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  1. I tried to use the french press but it turns out you use more than just 1 cups worth of water, guess I'll stick with my clever dripper.
  2. Wasn't able to thrift much in february or march due to a car accident, thankfully the car is back and repaired now, but here's the little bit I have found. I haven't tested the Tac-3 joystick yet but the tiny bit of info online says it's atari pinout. Wii Fit U was a more practical pickup since Ring Fit is starting to feel repetitive.
  3. I've always loved the look and form factor of the Coleco Mini Arcades from the early 80's ever since I saw them in the background of Angry Video Game Nerd videos and similar in the late 2000's, and have had one one my wishlist for that amount of time as well. While the Basic Fun and similar modern mini arcade things are cool they aren't nearly as big as the Coleco OGs, although in buying this I did run across 2006 era Excalibur mini arcades I think are actually better looking. I decided to go on a little ebay spree this december/january and decided to pick up a galaxian mini arcade missing stickers, after a google search revealed an AtariAge post linking to an ebay seller of repro stickers. (Good on Atariage for sticking around). In the below video is a rough vlog of the light "restoration" I did which I do believe the end result to be pretty convincing!
  4. I haven't played too much of this recently due to there being so many games out there but I do have fun with making levels, reminds me of using lunar magic back when mario world romhacking started becoming accessible. Going for the world records is maybe even funner to me though. Here's my favorite levels I've made so far. The first one is meant to be an open world sort of exploration level. The second was made for a charity gaming livestream event, Tip of the Hats.
  5. A few months ago I acquired a Sony FD Mavica Camera and wanted to see how it's picture quality stacked up vs both my phone, and my logitech webcam which always looks terrible for what it is. I haven't used a digital camera not on a phone since I was in middle school so going out and using this camera was a foreign experience to me. The resulting photos and additional commentary can be found here:
  6. Here's my past month of thrifts, plus some Five Below finds in the third pic, I want to start sharing these more often again. Reading "Track and Field" and "Konami" on a box made me do a double take.
  7. I'm barely too young to much nostalgia for these (the crappy mcdonalds versions of these on the other hand...), but I do remember seeing these secondhand as a kid and thinking one of the licensed ones would be cool to have, years later and I've never found one at a thrift so I guess I might be a slight sucker for the Sonic 3 one. On the other hand I almost kind of hate how these look exactly like the originals, I know thats the point, but why not take some creative liberties or even retroactivly apply a new license like rebranding the sonic 3 one as sonic mania?
  8. Found one of these codebreaker type games today, I do like it's appearance although I'm not sure if I'd be any good at the game part. The copyright on it says 1977.
  9. The adapter is a Displayport to DVI one, I might use it for my slim dell optiplex since it only has displayport and vga outputs. Also, for the 1CHIP snes I found, I determined it was by connecting it and my old snes to my capture card and comparing screenshots of scenes with white text, not quite an applicable test for everyone though.
  10. Did my first bit of thrifting this year looking for kitchen things and found these games instead. Surprised to find a good GC game, I remember wanting to check out Killer7 back when I was littler but it was out of my ESRB rating range then. The udraw only has the tablet but I already have the game so its ok.
  11. I got garfield more because of how much fun of him gets made on the internet these days, plus slight nostalgia for the genesis version. Older PC games aren't quite my thing to collect much of, since they aren't just "pop in and play" especially the older you get. Games that have modern source ports like DOOM on the other hand are still nice to have.
  12. Found a SNES bundle along with a few other things at a local Salvation Army this weekend, I really only wanted the Controller (the one I have is the later variant), and Mystical Ninja and Mario Kart, but when I took it home I realized this console wasn't yellow. I learned about SNES variants, the original motherboard vs. 1CHIP systems, and that basically the newer, non-yellow SNES's have slightly better picture at the cost of slight video oddities with a handful of older games. Guess I'll be swapping this one out from my old yellow SNES.
  13. Ugly stack of games from the last few weeks of thrifting + gamestop 4 for $10 which is basically thrift prices, even better than some thrifts these days. Got some actual atari games in the mix as well as the missing game in the burger king trilogy, and Rabbids Go Home which intrigued me back when it came out.
  14. Found a good amount of ps1 games today, hopefully Rascal is something interesting because it sure looks like it. This lot also reminds me how deep the ps1 library is, I have a decent amount but still not all the heavy hitters.
  15. Found all these at the local thrifts, the Pocket Simon has stuck buttons so hopefully it isn't too hard to fix. Never heard of Rogue Galaxy but it appears worth checking out from a google. Mario Kart was a mismatched game but works out since it can pair with my loose copy.
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