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  1. I've got these available. Doesn't require a 27C256 chip, though. Has a surface mount flash chip, and comes fully assembled (no soldering required), and just uses an edge connector between an EPROM programmer and the board for programming. Reprogrammable, and if you don't have an EPROM programmer, I can do the programming for you. Put the edge connector in the EPROM programmer, pop in the board you want to program, load the ROM file, press the "program" button, and 15 seconds later, you can test the board in your ColecoVision. If you want to change the file, just repeat the process. Send me a PM if you'd like to buy some.
  2. I haven't sold anything via eBay. The main reason is potential to be scammed. Maybe I'm paranoid and the risk is very low, but maybe not? I wouldn't be worried about delay in payment, or having a bank account linked, as long as the risk of being scammed was very low. From my vantage point, it seems like scamming is relatively easy, with oftentimes little or no recourse in ability to have issues/payments resolved correctly.
  3. Go to the Microchip website: https://www.microchip.com/en-us/products/fpgas-and-plds/spld-cplds/pld-design-resources# Right click on the "Download WinCUPL" button, and copy the link. Open a new browser tab, paste, and press enter. Let me know if that doesn't work... I just downloaded it.
  4. I track all my business expenses and income. It's the net that essentially matters. But yes, for private transactions, this sounds like you've got to track your income, but ignore your expenses.
  5. Long posts are great if you're telling a story or some history, or if you're teaching something potentially interesting. Not so great if it's unimportant back-and-forth arguing or one-upmanship.
  6. I'm very concerned about this... after my concert I'll be working in concert with my concierge in a concentrated effort to conceal the issue.
  7. Serious question... What's the draw (for you) toward the )portable) Evercade? - why did you buy it, and why do you like it?
  8. Amazon search sucks. Maybe there's a more specific way to search? eBay search is getting worse, too, with the categories mess. I miss the "*" feature, too.
  9. For years I've considered whether I should build a full cabinet, or bar-top, or smaller unit. In the end, though, I just made a controller that suits me, that hooks up to a device that's behind our 2nd TV. The bad news is it doesn't have the same presence as a full cabinet. The good news is it doesn't have the same presence as a full cabinet.
  10. Regarding the Switch, it's games like NBA Basketball that I would be playing. It's just not happening for me with a regular or pro controller. If I could use my custom "classic" arcade controller I'd have at least half a chance, but I don't think that would work without a lot of re-jigging of the controller. Regarding the Wii, we did enjoy some of the other games, but definitely Bowling was the one that was played by every generation in the family. I'm not sure what your "skeptical of my point" means... but that's okay - I'm not here to argue, just to read and discuss... but my read on the Wii is if you have the right product at the right time, you have a recipe for success. Is the the Amico the right product at the right time? - I'll let you know in a year or two.
  11. Just a few random notes/replies... I love video games, but I don't play Switch games with my son, because there's no way I'm going to be able to effectively control my player with my left thumb, and try to select between 3 or more buttons that need to be pressed to be able to successfully play the games. There was a couple of years, when pretty much every Sunday afternoon was Wii time at the in-laws. We played 2 or 3 discs for 95% of the time. We all had fun, whether playing or watching. Nothing too serious, and loads of laughs. The ages of the players was between about 10 and 70 usually, and I wish I had a picture of it, but my wife's grandmother at 95 played Wii Bowling. Speaking of Wii Bowling, it's possibly one of the greatest video games. Easy to get started, everyone knows the rules (or at least very easy to figure out), and enjoyable for people of pretty much any age. Also includes challenges for the experts, and Mii's for personalization. It's got it all. This is all generalizations, of course... I'm sure there are plenty of people who don't like the game. Anyway, if the Amico can attract a similar market space that the Wii had/has, there's definitely opportunities. It sounds like it's checking off at least several of the same boxes. Will the Amico sell 3.1b, or even 1% of that? Of course not (although stranger things have happened). The 3.1b is just the "larger" market. This gets severely slimmed down by other things such as price, game selection, availability, competition, marketing/awareness, and a host of other things that go into your decision on whether to purchase a product or not. We all know that, don't we?? In the end, I wish all the best to the Amico team (even though I'm not too likely to buy one). The product looks great, and I'm impressed with the marketing and reach they've had so far. I'm also extremely curious how well it will sell.
