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  1. Hello, Which classic computer system would you say has the most role playing games available for it? Thanks
  2. Hello, I like role playing games and I was thinking of trying to compile a list of the first 10 or 20 console rpg's. I think I already know what the first one was. It was Adventure for the Atari 2600. But after that I could use a lot of help in compiling a list. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Thanks for the info. I see that there's one for the Colecovision as well. That's nice to know. I might as well ask; is there one for the Intellivision too?
  4. .... the NEC Turbografx 16 could run in an 8 or 6-bit mode? That's news to me... I'm still confused as to whether the Turbografx 16 is an 8-bit machine or a 16-bit machine. My understanding is that it's cpu was 8-bits, but it's graphics chip was actually 16-bits, making it a kind of hybrid 8-bit/16-bit machine..
  5. Hello, Is there something similar to the "EverDrive" available for the Atari 2600, 5200 and 7800? Thanks
  6. Hello, I'm a beginner retro gamer. What are my options for hooking up an old Atari 2600 console to a modern HD TV or even a PC monitor to play games? Thank you
  7. I see. I'm assuming the Atari engineer's chose pale blue on dark blue background for a reason. Not "just because they felt like it" (that's not logical). I noticed that the Commodore 64/128 also has a pretty similar default color screen for it's BASIC too.
  8. More newbie questions (still trying to decide if I want an Atari 8-bit machine or not). 1) Both the Atari 400 and 800 boot up into notepad and you have to plug in the BASIC programming language cartridge if you want to program in BASIC, correct? 2) What is the default color combination on the BASIC programming screen (text color on background color) for the 800 and 400 computers? 3) The XL and XE series boot up into the BASIC programming language without a cartridge, correct? 4) What is the default color combination on the BASIC programming screen (text color on background color) for the XL series and XE series computers? I wonder why Atari decided to burn BASIC on the ROM on the motherboard instead of continue on with the practice of putting BASIC on a detachable ROM cartridge? Thank you
  9. Please rank the video image output of each Atari 8-bit machine from best model to the worst model (especially in terms of its text quality!). Feel free to elaborate why you think one particular model is better than another.
  10. This doesn't make much sense as, for example, 800XL's can have different keyboards, rated from excellent to a POS. Then rank and describe the 5 different variations in 800XL keyboards from best to worst.
  11. Rank by model (in your opinion) the best keyboard to the worst in the entire Atari 8-bit family of computers (400/800, XL series, XE series). Thank you
  12. I was looking at the specifications of the entire Atari 8-bit family line of computers and I noticed that they all have five (count them; 5!) text modes at a time when most 8-bit machines only had one text mode (2 if you were lucky)! The modes range from a minimum of 20 characters by 12 rows to a maximum of 40 characters by 24 rows. That is all I know from my research so far. I can't find anywhere on the internet what the other three modes were. Can someone please inform me what they are? Also, why did Atari do this? Why would anyone need or want or use five different text modes? What was the purpose? Did anyone make use of the different text modes? Did anyone make use of the 20x12 mode (the lowest)? And why? Most other 8-bit machines had a 40 column mode and if you were lucky, an 80 column mode. Puzzled... Thank you
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