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  1. I'm around...occasionally. Just shoot a PM with email you want PDFs to go to, I usually can send in a day or two. Some lager files will be sent using "HighTail" (large file transfer service) with a download link to get PDFs.
  2. Got your PM. And I found 6 switch overlay artwork. On these PDF files...give me a minute...I'm not in front of this computer 24/7. Sorry if I don't respond right away.
  3. To all those wanting PDF overlays, please shoot me a PM request, and which version you want. As I will need an email address to send the files. Note: I'm having trouble locating my old 6 switch artwork file. I may have make another one soon If I can't locate the original. I will edit this post when the 6 switch overlay is found/ready.
  4. Loved Space Shuttle! I would open 2 folding chairs and place one front of me, one behind. I'd place my 13" TV on the fold out chair in front of me, and the 2600 was on the floor. Then drape a blanket over the two chairs...that provided the fuselage (tent) of the shuttle. I'd sit between the chairs on the floor and use a pair of headphones (hooked up to nothing of course) as a headset to communicate with CAPCOM. Haha...man...good times!
  5. Ya...I did make a Junior version.
  6. I made homebrew versions of the overlays some time back...I think I made both 4 and 6 switch...and I think even a Atari Jr version. If I find 'em, shoot me a PM and see about getting a PDF to you. Love this game. One of my all time favs..
  7. My wait was for the games. I'm more of a "racing games" player, especially bikes. When I heard (last Sept or Oct '15) that a Valentino Rossi game was being developed, I knew I would be buying a next gen console. Valentino Rossi The Game came out in August '16, and thats when I bought my PS4. I went with PS4, just because I guess. I have a 360, but have owned all previous PS iterations. PS4 games I have... Valentino Rossi The Game : MotoGP16 - Big fan of the Rider, so I love it all the same. Ya, It's more bike racing. Ride - Kinda like GT or a Forza game. Lots of great bikes to ride/buy/upgrade. I like the game play of this one too. Trials Fusion - This one is fun! Side scroller kinda of action with jumps, loops, explosions...fun bike tilting physics title. MX vs ATV Supercross Encore - More MX vs ATV action. A good series, looks good too! MXGP2 - Real tracks, real riders. Cool motocross racer. Kinda hard. MadMax - I don't know about others and other views, but I'm loving this game. I love the simple yet satisfying controller fight mechanics. Love the combos and giving bad guys a good beat down. Transformers - Pretty cool. Have got too far into this one yet. Looks cool though! Blood Bowl 2 - I have the board game. I had no idea this was even out. Im not a football fan, but dam...I love the shxt out of this game! GTA5 - Own this... regardless if you already have it on PS3. I did. Marvel Pinball - I just got this one so not much to say other than, if you like pinball and marvel comics.... Now I'm just waiting for Ride 2, and MotoRacer 4. I think they are already released in Europe. We always get the Bike Racing titles last. Rossi was available almost 2 months later in US after being released in Europe. Good idea on the controller charger. My controller stays plugged in too. I hate how they have the "Options" button placed. Its the small oval button to the right of the big touch pad. I can never press it correctly without having to actually look for it, carefully place my finger on it, then press it. Otherwise I mash the touch pad. Very annoying.
  8. I made some awhile back. PM me if want one of these...
  9. The MilkMan

    Atari 2600 Overlays

    Home Made Repros
  10. I should have the PDF, gotta dig 'em up. Shoot me a PM and with an email address and I will send it along.
  11. Also found some Space Shuttle overlay variants I made too..
  12. Found some images and the PDF files for the Star Raiders overlays I made. Also found my overlays for Star Trek and Space Shuttle (4 & 6 switch) and 2600 Jr. Hit me with a PM for email exchanges.
  13. Spawnshop....yah I should have the pdfs somewhere. Have not dug them up in awhile. I made original repros, and some custom variants too. I just printed them on a heavy cardstock (like a 60 or 80 lb. gloss paper) and cut em out. Worked pretty good. I will have to post some images of the variants. Thanks for asking about them
  14. I've been watching Netflix on my PS3. After I click the Netflix icon, It asks to sign in (PSN), says it cant, then the netflix screen pops up... You'll get the loading gray squares under the Netflix logo, than it will say cant connect, try again later. Keep trying. After about 2 or 3 tries the menu pops up. Takes alot longer to load the movie titles, but it works. Not sure if others have said this already as I have not read thru all of the pages here...
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