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    Collecting for Atari 2600, NES and building awsome custom boxes for games. I also enjoy woodworking, designing projects on paper and making them into reality.
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  1. I will take a copy of this for sure. If possible #1 or earliest number release I can get (if they are numbered)
  2. I had a lot of fun creating Odyssey Evil and started working on the Hunting Adventure game soon after I completed Odyssey evil. I got about 75% of the prototype complete and then got really busy with work and couldn't find the "FREE TIME" to complete the project. I plan on attempting to finish the project this winter when work slows down. When the prototype is complete, I will start a thread and take reservations while I build the 25 limited edition sets and then take payment when they are ALL complete. Just for fun, I will tell you a little bit about this game: The game utilizes the light gun and will have multiple overlays featuring different animals to hunt (deer, elk, etc.) It can be played with one player but more fun and designed for 2. There will be some interesting bonus rounds, cards and other game pieces with the games. And just like my last release of Odyssey Evil, this game features a full size box. This is what I have completed so far: I designed 6 overlays, each with a different animal to hunt and prototype overlays have been printed (after printing I noticed some changes/tweeks that need to be made) I have a rough draft of the box design complete. I have about 25% of the cards designed. I have a rough draft instruction sheet. I have a rough draft of one of the bonus rounds More to come this winter.........
  3. If by any chance a boxed copy opens up, I would love to have a copy.
  4. Stupus is a great person to deal with, great communication and smooth transaction.
  5. I could probably make a few more Waterworld boxes on Sunday (my only day off this week) if you guys really want one. I have some extra prints of this one so it wouldn't be too rough. PM me before sunday if you still want one.
  6. I have a waterworld box left if anyone wants it for $15 or $12 if you buy ANYTHING else here. Also added 2 for $3 game and instruction sets If anyone wants the NINTENDO 64 boxed set, I'll throw in a couple CIB wrestling games for FREE PC game lot lowered to $5 if anyone is interested
  7. I attached a picture for you, let me know if you want it. It is in excellent condition. I also updated the thread with more pics and added a few more items.
  8. I am in need of space in the ManCave to make room for my new arcade games and I need money for parts to fix said arcade games so I am selling off all of my extra's nice and cheap. CIB GAMES: $3 each or 2 for $5 Pac-man, DEFENDER (no comic/catalog), DEFENDER (Includes comic and catalogue), Commando raid, Pole position, Riddle of the sphinx (includes catalogue, warranty card and “solve the riddle” sticker on front), Venture, Outlaw (box rough), Tennis, Circus, Bowling, Space Invaders, Jungle hunt, Combat , Vanguard, Asteroids X2, Kangaroo, Centipede, Phoenix (box rough) REPRODUCTION BOXES I made myself boxes for my collection and always made a few extra. These are the remainder of my extra's and I don't have the time anymore to make them and I don't take any requests for them anymore. * NEW ADDITION: I have a swordquest waterworld box left for $15 or $12 if you buy ANYTHING else. See pictures * SOLD Chase the chuckwagon box with very nice printed slide out cart tray and instruction sheet $10 Mean Santa box WITH printed slide out cart tray $10 Halo 2600 box with nice printed slide out cart tray and instruction manual. This was my personal box but I decided to make my own version for my collection so I am passing this one on…. $12 * SOLD * Qbert’s Qubes box with cart holder $8 *SOLD * Air Raid box with printed slide out cart tray (I only made a few of these for myself and a couple of friends and this was the ONLY extra I made and I am not making any more, asking $15 for this one. Tooth protectors box with cart holder and