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  1. Windows 10 tablets are pretty fun.

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    2. Flojomojo


      I had a Chuwi Hi8. It's great on paper, but little annoyances like crud battery and slow charging ruined it for me. It was a dual boot device. The Android side was a better fit for the hardware than Windows 10 was. I flipped it for at least what I paid for it, though. They're not easy to find at US retail.

    3. MagnaFarce


      The first Windows tablet I picked up was the Chuwi Hi8 Pro and it completely died on me after about 15 minutes of use. If you're going to buy one be sure to get it from a US seller with a good return policy. I had one hell of a nightmare dealing with the Chinese website I bought it from.


      The second tablet which died on me was actually the 2016 NuVision 8in 1920x1200. I got from the Microsoft store online during a sale. That one crapped out on me after a few hours. The return pr...

    4. Sauron


      I don't live in the US. One of the electronics chains here in Ukraine sells them in store.

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