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  1. Yeah as mentioned by bluejay the aftermarket supplies are actually far better anyway as the old ones can fail and take out other stuff. If the Amiga has a battery, carefully inspect for leakage and damage (and remove the battery)... I got an Amiga 500 that had a bunch of damage to the memory expansion from one of those crappy Varta batteries... luckily the Amiga worked fine without the expansion (which needs extensive repair). Post some pics and the model!
  2. It looks okay to me... yeah its lots of wires... but go with it! You should be able to figure out what it is, there were many of these out there, RAMBO XL, Wizztronics, etc. That would help in troubl;eshooting and whatnot in the future.
  3. Lotharek is the best in my opinion and he provided me with some excellent support too. Shipping was surprisingly fast from Poland. I have two SIO2SD devices.
  4. Ahh yes that makes sense... well follow the power.
  5. With nothing visible you would need an ESR tester to test the caps in circuit... with nothing visible (or smellable) it could be a number of other things. You've got to ask yourself if its worth it. In my city's buy sell site there are a couple of these cheap.. one asking $40 Canadian and another for free (with known bad caps). Is there something special about the Dell 2001FP?
  6. likely needs a recap... look for bulged or leaking capacitors... no guarantee, but otherwise an old monitor like that is probably not worth fixing.
  7. When I bought my SIO2SD from Lotharek he threw in an 8GB SD card (actually repartitioned to a smaller size) and it was preloaded with a nice collection and ready to go with a menu and whatnot. it's a good option if he still does that.
  8. If it's soft top the touch could it be silicone? Glue would be hard I think. I would heat it up and gently lift. Hope for the best.
  9. Somehow when things just come in via Canada Post there's almost never tax... But UPS tacks on their brokerage fees. I never order anything ups anymore for fear of unwarranted charges.
  10. That's a bargain! Played a little single player hardball tonight and it was still fun. It's even better when you have two evenly matched players.
  11. Oh wow that's from the author of BBS Express and also a former ICD employee. Everything Keith did is awesome... met him in Fairfax VA at a washington-area AtariFest!
  12. Before I got my 800XL, I had an Intellivision. Now many people know that the Mattel console had some very good sports games and I played the crap out of Intellivision Baseball. When I got the 800XL, there are a number of games and I still play some of them to this day! HardBall! - just a great fun baseball game and I played thousands of two player games for this one. Its underrated and super fun. I love the fact that this was eventually made into a cartridge! I only had the diskette version in the "album style" case. I recall really getting to know the whimsical player names and you really got to know their abilities and quirks! It was almost like they had personalities. MicroLeague Baseball - weird but fun game which is really more of a managerial simulation. The quirky Apple graphics (it must be an Apple II port) are good and the game is fun, but you really do need the key chart. I always played this one solo and it was fun. There were some expansion disks, but I don't recall having those back in the day (I'll have to check my originals--pretty sure I just had the main game). Still play it occasionally to current day! Starleague Baseball - This one is by gamestar and it has fairly good graphics. The diamond is slightly askew from the Intellivision game, and gameplay is fun! I remember seeing advertisements for this game in Electronic Games magazine in 1983 and it just looked so sophisticated to me at the time! RealSports Baseball - this might have been one of those 5200 conversions, but while I remember the game, I don't recall having played it much. The graphics sure looks spectacular! Anyone else have a perspective on this one? Now I checked on Atarimania and there are a bunch of other baseball games... I was a baseball fanatic as a teen, so if I knew about them (or had access to them) I would have tried them. Are there any others worth getting into? I see: Computer baseball IQ Baseball Baseball (several different games with this name) Major League Baseball All Star baseball Baseball (Sears, Inhome, Aim)
  13. So you are correct... Seems to be a Syncro II device... I guess to copy protected disks.
  14. My first inclination was that its a write protect for the external floppy drive, but the after market drive that it came with has a write protect switch on the back... let me crack this puppy open!
  15. Yeah no aga just Amiga 500 graphics... Should be fun once I get my stuff in the mailbox and get the gotek rolling. I'm thinking of mounting the gotek buttons and screen on a little panel on top of the Amiga...
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