and inevitable damage is practically guaranteed. Every single PC Engine Duo has bad capacitors. The leakage from those caps damages the board and always results in weak or missing audio. This isn't just a few units, it's all of them. So, yes there are some computers/consoles that aren't known for bad caps, but there are certainly lots that do.
  3. I'm stunned that there are seriously people who think it's okay to just leave leaky electrolytic capacitors on a board just because it's "original" and "authentic". They are bog standard parts, they go bad, they have to be replaced when that happens. Either that or you can kiss the functionality of your console or computer goodbye. Take the PC Engine Duo or the much more expensive TurboDuo (both the black looking model), or any Sega Game Gear even. Those systems have really bad capacitors. It's not a matter of if they will leak, it's when. Bad caps in these systems will leak and damage the circuit board they're attached to. On the PC Engine Duo, the most common symptom is weak or no audio, as most of the capacitors are for audio. On the Game Gear, it will just stop working when the caps get bad enough. Computer hardware is no different from other machines we use every day that need servicing. Do you also think it's a smart idea to keep the original oil in your car and only use that because it's "original" and "authentic"? No, you replace the oil when it gets bad. Electrolytic capacitors are exactly the same. A standard part that will go bad eventually and they must be replaced, or your computer will stop working and likely deteriorate beyond repair.
  4. Although it is tragic that a rare IBM computer was damaged - really the best thing to have done was just try disks and then stop - but I fail to see why this was really so bad. It literally looks like a POS (point of sale) computer, even some people in here have pointed that out. Even if it's rare, it's a really boring computer and they may very well have been sent there because they didn't work. I don't think most people really care about POS systems that much.
  5. Do you ship to Canada? I also have a friend in the USA who trades with me if that works better.
  6. I think I sold you something before on NintendoAge? I can't remember. What are you looking to trade?
  7. I first heard about the Neo Geo around 2007 I think. It was a really cool system with this heavy mystique around it, I felt that 24-bit hype even being so late to the party.
  8. I only ship to USA and Canada, nowhere else. Prices are in USD. Paypal only. Neo Geo CMVS System, model MV-1FS Includes power supply. This CMVS System features composite, S-Video and RGB output through a Jamma-Nation-X Stryder encoder board, stereo sound and the usual power input and switch. It also has a battery holder and CR2032 battery mod. PCB is in good shape, fully tested and working. It has a few patch wires in the Z80 section. Picture here https://i.imgur.com/pw6RPUZ.jpg Out of respect to Razoola who isn’t personally selling UniBIOS chips anymore, I’m not including a UniBIOS 4.0 free version. You can get one from Jamma-nation-x.com, JMKurtz or other approved distributor. Game not included. $270 $260 $240 USD shipped to USA and canada Composite test RGB converted to component test .
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