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  1. My cd arrived me, it has some scratches but it works perfect , so from my side everything is fine
  2. Do you have pic from thr monitor? Everything so works fine? Do you have and Software ? And check the shipping coast to germany please .
  3. @willyvmm will send you a pm can u check it ?
  4. I have two A5200 4 port here in germany, but both are RGB modded. So there are Working fine
  5. Good deal, and you have the EU Version with the Cosworth in the cover. This is one oft the best Jaguar games, for me
  6. Since i have a Wico Stick, it makes fun to play 5200 games, and yes i agree you ned an 5200ultimate SD
  7. Congrats to isgoed for the First Place , and Mckafka99 for the third place
  8. I have all Games , but i think it is funny to Play downfall or superfly or another homebrew. But at the end every Game is Good
  9. Today i geht my 'New' yopaz, it works, and its alot oft fünf. Orion i like the intro , cool and smart, .... The game is a lot of fun. Good work
  10. For me one hour so come one , there more people from NL
  11. But Duisburg and Holland are not so far away,think about it cause its a lot of fun in 2 days
  12. Thanks for to twoquickcapri for the HSC... Lets Start the next round but without isgoed )) (joke) @isgoed do you visit the E-Jagfest in Nov. ?
  13. Question is what is a complette collection, for me only all offical games,not homebrews.about BS or BSG vor BST is only one game ... But that is only my opinion
  14. I habe one with the iron soldier Picture in the cart
  15. Complete CIB all offical Games, in the hombrew section, i miss only Gorf, but i Jever pay for a homebrew 100 + .....
  16. Cool first time reach the end of Level 1.....ok it is a cool game, if you want to learn all the Levels. and where are the enemies
  17. ill try both solution , but i didn´t start sorry for that....
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