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  1. Slightly OT, I just learned about this game for the VCS. I think a "plussed up" version would make a good Intellivision mini-game (maybe for the next IntyBASIC compilation cart)? I could get the maestros at Intv Prime to come up with some background music for any programmer to do the dev work*. *There are 2 other music commitments that have to be cleared first, but when they are done this could be next.
  2. Experimenting with some new stuff to produce Inty music a little better in IntyBASIC. Here is something that should resemble the ditty from Pooyan.
  3. Mr. T, what about including some kind of non-network-requiring, but internet-updateable, mega demo that shows off the hardware capabilities maybe visualizing a users music catalog? Maybe an “attract mode” of certain games playing to music? Something that nods to the days when “Eurodemos” were big? Since the Amico catalog will be highly curated, I think there is value in marketing on the console especially if it is configurable in some way by the user. i remember one of the 3D0’s fun things was it’s funky CD player.
  4. My POV is that the re-release should not be considered “125 canon” because it is a re-release, and should be visible and marked in some way. That way the game would get out to people that truly want to play the game on the cart, which matters most in my opinion, but also respect those that have had the game since the 90s and that it’s different. I think it would also blunt the impact of people that just profiteer and speculate on game value in the community.
  5. Mad Magazine is no more (https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/mad-magazine-effectively-close-67-years-1222636), which got me thinking about “Spy vs Spy” which was fun on so many systems. I think with the right designer thinking through the play, and the right developer at the keyboard, an Intellivision version could be a reality. Of course, to respect the copyright, it could not *be* that game, but a competitive similar 2-player battle strategy game would be fun and a big seller, maybe more than the last several commercial releases we have seen. Yes, my ideas eclipse my talent, which is not really saying much.
  6. https://twitter.m/IntvPrime/status/1146485878463881217 The sign-up link at the Intv Prime website (http://go.pkg.cc/ipd2019) will be open when (northern hemisphere) Summer ends! Get ready to play! The Intellivison turns 40 this year!
  7. So you are playing music on channel 0,1,2 and when you need a sound effect you multiplex channel 2 to alternate the music and sound effect?
  8. The game looks awesome! In the video, it appears that there are more than 3 audio channels being used, is there some kind of "multiplexing" happening to make the sound effects and the music go at the same time? Order coming up through Elektronite. Wow!
  9. We keep a Dreamcast setup at my parents house. The games that get the most play are actually the Neo Geo emulation games (horse racing, King of Monsters, Neo Mr. Do!, Top Hunter) and native titles like Bomberman, Rush Rush Rally Racing, Samba de Amigo, Crazy Taxi. All non-violent and attractive to the “non-gamer” like parents and grandparents and also it’s OK to play them in front of 7-year-olds. Just an example of the kind of niche you could grab. I think that marketing strongly will be the key to reaching those “non gamer” masses, however. For example, if you have a track-and-field game and advertise in the right places like the Olympics you might reach a lot of people that don’t consider themselves “gamers” but you will get the attention of the masses you want. If you advertise a track-and-field game with Pewdipie’s YouTube channel I doubt you will gain a thing.
  10. A bump from the past... In 2019, are there new tools (that run on Windows?) for making sound effects? Thanks.
  11. https://github.com/historicalsource?before=Y3Vyc29yOnYyOpK5MjAxOS0wNC0xNlQwNDowMzo1NCswMTowMM4KzcIl&tab=repositories https://archive.org/details/Learning_ZIL_Steven_Eric_Meretzky_1995
  12. I can't seem to find any definitive information on what the expansion connector in the top of the Intellivoice "can do". I recall that some units have expansion under the little door in the top, and some don't. I'm trying to get all of the tech info I can. All pointers appreciated. Thanks!
  13. You should have simply been asked before anyone makes anything related to your IP. It's not only in the right legal interest, it's the right ethical interest. I think it makes sense to get some legal action going against the offender, even if it's a giant time-suck for you. If you don't defend your rights the first time, you basically give them up for future times. People in forums can split hairs about what they think is copyright or what isn't, but they aren't lawyers, your lawyer is a lawyer. You spend time and money that you could have used on other things on something you love, no one else has the right to decide whether they should profit from you after the fact. * spoken as someone who threw away all of their Intellivision game boxes years ago, kept the carts, put the overlays and manuals in binders, and plays the games because they are fun.
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