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  1. 24739 i want Place a Score this Year. I wish you all a happy new year
  2. Did anyone Play it ? Here is my best ..
  3. Thx it was only one Good ball. And it is the Same like every Game . If you knock One Score , than you can earn points points
  4. I Never saw that , is it on a real Hardware ? Ok Here is my score 154.567.220
  5. I like it, its a typical 5 minute Games, and at the end: ok one more time..... I like the manual and the Cd-Cover......ok it is only in german.... Good Job
  6. No .... ok ..then good job, to the other person
  7. +1 i like the style of the game .
  8. 54705 my best at the Moment , but we have one more day
  9. 29555 Yes the satellite are two heavy. And i lost the control too
  10. Hey it,is the jag i Love this System, and that is the reason, why i have a complette collection. And there is only a handfull of crap games . By the way , dragon and dino dudes are cool games
  11. I think i Never Play the original Version in the Jag . First Score : 23775
  12. Sorry im not a wizard or a Robot, and my best score from last year and the reboot Offical FCR Highscore competion was much higher. Hey it is a typical Games from the 80´th and when take a look to all stages, then there is one stage, where you can earn Points Points Points. you only need time , time time time, :-) Thats it ...
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