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    Collecting for Atari 2600, NES and building awsome custom boxes for games. I also enjoy woodworking, designing projects on paper and making them into reality.
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  1. All reserved games have been shipped and there is only 3 copies left as of today so I will be listing them on other sites soon. Thanks for everyone for supporting me in my homebrew series and keep an eye out for the next one hopefully before the end of the year. If you subscribed to this thread, I will post a link here when it is time. The overseas packages seem to be delayed quite a bit, but hopefully you all should receive them soon. I am going to wait a few more weeks before I announce the contest to give everyone a chance to get their games. The contest winner will receive my FREE (except for shipping) Percepts reproduction game including my own custom designed box and bonus material. I'm making a small run of 10 of these (may make more if people want them) My intention was to give the first one away to the contest winner. Then there is 3 more missions that will be released periodically (maybe every 6 months) in the form of free downloads. These games were designed in advance and built into your content (you probably wont even realize they are there until you get the mission files)
  2. I'm sorry, you asked me to wait to ship it because you were out of town and I forgot. Thanks for reminding me, it will go out Monday.
  3. I sent you a message a while ago but forgot to post here so I want to make sure I'm on the list for one of these. Thanks
  4. I am down to my last 2 copies of Hunting Adventure and I have some Zombie Outbreak games left. Sending you some PM'S
  5. All of the paid games have been shipped and I wanted to announce that I will be hosting a contest for this game in a week or two for a chance to win a FREE prize. So please subscribe to this thread and keep an eye out for the contest. I'll wait a bit to make sure everyone gets their game. I hope to encourage people to play this game and not just stick it on the shelf because I worked really hard to create a fun game play experience on and off the screen with the extreme limitations of the Odyssey. I also designed this game for several bonus missions that will be released periodically over the rest of the year that will be in the form of free downloads. You may find some things that don't make sense in your box right now but they will eventually....... The standard release includes missions 1-4, the deluxe sets include missions 5-7 (2 of which require an additional overlay) and there is also unreleased missions 8-10 that will be in the form of FREE downloads exclusive to game owners only. Thanks to everyone who purchased my games and supported me throughout my projects! Please give me feedback either through a post here or PM. This helps me in designing my future games.
  6. All of these game sets have been completed and ready for shipping. Everyone that reserved one should have received a message by now with instructions for payment and shipping. I just shipped out all the games that I have received payment for today and updated the list above to show which ones have shipped. If I missed anyone, please let me know and I look forward to the feedback on this one. I really like how it all came together. I also wanted to announce that I am planning on finishing my 6 game set but I am going to take a break from game development for a while so it will be a few months before the next one gets started. Doing 2 games back to back drained me. I will be doing some custom boxes that were requested here and there in the meantime. I'm hoping to be able to make another game in time for Halloween.........
  7. This is exciting news, there is a lot going on it that game. You can tell a ton of work went into designing and creating that one. Congrats!
  8. Wow, I just saw this and the game looks awesome! Love the artwork and game play looks really fun. I would love to get a copy of this one when finished!
  9. UPDATE 5/16/20: After 3 different prototype box designs, I finally got the bugs worked out and completed all 8 Deluxe sets. This was more difficult then expected and I am not making any more of these. Only members already reserved will get them unless someone changes their mind or doesn't pay. The following pictures show the box open, closed and also did a photo next to the original shooting gallery box for comparison. The bottom base of the box is made from heavy duty corrugated cardboard and slightly thicker then the original box for added strength. Each one was hand cut from 4' sheets, scored and assembled. It took me a few different tries to get the size, folds and template formed. I soon realized that working with corrugated cardboard is MUCH harder then traditional box stock. I didn't like the look of the edge of the cardboard so I made a new design with all 4 edges of the tops folded over and glued in place for a nice clean edge and it adds a lot to the strength (a lot harder then it sounds). The top of the box was also a challenge because I could not print one solid piece that large so I actually had to make 2 prints and glue the pieces together with a seam in the middle. I think it turned out pretty nice though. I also made a cool sleeve that slides on the box from the side and helps keep the center of the box top from bulging (this was an issue with the original shooting gallery box) and I think it looks cool. Inside the lid, I glued in 3 additional card stock prints. I compiled all the research I've done for set up, service and maintenance on the ZDF standard issue 1TL950 service rifle I combined this information into 3 card designs and added my own information relating to Zombie Outbreak. This is a nice feature so the open lid is a quick reference guide for the rifle and also adds a little extra support to the lid. The deluxe kit includes the large custom box, additional large overlay, 3 additional mission files (that go with the overlay) and 2 Z.D.F. decals that go on the rifle stock. The cost for these box sets - rifle will be $40 (plus shipping)
  10. That is a cool game concept Zach. I just watched the video and it looks fun to play, great work! I love all things horror :) Sly, I just recently scanned my "near mint" copy of the shooting gallery instructions at 600dpi so I'll email those over for the archive soon. Let me know if there is anything else I can contribute to the preservation of this system. I love what you have done so far.
  11. Thanks Sly, Sorry for the confusion, the picture shows the front and back of the box it is only 1 design with 2 different sides. Love you blog and dedication to keeping the odyssey Alive!
  12. I've started making my own custom full size boxes for the "Free" homebrew game downloads so they all match in my collection display. Here is a picture of my Space War box. I think it turned out pretty good. I reached out to Mikebloke about offering these to the community if anyone wants one and he gave me the thumbs up so if anyone wants one let me know and I'll do a very small run of boxes. I charge $15 for any Odyssey box, $8 for an original small size overlay and $10 for my version of a large overlay which matches my game overlay sizes that is a little smaller then the original odyssey large overlays. Instructions will be included free with the box. I cleaned up the instruction sheet because it was missing images, border segments, etc. and added a back side about the history of the game from his post. I wasn't happy with the quality of the overlay in printed form because the file was a bit low on the resolution and came out blurry so I had to redraw all the game sprites one at a time at 600 dpi, fill in new solid background color and clean up the image overall. Thanks Mikebloke for allowing me to share these with the AA community, your copy of this is free so I will be sending you a pm to arrange shipping. There is room in my new shipping boxes (see pic) to fit exactly 2 games so If you are purchasing one of my games I can add an extra box to save on shipping. I can make other custom boxes if anyone has a special request. I already have a few designs I'm working on like the Apex double ender box (coming soon), percepts, etc. I am redesigning my ManCave and love the look of these boxes all lined up matching size on my shelves so while I'm building my Odyssey collection display, I thought I would share these if anyone wants one. I'm starting a small list here to try and figure out how many prints I need: SPACE WAR: (B) box/Instruction set (S.O.) small overlay, (L.O.) Large Overlay 1. Mikebloke 2. Dastari Creel (B) 3. SlyDc (B-S.O.) 4. Stupus 5. Zhorton 6. BuckEyefan_4eva
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