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  1. Update: there's a couple of international orders that I still need to mail out, but all other orders have been mailed. Also, it's been a few days since I sent out the last batch of PMs to those who have expressed interest throughout the history of the project... if anyone else is interested in purchasing one, these are available on my online store at videogamepcbs.com . It's the only product available at the moment (was the kick-off for the store), but more will be added at some point. The installation instructions are also there.
  2. Quick update: I just sent out my last 3 multicarts that were fully prepared. I've got a few that are partially completed, and about 20 that need additional work to get them prepared. Anyway, as always, send me a PM if you'd like one, and I'll do my best to have it ready in short order.
  3. I'll reply to your PM. I've got another order pending, so if you buy one, I've got one more 100% ready, and about 20 that need the shells prepared (and switches soldered).
  4. US/Canadian orders made last night and today (previous orders were mailed out previously): all packaged up, and ready to put in the mailbox tomorrow morning. International orders: PMs replied to, because I also need your phone number (for customs purposes only). Please reply to the PMs.
  5. I'm not really looking for Windows for the living room... mostly I just don't want to deal with the Windows UI, a mouse, different emulators and controls, and such... unless there's a simple way around that. MiSTer seems to solve all that, at least it seems so?
  6. After doing some extensive research (5 minutes with Google), it looks like a MiSTer set-up is super easy for hardware set-up, and is also easy for software set-up? Confirm or deny. I've been looking for an easy-to-set-up "living room" system, that can play a wide variety of classic games, with minimum hassle. I've tried the Pi method, but that's not doing it for me, as far as set-up and ongoing simplicity (power on/off, controllers, etc.) - I'm not looking to learn Linux, I'm more looking for an appliance. Is MiSTer right for me? Also, do I need extra RAM for 8-bit console goodness (and maybe a bit of 16-bit, but no Neo-Geo)?
  7. US orders made before today (and a couple from today - sorry SS and BM and JF, those will be tomorrow night): all packaged up, and ready to put in the mailbox tomorrow morning. Canadian orders: all packaged up, and ready to put in the mailbox tomorrow morning. International orders: PMs sent, with details on mailing costs, and payment method. The final batch of PMs, to those who have expressed interest, has been sent out. Let me know if you've been forgotten. In a couple of days or so, I'll publicize the purchasing method. Edit: I still have some set aside for international orders - there's likely at least 10 of those that I can adjust into the store, if needed.
  8. US orders made before today: all ready to put in the mailbox tomorrow morning. US orders made today: the plan is to mail these out tomorrow nights. Canadian orders: the plan is to mail these out tomorrow nights. International orders: the plan is to contact you tomorrow night (in about 24 hours) regarding mailing costs and payment details. I still have a batch of PMs to send out (requests from the past ~8 months). I'll do that when the current orders have been mailed out (hopefully tomorrow night). I'll plan to make another update tomorrow night.
  9. I entered all the current US orders into Canada Post, and printed off the tracking sheets. All the screens are in little protective baggies. I'm cutting up the tracking sheets right now, but won't get to final packaging until Tuesday. Tuesday I'll also take care of the Canadian orders, send out manual shipping e-mails, and if I get a chance, I'll get shipping quotes for the international requests, and reply to those PMs. After that, I'll send out the last batch of awareness PMs.
  10. Unfortunately, the mailing system in my online store doesn't seem to be working at all. The good news, is, though, that the rest of the store is working well. For now, to confirm your order, check your PayPal account, which is best anyway. There might be a bit of delay, but I'll do my best to manually send an e-mail when mailing out the items (until I get it fixed properly).
  11. PMs sent up to June 26, 2020 = the first 14 pages of this thread.
  12. PM sent. Everyone should subscribe. Helps Albert, gives you a larger message box.
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