nice large fold out, laminated instruction card. I made a batch of these a while back and this is my last one. I will let it go for $10 * SOLD Texas Chainsaw Massacre original version box with cart holder. I have two of these for $5 each Atari 2600 4 switch system in box with 1 controller, RFU, and power cord. It works great but the box is really rough shape. It also has the carboard insert that the system goes in as pictured. Not really sure what to charge, how about $25 * SOLD * My personal Mystique Repro collection- I scored some minty originals so I am parting with these nice CIB reproductions. I am asking $15 each for them which is what I paid for just the cart a long time ago so I believe that is a really good price. I would like to sell them all plus the X-Man as a set for $55 ($5 off) so they stay together but I will piece them out if I have to. Details: Custer’s Revenge box with printed slide out tray, small size laminated manual and repro cart. Also a bonus original box with this one. Bachelor party box with cart holder, large laminated manual, and repro cart Beat ‘em and Eat ‘em box with nice printed slide out tray, large laminated manual and repro cart X-Man box with cart holder and repro cart with a nice unique label. Incomplete box sets $2 each: Freeway box fair with staining, cart Robot tank/ box tear and creasing, cart Crystal castles box flat fair with manual, no cart Star Raiders/ large box, small box, cart and manual Sky Jinks/ flat box, cart bad label GAME AND INSTRUCTION SETS $2 EACH OR 2 for $3 Jr pac man, ms pac man, Raiders of the lost ark, Venture, Skiing, Frogger x 2, Phoenix, Berserk, video pinball x 2, combat, donkey kong, laser blast, kangaroo, missile command, midnight magic, galaxian x 2, battlezone, chopper command, defender x 2, asteroids x2, Jungle hunt (includes an experimental printed cart dust cover using box art), yars revenge (includes comic), qbert 7800 game lot: one on one, choplifter, touchdown football, xevious x2, centipede, pole position 2: $7 for all 5200 game lot: pac man x 2, joust, super breakout, centipede, qbert, popeye and 2 mystery parker bros carts. All are untested cause I don’t have a working system. $9 for all Loose manuals .50 each Breakout, missle command sears, missle command atari, space invaders, outlaw x2, golf, joust x2, warlords, crystal castles, space invaders, pac-manx 3, galaxian, super breakout atari x2,super breakout sears, battlezone, dig dug, popeye, super challenge football, vanguard, millipede, chopper command Mario brothers $2 WIRELESS AIR 60 GAME SYSTEM NEW SEALED IN BOX- I picked this up around XMAS time at a mall kiosk for $40 and never used it or even took it out of the box . It looks like the xbox Kinect system and I would like to get $20 for it. PC game lot- All this stuff came with other game purchases and I don’t play PC games so $8 for the whole lot takes it. PSP AND DS 10 CASE LOT- This is for the cases only, I think most of them have manuals also but I didn’t inventory them, just took a quick pic. $5 for all. Intellivision game lot. 9 games, 1 CIB, 1 empty pitfall box, 2 empty colecovision boxes (rough shape) . I don’t own an intellivision so these are untested and 2 are mystery carts. This stuff game in a bulk buy a long time ago so $12 and they are yours. Boxed Racing set for PS2, XBOX OR GAME CUBE. This looks new and still has the baggy twist tied onto the cord and accessory in original bag. I bet it has never been used but I bought it at the Thrift store a while back and never tried it out. The box is a bit rough due to the amount of tape the thrift store put on it to keep people from taking parts out. Steering wheel tilts and adjusts in and out. I think I paid $10 for it so $10 and it is yours. xonox double ender ghost manor/spikes peak cart only $10 I have a really nice NINTENDO 64 system complete with box in great condition for $50. If any interest I will take pics. * SOLD * I also have a complete set of 1972 CIB games for sale for $150, See pictures below, I think the only one that is missing some pieces is baseball so this is a great price for the complete set.
