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  1. Wow!!! Excellent work!!! I could never believe that I will see something like this in this life. Is this possible to happen in games like Shadow of the Beast and Blood Money?
  2. Hmmm...sound upgrade on Atari ST? You can try a Roland MT-32 with midi connection. The only con is the limited support of games... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZXer8pnjnM
  3. Hi everybody, i wonder what advantages /disavantages had the Atari GEM/TOS vs MAC OS (Macintosh System 1.0 i think?) I never used a mac and i dont know many thinks... I wonder if the macs have the limited multitasking ability of desk accessories ?
  4. @archon72 im jealous of your ultra rare Atari PC1!!! Keep the Atari spirit alive!!!
  5. Try Prince of Persia! In the Amiga version its like 8bit!!!
  6. @ParanoidLittleMan: Thank you for great analysis about the hard disk issues for Atari machines gaming. It was very enlightening for me. You have done really admirable job...
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