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  1. Floor 1 : 02:18 Floor 2: 06:33 Floor 3: 02:03 Total : 10:54 I´m lucky on the second floor , 76% Enemies :-) we need 75% PUUHHH
  2. Great Time, ill try again and again, But the First corner,is the bottleneck Thx for that Time !
  3. 36,57 , only One hairspin..., @mckafka99 thx for The competion
  4. 38'14 i Love this game , One of my favs Jag Games
  5. That is why i like the HSC Never play this mode.... Have Not many Time to Play it and the i get in a Room full with Marines Shit Happends Pause Button Save my score .. 270200
  6. I started the game in the "normal" order, I lost the most lives on 2nd level with the gysir , I hate them. But I'm on vacation and have only time to play it today, but fair enough I never reach your score .
  7. @isgoed Great Score Ok Here is Mine 377120 I dont Know why but i like this Game
  8. It was released on cart and looks Original
  9. Hey you forgot my score ? Or I'm blocked for this round ?
  10. Ok ill test the last Version, and fair enough he fixed some of the majors bugs, (not all) but for me and I wrote it in a PM to Jeffrey_Bones: is the game not 100 % bug free ( or finished) Yes it makes a Lott of fun, and from this point : I wish that Jeffrey made it 100 % finished , I hope it...
  11. @Jeffrey_Bones, ill test your´re last version, and I know (and also you) that there are still bugs ! I believe the complette community want (im not sure at the moment) help you, to make a complette 100 % bug free Version. but at this point is not 100 % ! it is not finished !! And ill 100 % agree with CyranoJ, it is not good for the JAgscene . i have no Facebook Account, but when I see in the FB Group, that there is the German who sell Jaguars with a selfmadebox and LED for 289 Euros(and this guy tells something about rules and copyright), and ill see that you are selling a not finished game for 59,99 .... Then im happy that im finished with my Jaguar complette set since Years.......
  12. I agree 100% with CyranoJ ,Sauron and Sansea_Mariner ... i like the Game , i like the Concept, but please take your Time to finished it. Cause i like the idea to,Show this Game in November in Germany to the Ejagfest. Cause 1977-2017 its 40 Years 2600 ,
  13. Is the free Rom, the same version , like th CD/Cart release? Cause ill tested the Rom with my skunk, an when i Play the Modus "East only burger " and ill geht Game over, I cannot go back to the menu? so is it a Problem with the skunk ? or a bug ?
  14. Ah one Comment , this is the wrong section you must go to the Jaguar Section
  15. I mean Customs , but, hey im from cologne and we have here the Karneval, so Kostüms is not so bad :-)
  16. Cool !,any chance, that you also re-release Jag-Games from other Coders ? So that European dont pay a lot of tax at the Kostüms
  17. Email Sent , and i want Box + manual + Cart
  18. Looks Great , i like the Diving Pics...... is it superfly dx in analog Style I Hope you doing it next Year again
  19. Hey First of all, there are more important things then videogames in this world Second : i Hope everytthing is allright by you , and you have a Perspektive for your life. Third my english is Not good enough , to saw what i think ... and Last but Not least... Great that youre back Everything is all Right !,
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