  9. There is one last copy that did not get paid for so I decided to list it on ebay for a very low starting bid at $30 if anyone is interested. It is copy #25 of #25. I also want to announce that this game will be the first in a complete set of 6 just like the 72 and 73 game series. The second game "Hunting Adventure" is in the development stage and will utilize the rifle for game play. Every game in the ManCaveArcade collection will come with a Full size and similiar design box, overlays, multiple game aids, insturctions, certificates, etc. Every game will also be limited to 25 copies. My goal is to make every game in this collection very unique and offer a fun game play. I am planning to release these 1-2 per year until all 6 are completed. COLLECT THEM ALL! Stay tuned for the pre-order thread when the game is closer to completion. Right now, the prototype game is 75% done..... - ManCaveArcade
  10. There will never be another run of this game because I wanted it to be a very limited edition collectors item and because it was a very difficult/time consuming project. I do however have one last copy unpaid for so I will contact the member and see if be still wants it. If not, it's yours. I am thinking about making a different game this winter if I get enough time off work. There is another cool concept that I have cooking up.....
  11. I just updated the list with those that have been shipped/paid for. As of now there are a few people who have not respoded to my pm's and I send out a "FINAL NOTICE" pm today for a deadline of this friday to make contact. If I don't get any replies, Saturday these games with open back up for sale to the first person who sends pm/ payment. If your game is marked shipped and you HAVE NOT recieved it yet, please contact me via pm for tracking numbers (They all went out priority with tracking)
  12. Everyone who paid so far, your games shipped today via priority mail so expect them soon. I still have 8 games that did not get paid for yet and most have not responded to my pm. I will give them another week to respond because I know everyone is really busy but if I don't get responses, I will open them back up for sale first come first serve. They have all been bubble wrapped, boxed, bubble wraped again and then covered in shipping paper. All they need is payment, an address label and shipped. All of the Canada orders went out registered to prevent the famous "lost in the mail trap"
  13. Great News for everyone, Odyssey Evil is finally complete! All I have to do is box everything up and ship it out. I will start sending out pm’s to everyone on the pre-order list tonight with payment information and to get shipping addresses. I need to find 25 boxes to put these in or makeshift something. They are such an odd size that a standard box won’t work. I will start shipping this week in the order I receive payment and will try to get them out as soon as possible but please allow me at least a week to get it boxed up and dropped off after payment. I will update you via pm with tracking info when they ship. Thanks again to everyone for being patient and I hope you enjoy this game!
  14. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Please know that I have been working every free minute I have on this game but EVERYTHING is taking a lot longer to make than anticipated. I completed the "Evil" card decks but I have 2 more deck sets to go. Each card has to be hand cut, laminated and trimed and it is a painfull process. When I made the first prototype deck I said "that wasn't too bad" but making 25 sets of EACH deck is very time consuming. There is 30 cards total in each game set. After these I have to finish 25 sets of (2) different home made trophies and print instructions. I am sorry I didn't make my anticipated deadline of today but I am very close to the end so please be understanding of the issues I ran into along the way. Thanks for all the support on this project and I will keep you all updated.
  15. I ran into a problem with the large overlays. My plan was to connect together 4 pieces to make one large overlay. The prototype one came together nice so I thought it would work. I had all of the transparancy prints done and they all had sight imperfections in them. I'm not sure if it was the film or the way they printed them. I didn't really notice it until I already cut them all out so the print shop won't re-print them. The next issue was attaching them together. They didn't line up properly like the original did and the heat gun was warping them which didn't happen on my first one. With this being said, I have to make a tough decision to not include a large overlay with this package and reduce the price by $5 to make up for it. The smaller standard size overlays came out great and will work on large and small TV's so this wouldn't affect the game play in any way. If this changes anyone's decision on the purchase of the game, I have no problem removing you from the list. This issue really set me back a while and I could not find anyone who could print a 1 piece large overlay at a resonable cost. As far as payment goes, I didn't want to accept payment until the game was 100% complete and ready to ship in case I ran into any problems like this. I am really close to the finished product. The dice are all done and I am working on the card decks now. I am anticipating completion by Monday. I apologize for the delay and I am working as hard as I can to finish these up for you guys. I should start sending pm's on Monday for payment and shipping info.
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