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  1. this round i'am out , ill sell my copy at the ejagfest
  2. @karri @Ninjabba, when you are using DB , you must be very sporty :-)
  3. Ill Test it at the Ejagfest , and it is a lot of fun . The scrolling is superb, ans the controll is smooth The Game is cool and i hope to buy it next year at the Ejagfest
  4. @travis, i dont know about extra life, but when you fly (ship color change to green) you get double points
  5. it is but fun :-) 67440 the problem is , I play it like asteroids, and I forget to collect the "double destroyed". This time I do that and I get a better score
  6. okay here my last time, for this round 1. Track=01,26:05 2. Track=01,15:40 3. Track=01,15:85 4. Track=01,27:90 5. Track=01,20:95 6. Track=01,22:95
  7. that are not good news, you dont have a skunkboard ?
  8. 1. Track=01,28:50 2. Track=01,19:10 3. Track=01,16:20 4. Track=01,31:80 5. Track=01,23:05 6. Track=01,24,30 :Sorry :I didnt know how I can count Time ! is there a tool in the internet !
  9. 1.919.720 it is my personal best @Eltigro welcome to the HSC :-) damm
  10. let see ! Do you visit the Ejagfest this year ?
  11. @isgoed , I never play a unmodded Pal Jag , so I only now 60 Hz Pal or NTSC . And the answer is, dont use the break. and then you made it in the 2nd or more Round, but never in the first round :-) And I know that you post a better time :-)
  12. @travis , the question is not the Steering patch, the question is the emulator But for me leave it, I think it is fair ! ...ill try to catch Eltigro... an im waiting for Isgoed :-) So from my side everything is fine and fair !!
  13. @eltigro, youre not a cheater , i only know that there is a issue with pal and NTSC .But my english is to bad to explain that so from my side everything is okay. I could be there there is a perfect line .
  14. no , ill try the Steering patch in the past, but for me there is no benefit. so ill prefer the normal version !
  15. So here is my Perfect lap 0:18:4 i drive 3 Perfect Laps in a row , on a Real Jaguar I didnt know is there a Perfect line for a Perfect Lap Or is the Emulator faster , same as the PAL/NTSC Problem Anyway Great round @Eltigro
  16. My First Score 0:21:5 but with mistakes I Love this Game , an it is not a joke
  17. wow @isgoed great score....ill try my best but youre score ...
  18. @eltigro , do this , it is more fun to see Scores sometimes it pushed the competion When the Thread has Traffic
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