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  1. If you've sent me a PM over the past little while, expressing interest in a multicart, I'll reply back in a few days. If you haven't sent me a PM, and would like a multicart, please send a PM - I do still have these in stock. If you've paid for one, it's been mailed, and you should have received a PM saying that it has been mailed out. Also, unless you live across the pond, you should have received the cart at this point. Let me know if you haven't received it, or if there's any other issues.
  2. The solution I used was based on this: http://bitcycle.org/retro/spectrum/SRAM_replacement/ (paste this in the wayback). Application is a bit different for TMS chip. I used 2 latches at first... although 3 works better: https://cdn.hackaday.io/files/5789247676576/9918-SRAM.pdf
  3. Some Space Invaders (and Deluxe Space Invaders) were also button only.
  4. Quick update: I've mailed out all the carts to those who have paid, either a couple of days ago, or today (you've got a PM with the details). Exception: Shon M, I need your phone number (you've got a PM). The remainder that I built are boxed up and ready to be mailed out quickly. Send me a PM if you'd like one.
  5. Sorry, bit of a delay in the responses here. On the plus side, the heat and hot water here works again!
  6. Update: 1. If you've paid already, my plan is to mail these out tonight, and respond via PM that I've done so. 2. If you've sent me a PM with intent to purchase, my plan is to respond tonight or tomorrow night (after #1 actions complete). evg2000, that sounds good... send me a PM when you've got them located/counted.
  7. Okay, I finally have 20+ of these ready to go. I have 2-3 more that should be ready sometime later, but it's taking too long to get those done, so I'll go with what I have for now. After that, I'm out of shells for these. At that point, I'll either sell without the shell, or maybe someone will be able to sell me a bunch of shells (I pay $10 each but I don't pay for shipping - so it's not worth it for sending 1 or 2, but if you have a handful or a couple of dozen, I'll gladly buy them from you). Here are the current details of the cartridge: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/189779-arcadia-2001-multicart-2011-version-any-interest/page/10/?tab=comments#comment-2869225 It also includes 3D Attack: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/189779-arcadia-2001-multicart-2011-version-any-interest/?do=findComment&comment=4268790 $90 US to Canada/USA addresses, $95 to most other locations. Payment via PayPal. If you'd like to buy one of these, please send me a PM (I probably won't reply until tonight), with the following: Name Address Phone number (required, for customs purposes only) Which cart you would like (note that these are first come, first serve, so if you're one of the first people to request one, you will get your first choice... so there's no harm in stating a second choice). For example: First choice long, second choice short First choice long, would not accept short Either size is perfectly fine
  8. 5-11under


  9. While you're traveling, you could go back to late 1979 and buy a few new units. Anyway, progress will hopefully be made over the next few weeks or so, and then production can start on these.
  10. Hey, that's me. Yep, flashable (and reflashable) - requires an EPROM programmer and an edge connector, and then Bob's your uncle.
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