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  1. Great News, so where can we Order it, from your Site ?
  2. Is it so ? Ok so when you need next time a Beta Tester who tested the Game more than a Hour ,send me an Mail. I also Tested the spinner in different Position
  3. I play it at the EJagfest and the gameplay was so great, it makes a Lot of Fun, and you have always the controll . Its complette an perfect games, the graphics effects are so great. Cant wait to have it on my own.
  4. But carefull its weeze / Düsseldorf . Not Hahn/Frankfurt .... Sorry its my mistake the AirPort is weeze near to the netherlands , its around 75 km away from the e-jagfest And Cologne is 70 Km away
  5. What is with a flight from italy to Cologne or to Haan ( Düsseldorf ,its a small AirPort Outside from Düsseldorf) ? There is a flight Milan Cologne, And from Cologne to Duisburg is 1 Hour with Train
  6. Both Option you will find in the AirPort , with the Taxi i think you must pay around 50 euro for one way.
  7. Depends From the Traffic 30 min to 45 min
  8. ejagfest Important date change: The "ejagfest 2012" will take place on November 24th in Mündelheim near Düsseldorf / Krefeld in a new location!
  9. look at this, it was a dental case ! http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?ff3=4&pub=5574883395&toolid=10001&campid=5336500554&customid=&mpre=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.de%2Fitm%2FAtari-Jaguar-new-White-Plastic-Console-Replacement-Covers-%2F110804896487%3Fpt%3DVideo_Games_Accessories%26hash%3Ditem19cc7c8ae7%26_uhb%3D1%23ht_500wt_1156
  10. Looks Great cant wait for the final Version, Thx !
  11. @Al can you Check i think i make an Order in the past, but now i Need to copies CIB . Thanks for all your work .
  12. Theres logic and a pattern to each puzzle, the difference is its not exactly "To-A-T" a lights out clone. You dont have infinite/long amount of time to figure out the pattern, and you dont have infinite/a lot of moves to try. And less squares (theres only so many combinations you can try- its not hard.. SO it comes off as a guessing game but its built around speed and power-ups, so in turn the logic seems to be elsewhere and more arcade style. We did this on purpose, and it plays the way we like it. Even if its a 0/10 or a 10/10 Ok from that point it is 5/10 :-) sorry but when i saw the first screenshot for me it was a puzzler, but when you say it is more arcade than a puzzler, it is 5/10 . cause i have fun to play it 5 min. and then its over, so from this point the gane play is 5/10 @sh3--rg thanks for the link, i hope i can see him here in germany
  13. I play the game and i would say it so : Box 10/10 Graphic 7/10 Music 10/10 Gameplay ?/10 for me there is no gameplay. or im to dumb for it, i play it serval times, and it didnt figure out any logic in that puzzle game play. the rest you see it in my ranking.
  14. Nö there are Five People In germany witch get there copy too , they arrrived this week
  15. Look Great Please put me on the List, i want a Pal Card
  16. Wow i get ist today, but i play only 5 min. But it Looks so Great . The Box , the Manual of course the Poster. Thx to all Guys who,Works on this Project !,,
  17. Question to the Germans. Did somebody get his copy yet? Cause i can only See that my Leave Us at 27. !
  18. Is there still one ! i want one copy with box and manual if it possible Im from germany ! Thanx for a replay
  19. Oh with the Tunnel is not so difficult . But i think in the second run the game is very hard, i have problems with the fuel. At the Moment my best is 31670 .
  20. WTF !! i try the cba buttons trick on each screen in the game ! but not on the Raptor/u-235 Screen,...... Lol im so stupid :-)
  21. I Like it . First of all, The music ist great, the sounds are great of course the graphics and the gameplay is great. Thx for that port !!! and thx to Felyx for the DVD ART , i prefer the lego Style !!!!! BTW: Do you released it as a collector CD ?
  22. Nö Super Cobra was the Second on the Same Engine like Scramble . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Cobra
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