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  1. Does anyone have a version of 'Super Disk Manager v4.0' that can be burned to a eprom to use on a cart board like a Red Board. I would like to have it as a single cart like 'Disk manager 2'. I have only found a grom version 'Super Disk Manager v4.0 (1984)(99-4A Users Group).G.BIN' and and a Gram Kracker dump. Or can these be converted to that? It is on my Finalgrom cart but would like it as a separate cartridge.
  2. I also have a Corcomp fdc story, I have 3 corcomp fdc's(2 are mine and 1 is a friends) with the 2793 chips. I purchaced both about 5-6 yrs ago and both controllers didn't work correctly, they had inconsistant/flaky operation, error 16, 'not initialized' messages. Both would not read/write/format DD disks. They would sometimes read/write SD disks but were inconsistant. I tried to repair one of them about 3 yrs ago by cleaning terminals, testing voltages, replacing the ele. capacitors, swapping the socketed chips...with no improvement. Then just put them aside and moved on to other projects. Reading this topic got me thinking about these cards again, so I broke one out. Started testing again and adjusting the 50k and 10k var. resistors again with no improvement, so I reset them back. I then went to the var. capacitor and adjusted it with no improvement again. I looked very closely and saw slight green funk in\under the capacitor, on the schematic it shows a fixed 10pf & var. 4-60pf capacitors on that circuit for a total of 14~74pf. Not having any variable capacitors, I just clipped on a 22pf cap(across either capacitor) for a total of 32pf and the card came to life. It formatted/reads/writes DD and SD disks with '0' failures. I let it run for about a week cycling on and off, tested with diff. drives and disks again with '0' failures. So I broke out my 2nd controller, removed the cover and simply clipped on the same 22pf cap. and turned it on...0(zero) failures! I tested it like the other one for about 3 days reading, writing, formatting with no failures. So I got a hold of the 3rd card and we did the same thing, clipped on the 22pf cap. On first test it was a little lazy and said 'not initialized' once, then after about 30 seconds it began to read/write correctly. I swapped it with a 27pf cap. and it began to work flawlessly, I kept the card for about a week testing cold startup and long runs, '0' failures ever since. I ordered some variable caps(5-50pf) and replaced them now all 3 cards work. Maybe this will help someone else.
  3. 'Volcano Fortress' for the TOD module. VOLCANO.zip
  4. TI-Gamebase v2.1 Last version was 2.1 which can be downloaded from here - https://drive.google.com/open?id=17TSdQzMbWz5jZWHATbMIWpj1-FAOB-XH Thank you OX! And the Gamebase frontend: Gamebase Frontend-Setup-v1.3-full.zip
  5. Here's the wav file if you want it too. Yes Dow4 dsk is in gamebase. DOW-4.wav
  6. Here's a zip of 35 games. TOD Games 1.zip
  7. I would like 1 8mb board and 2 bare boards please
  8. OK with that screen, we'll need to see all key presses if you would. You can also make a small chart of the results instead of all screenshots. 1C=11 1D=11 and so on...and only the RH column
  9. OK, you need to install the '256k Mini Memory' from Schmitzi's post into the FinalGrom, then start Minimem with option '3', then option '1' to Load and Run the Memwrite file. I don't have a TiPi so I can't help with that, but you will need to get the Memwrite file into the Mini Memory cart. And you must only have the bad 32k card installed. With no floppy disks, I'm not sure how to get the file there.
  10. Yes try this, load this into Minimem cart and press key '0','1','2','4','8' one at a time. If you can show a screenshot of these. You can press keys 0~F, but pay special attention to 0,1,2,4,8. When you press '0', anything other that '00' means that bit is stuck on. (EDITED: for added keys) I tried it in the FG-Minimem in the pack but could not get it to load...no reaction on dsk1 drive. I tried it on '256k MINI MEMORY.zip' version and it loaded fine and worked. MEMWRITE.zip
  11. Yes, chips 28~35 are for memory C000~FFFF across the top of the board. Chips 28~31 are MSB, 32~35 are LSB. Lolof do you have a Mini Memory cart?
  12. You have a 360k, 1440 sector disk here. Can your TI setup handle DSDD disks?
  13. You can also use Gamebase for the Plato series, there is a lot of courses on there. Look toward the bottom of the list under 'zZz Plato Courseware'
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