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  1. Hi team. Thanks for putting in this huge amount of work on this. To take advantage of this with the current version of IntyBASIC, how would I call it? I'm looking for the most performant way to get random numbers 1-52, 1-4, 1-13, 2-8, 1-100 not using the stock RND/RANDOM function and not using WAIT, with a deterministic calculation time. Thanks.
  2. Hey all. Was any further experimentation fruitful?
  3. Are there any game shops left that could use our traffic, placed beyond eBay? I am aware of sales from the BSR. Thanks.
  4. Thanks, you got to them before I did. I didn't expect them to be in service, actually. The hunting includes chasing the leads and links to a working phone number or email address or LinkedIn profile, getting any people, then seeing if those people have connections back to the original organization. If anyone wants to chase this down, that is great, since it's not super high on my priority list, but otherwise I'll get to it.
  5. The FAQ has probably been updated 4-5 times in the last week. Anyone that has comments/questions, feel free to PM or post here. There are many gaps in the people section, 99% of the games haven't been added yet, publications are missing, emulation options are not there, and many more things that are asked frequently. There are plans to add those content items. All constructive ideas are appreciated, this is a community contribution, we can work to get more info in there. The idea is to make this useful as a body of responses to typical questions (and some atypical ones). Thanks! https://www.intvprime.com/intellivision-faq/
  6. Do you have any history text to share about this item?
  7. I was updating the Intellivision FAQ with info about playing waveform without Intellivoice, and saw that this also in your book! Awesome.
  8. My research-fu is pretty good.. I do like to ask "who knows what" on here in addition to doing my own research because people in this forum often have context that I do not. My research includes calling. I didn't get the Junior Reynolds Research Department official path from The Intellivisionaries for nothing. Thanks.
  9. Core tenets of this have been added to the Intellivision FAQ, with redundant images placed on the "Intellivision Echo" storage spot, with a link in the FAQ to here so people can learn the whole story. Thanks for sharing!
  10. I think another one was found, reported on Facebook recently.
  11. Hey all. Does anyone have any 2021 info related to this?
  12. Hi. Have you had a chance to look at this further, maybe incorporating @artrag's ideas?
  13. Now added in a 5.4 and 9.1 section. Took me a few minutes to add the info, then I got distracted.
  14. FWIW, I think there are distinct markets, and maybe the key to larger sales is addressing them differently. Probably spending more energy than I have seen from Intellivision publishers. Disclaimer: I don't know what the ROI would be obviously. Collectors Speculators True play-on-hardware players ROM-only players (LTO) ROM-only players (everyone else) Emulation players Nostalgic, disinterested buyers I think the players segments can be further divided into "hardcore" and "casual". Maybe if they are reached uniquely, and uniformly, a lot more titles could be sold. Atari Age forums and Facebook posts reach some of the first groups, but not the last group. Maybe part of the solution is different versions of games. An (expensive) collector's edition requiring pre-order and a limited ROM version (cheap) to get an initial funding source for CIB and full ROM (LTO DRUID keyed). Expect that the cheap limited ROM will get on the internet, so make sure it has just enough to be playable but not complete, maybe include something to push people to get the real thing. And there's meeting the potential customers where they are, and the kind of game that's being sold. When Boulderdash, Defender of the Crown, or other high profile games are ready, advertising them outside if the regular outlets might make a difference. Selling on Etsy, getting stuff into Pinterest, having good searchable content for Google and Bing organic search bits to index, paying for ads in the same places where Plaid Stallions gets view, etc? I can imagine that someone in their late 40's/early 50's with a kid or spouse looking for a new kind of gift would get their "old man" a copy of DoTC to go with that Intellivision thing sitting in the attic. During the pandemic, a lot of spending has gone from "experiences" to "things" (for people with disposable income). Something pure fun like an Intellivision game would be just perfect, and who cares if the CIB doesn't get played more than a few times, when the unit is moved out of your stock? I think growing the audience has value in addition to trying to optimize how things are sold to the same incestuous Intellifaithful. All analogies break down, but in this case I see a lot of parallel between how I have seen Inty publishers sell and local kid sports teams: I see the local booster club sells shirts and spaghetti dinner fundraisers to the same families over and over to make the same level of money. Conversely, I see Girl Scouts put tables in high traffic areas and sells cookies that everybody knows to people that generally don't care otherwise what the Girls do, and the Girl Scouts rake in the money.
  15. Great feedback. Thanks. A converter program iterates over all of the json records and makes Markdown, then converts .md->PDF. Looks like PDF output needs more work. I'll make that fix. Searchability is important and of course outbound links. The output will also be .txt and maybe .docx, but .md and .pdf are the higher priority at the moment. This is going to be as comprehensive as possible, so mention of the Mattel kiosk will be added along with about a million other things. The json docs look like the below (non-game). So when I get around to the Mattel kiosk for example, just make another json file with the right info and it's added on the next cycle. The main thing for the baseline was to get Larry's content put in, since he is the foundation. There is a lot of stuff to add after that! Sears Kiosk was something I came across and needed to add as a sampling for the sections to make sure the document builder was viable. { "qnaList": [ { "id": 0, "answer": "There were three reasons for replacing the original Intellivision Master Component with the Intellivision II, developed under the code name Big Mac: \n \n - Redesigned circuitry that lowered the component count and, therefore, the cost. \n - Easier repairs by making the components most prone to failure - the power supply and hand-controllers - plug-in, replaceable parts. \n - An external video input on the cartridge port to make the System Changer possible. \n \nThe plug-in controllers also provided an opportunity to propose alternate types of controllers such as track balls and light guns. While most of these never got beyond the brainstorming stage, a trigger-joystick controller - code named Dandelion - was shown at the January 1984 Consumer Electronics Show for a \"proposed 1984 introduction.\"\n\n", "source": "FaqAutomation", "questions": [ "What is the Intellivision II?" ], "metadata": [ { "Name": "id", "Value": "eff1482f-5f5e-4e7c-a665-bea2018ee528" }, { "Name": "FactConfidenceLevelForDocument", "Value": "80" }, { "Name": "itemContributors", "Value": "Larry Anderson;Steve Roney" }, { "Name": "itemLocationLongLat", "Value": "118.4165,33.9192" }, { "Name": "mediaUris", "Value": "https;media0101.intvprime.com/ba4ef/intellivision-echo/Hardware-Components/Master-Component/Intellivision-II-02.jpg" }, { "Name": "sourceRefUris", "Value": "https;history.blueskyrangers.com/hardware/intellivision2.html" } ], "alternateQuestionClusters": [ ], "context": { "isContextOnly": false, "prompts": [ ] }, "lastUpdatedTimestamp": "2021-04-06T23:02:12.604+00:00", "isDocumentText": false } ] } Also working with Sergio at the Intellivision Brazil site and some teenage sweatshop labor (aka Intv Prime Data Operations Division) to populate game info and pointers to in-depth locations of stuff. Thanks!
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