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  1. I hope this month, as it's a 2 part game. The first part is complete and I need to finish the second part. 👍
  2. Hey Mickey, glad to see you like playing it. The green key was a bit of a concern of mine when I released the game. It's not in the open, but not too hard to find either. Go search the bridge area real good, you should find it. Keep a lookout soon as I have another game about finished to release. 🏕️
  3. If you are using Gamebase and Classic99, you are using a slightly modified version of an emulator. You cannot save to DSK1 or DSK2, try saving to DSK3-which is already setup to use...IE 'SAVE GAME' then 'DSK3.BRAD'
  4. Which emulator are you using? Or are you using a real TI99?
  5. I'm not the best at it but try this. MunchManBeta3.BIN
  6. Yes, I received a PEB in the mail(not package well) where the rear corner landed on the cable and cut into it about 6 in from the end. I simply removed the large connector, cut off about 7 in and reconnected the cable. Just trim the outer black rubber to match the end of the original cable. Here's what it looks like, the bottom one still with the cable attached. Just carefully release the blue top part and peel the cable out from all the little teeth, then center the cable into the top blue connector inside the small tabs and grooves. I use a small vice to push the blue part back down, but you can use 2 small strips of wood and pliers.
  7. Yes you can, I have repaired a few cables by removing 1-2 inches then re-clamping it.
  8. http://www.shlock.co.uk/Utils/OmniFlop/OmniFlop.htm
  9. There are 19 golf games in Gamebase, but I have not played any of them either.
  10. You may be thinking of 'DARING ADVENTURES IN KMART' for the TOD module.
  11. Here's the latest zip, 10 added and renamed LOSTDUTCHMINE to LOSTMINE All from 1st zip included here. Adventure Module Games 2.zip
  12. Here's a zip of Adv games, I know there's more and I'll update later. Adventure Module Games 1.zip
  13. Yeah I used the Weiland/Tex-Comp Adventure Editor. The small 12k limit I don't like either but not sure there's any other option. The adventure module is what introduced me to the TI. A friend of mine had this and we played hours and hours of adventure...Ghost Town! Back then we never did get into that damn jail door. But it was some fun times! About a month later he called me and told me K-mart had them for $50, and I bought the last one they had (and saw TOD in the case and got that too)
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