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  1. No problem with tapes, I haven't used them since trying WSMLB 20+ years ago. I was afraid that there would be a Magic Smoke Release(TM) with an ECS (and System Changer) connected, thought there was power going over one of the cartridge port lines somewhere. Good to know! Now, if I can just find the right color spray paint to change my gray ECS to brown... Thanks.
  2. Added the console to the database at http://www.intellivisionrevolution.com/serial-number-database-mattel-intellivision.
  3. Can a 220v Intellivision be connected to a USA 110v ECS computer and keyboard and Intellivoice?
  4. Reading over the sparse documentation I could find, there is an RVG signal? Would my life be better if I got an SCART to Component converter?
  5. Bumping this thread a bit. I am having trouble getting good output from my SECAM/SCART Intv, where is the right place to look for a remedy? https://atariage.com/forums/topic/299165-peritelscart-intellivision-display-help-needed/
  6. Images of the Intellivision unit and the transformer that is used to power it. 220v. 50Hz. SECAM.
  7. Here in the USA, a SCART Intellivision came to me from France. The SCART to HDMI converter box shows garbled output from the Intellivision, but the video overlay text from the converter is clear, so I think the TV and converter output are fine and there is a problem with the input. Can anyone comment on the right piece of converter hardware or corrective action to be taken on the Intellivision? This guy from the UK has a "what not to get" recommendation, but no clear solution: https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk/SCART-TO-HDMI-CONVERTERS-TO-AVOID Thanks! Here is the converter box I am currently using: Here is the bad video: IMG_7302.MOV IMG_7303.MOV IMG_7301.MOV
  8. The day is here! It looks like T. Tallarico and company have released a never-before-seen promo video. Very cool!
  9. I have not seen a brown ECS in quite a while for auction, and I need one. Can anyone point out how often they show (or where to get one)? Thanks.
  10. That is the greatest thing. Ever. Thanks!
  11. Does anyone have a large "image sheet" showing each of the ROM shapes in well-pixellated glory? Thanks.
  12. Dude(s), the Christmas theme makes this the best game of the year hands-down.
  13. https://hackaday.com/2019/11/24/secret-c64-program-found-on-a-christian-rock-bands-vinyl-record/#more-387287
  14. This would make a fun addition to a multi-game cart, maybe an entry for the next IntyBASIC contest.
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