  12. I think my monthly dial-up plan was about $10 for 10 hours. They did have more expensive plans. This was from a local company. After a bit of time with ftp and gopher, I think my first http web browser was Mosaic. I wish I still had it, but I had a physical book that was basically full of Internet "links".
  13. It might not be switching CE fast enough, or maybe some other timing issue? Does it work if you press reset after selecting the game? - is that the way it's supposed to work anyway?
  14. You could try swapping the two ROM chips. If the problem stays with the board location, there might be an issue with the FET (or possibly circuitry leading to the FET). If the problem moves to the other board location, there might be an issue with the EPROM chip.
  15. I haven't really looked at the schematic, but... 10K for the pull-up resistor should be good. It could be a timing issue. Does the selected game work after pressing reset? If not, it still could be a timing issue, with latching of the upper addresses (sorry, would need to investigate further into the schematic, but could try putting small capacitor, maybe a couple hundred picoFarads between timing signals (such as latch, clock) and ground - try one at a time to see if anything helps). Also, are there bypass capacitors on all or at least most of the chips? (from +5V to ground).
  16. Now that the weather is getting warmer, I can start some resin molding pretty soon... at least some testing, anyway.
  17. Send me a PM, if you haven't already within the last few weeks.
  18. Maybe about 5 seconds.
  19. What I meant when I mentioned screenshots was showing a picture of the gameplay while scrolling through the list of games... a good memory jogger if you can't remember the name of a game, or if you want to select a game based on the picture... maybe it looks like a shooting game or puzzle game, for instance.
  20. I'm not a member of the cult... I'm just there for the food. For me, the plusses compared to other solutions are boot time, software stability, single UI (can go from one system to another with the controller), loads of 8 bit goodness (pretty much all I need), one controller to rule them all. What's lacking for me... screenshots and manuals, a few arcade favorites, and some controller options. It's also a jump in price compared to some solutions.
  21. My set-up cost about $200 US (DE10-nano, 32MB SDRAM, OTG USB hub), although it looks like the DE10-nano price went up a bit (ignoring the controller, which cost me way more, for several good and bad reasons). This is my "Zimba 3000" system... loads of console/computer/arcade games, all used with the same controller. Great for the family room.
  22. It's actually pretty simple for most applications, although I did find that a bit of research is required, and there was some outdated information online. Find the hardware options available and what works best for you, and find a relatively new guide that includes mr. fusion and the update_all script. Personally I bought the DE10-nano, a 32MB memory card (works for ~99% of the games/systems), an OTG USB hub (comes in handy having a keyboard for set-up, as well as your controller), and a 32 GB microSD card (with enough games for a lifetime). As for the provincial enthusiasts, I'm sure there's snobbery all around in whatever options you're using to play games... Mac, PC, Linux, Pi, MiSTer, original hardware, iDevice, Android. My personal comparison to Raspberry Pi... I think it's better than the Raspberry Pi for stability (no issues found with power and shutting down and upgrading), simple file structure that's compatible with Windows, and the systems run great. It's quick and responsive. It's got the systems I want to play... I'm loving the arcade games, and I'm hoping a few more get added soon. The UI is simple, which is great (but if there was screen shots and manuals that were as easy to update as the rest of the system, I'd jump on that, too). Of course there's some growing pains in that some systems aren't 100% yet (same for Pi), and it's more expensive than a Pi. Pi seems to have more newer systems available to emulate, but the MiSTer has loads of classic computers. I've made Pi systems. None of them stuck around. The MiSTer is staying.
  23. I'm not going to do well with either format for fighting games, but I'm sure I'll still be better with the joystick on the right. That's just me, from training since being a young lad.
  24. I got modern gaming fatigue somewhere around 1987.
  25. I've had at least one die on me... maybe two... can't remember. Maybe it was the Vpp?... some chips still worked okay
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