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  1. Lords of Conquest M.U.L.E. Wizard of Wor Pitfall II Fort Apocalypse
  2. I was an Indus GT user, but after I got a 1050 with a US Doubler clone I found this to be a more useful and compatible drive. Personally I never needed a drive to copy protected software. I know the track buffering mode is also a bonus with more sophisticated solutions, but my vote is the US Doubler--it's a must have. Cost effective and compatible with very little downside (is there a downside?). Generally a simple install as well.
  3. These warehouse purchases were just for the hardware itself. Guaranteed they do not own a single IP of anything. All of the Atari IP was sold off separately as it is much more valuable than the cartridges and hardware. B&C holds no rights to any game.
  4. well there you , sounds legit... i was really referencing the "new" ones listed at B&C... who does sell a few repros that they call legit from time to time (okay, well i mean all the time). It's hard to judge the authenticity from a seller who is sometimes not always on the up and up.
  5. I can't help but think that possibly B&C made those brown carts from boards that they had and either custom made some stickers or had a supply of them. I have my doubts that Atari would put those out there... although I guess it's possible that the Tramiel era Atari would try to sell anything they had inventory of. Given the after-markets tendency to make repros and call them old stock dug out of the Atari warehouse I just wonder.
  6. I think the Xformer cable can do it with Darek Mihocka's emulator. Its toward the bottom of the page... http://www.emulators.com/xformer.htm
  7. This emulator is built in to Twilight Menu, however the version bundled is slightly out of date. I find this emulator to be excellent running most games i have tried. It's definitely a labor of love and the author is providing frequent updates (and seems open to suggestions to boot). I'm hoping he adds cartridge rom support (as of now he supports xex and atr files).
  8. No its not worth it... nothing there is uncommon and you'd be able to get an 800 or 800xl for that price.
  9. Why what’s with the sudden interest in xep80?
  10. My memory must have been that. I must have Micron MT memory chips in my brain.
  11. I thought the Mexico units had a weird batch of Antic chips... I seem to recall some people having the faulty Antics changed out.
  12. Some of the interesting interpretations of games would be interesting I think. There was a 400/800 port of Space Invaders for example, however a version that approximates the 2600 version would also be interesting. Combat is also a classic.
  13. So I had two Indus GT drives (which I no longer own) and my units were stock... the syncro-mesh that mine had (non super synchromesh im assuming) wasnt as fast as the US Doubler... that and not much supported it otrher than DOS XL until SpartaDOS X came out. It was pretty disappointing to me to be honest. Mind you I possibly just didn't have access to the right mods or software to make it work better. Over time I ended up preferring the 1050's with US Doubler (which I still own!). I had no idea that the Indus was capable of such high speed... I'm assuming the 64K upgrade is required for Super Syncro-Mesh? Or is it just an updated ROM? I tried so hard to like DOS XL, but I couldnt get into it... SpartaDOS 3.2 was my DOS of choice, but early on SmartDOS was the one I liked with the Indus (no Syncromesh though).
  14. I'm not trying to start an argument or anything, but I am curious... back in the day I remember my buddy's C64 being excruciatingly slow loading disks. Now the Atari wasn't known for speed either, but the Atari drives always seemed faster than the C64 to me. Does anyone have any numbers for the stock transfer speeds? The other thing I am interested in are the various speed-ups (from back in the day mainly). The C64 had the Epyx Fast Load cartridge and the Atari had various drive mods (ICD U.S. Doubler, Happy, etc.). Was the modded Atari faster than the C64 with Fastload?
  15. So is there a documented JoyB mod to the NES controller? The Adrian's Digital Basement hack just involves running wires to the NES controller's chip. Pretty straightforward... if the JoyB modded games are better I'm inclined to agree, so then the question really is how to mod the NES to that standard. This might be the best approach for me in the end.
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