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  1. Some plants from the netherland would be helpfull 👍
  2. And it is a kind of Flow , sometimes i die about 5K Points , And the other time im in a Flow
  3. 46286 near to my Personal best in this Version
  4. Nope, stay cool , and look what is the best way. so i wait before i falldown, so,that i see 2 stage under me. And collect fruits (points) and extras ...
  5. Great Game 23252 First Try but Not my best
  6. today the package arrived Germany. @Machine thank you for the patchwork , there are super cool. and for me, i dont must have a big prize like a game or something else. i think the small things are the better one 😎...
  7. my games for the next round Air Cars Breakout 2000 Clubdrive Dragon Bruce Lee Story Downfall Fight for Life I-war Painter Pinball Fantasies Super Burnout Super Fly DX Tempest 2000
  8. @Rick Dangerous thanks for this Round, and ill play ist for fun. Not for the prizes . So.for me everthing is fine @Machine @doctor_shred thank you for this battle it was more then fun ....
  9. @machine yes i has this also two times, and must start again, also after the endboss there is no endscore so ill start again USA ..
  10. @doctor_shred First (not shot) jump to the other side (when he moves on you ) then shot , wait , than jump to the other side (when he moves ) the shot the ball, and then from the begining .. t takes around ten hits oder 15 ...... simply this way , is for all endboss,.....
  11. best score, cause you have a time limit in each level, there is no chance to glitch or something else , and you get at the end points, for defeat the Levelboss , and collect Items . Higher level more Points for the Levelboss So from that point , Highscore would the best ..
  12. yeah but you have a time limit, ...I see a problem to take a Picture where you can see the Level and the Score, when you get game over
  13. @Rick Dangerous what is more important points or level ? cause its a jump and run, and you can run to the next level , of you collection points on the way to the next level ?
  14. 8116 I play it also in one time , started in the morning . But not again 🙂 Ill think that I lost Points in the Anti-gravity level, cause I lost time there ( ill think , the point scoring , is how fast you can handle the level?) again to @doctor_shred respekt an great score
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