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  1. 5-11under


  2. While you're traveling, you could go back to late 1979 and buy a few new units. Anyway, progress will hopefully be made over the next few weeks or so, and then production can start on these.
  3. The TL866: pretty cheap on eBay
  4. Hey, that's me. Yep, flashable (and reflashable) - requires an EPROM programmer and an edge connector, and then Bob's your uncle.
  5. Patience... Albert is still working on a lot of upgrades.
  6. Wikipedia shows which versions are the same.
  7. Be who you're meant to be, Amy... just don't be a stranger.
  8. Sorry, no list anymore. Orders will open, hopefully within a few days, when they're all completely finished.
  9. Product is the same as before, with 3D Attack added. Works on Arcadia version. Not sure if Bandai is the same or not.
  10. The Cure just had start-up issues, such as not resetting the sound chip... things that the Atari-Max and emulators don't always react the same with.
  11. A few years ago I would have never wanted to buy a book about this. Now, with the right writer (seems alright so far), I'd consider it.
  12. There are also good homebrews today, of course. Some simple games with great gameplay. Some very complex games with great gameplay.
  13. I think the key is the replacement console. I'd love to do some work on the Odyssey, but like most people, I don't have one and can't afford one.
  14. Yep, not the greatest game, and runs fast on NTSC, but it's included. I removed one of the demos (wasn't a game).
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