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  1. I still think this will work, basically. Putting it on the backlog. If anyone has ideas on playability, please share. Thanks.
  2. There is a Twotter thread about some really “Amico-like” variations for chess. It would be cool if they showed up in Chess on the Amico. 🙂 https://twitter.com/twoscooters/status/1359663550130761729
  3. There was no Pitfall II for Intellivision, even though it seems like it would have been a winner on the platform. Very odd. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pitfall_II:_Lost_Caverns
  4. Hey all. Does this look anything like a Bonsai tree? I think it needs to be "flatter". All constructive criticism is appreciated. Working on this for the title screen in a prototype game. Thanks.
  5. Well done! That needs to go on your Youtube channel with a Tik Tok link!
  6. Could anyone touch these pages, or any other one? Doing some maintenance on the CDN and caching. Nothing fancy, just please click around for 5 seconds? Thanks. https://www.intvprime.com/ https://www.intvprime.com/happy-new-year-2021/ https://www.intvprime.com/tml-checkpoint-number-11/ https://www.intvprime.com/intellivision-day/ https://www.intvprime.com/the-minstrels-legend/ https://www.intvprime.com/work/
  7. Slightly OT: When you sell encrypted ROMs, can they be set for two different LTO Flash DRUIDs if a single person has two LTO Flash units? I am in the very lucky position to now have an Inty+LTO in two different rooms in the home, and would like to be able to play the game in different rooms. I understand it's an edge case, and I'm happy to be an edge case. So just checking. Thanks again for bringing great titles out for our favorite system!
  8. I think this whole thing should be moved to the Programming sub forum... Maybe ask the admins to move it? For the score/numbers, you might want to consider using BACKTAB graphics. You could conceibably pack two digits into a 8x8 tile and change them based on a calculation. This would cost you a number of GRAM tiles (4?) and enough ROM to hold every conceivable number combination (99?) but it would save screen space. If you’re interested in going that route, the Inty Letterpress tool (runs on Windows 10 GUI) would let you make the numbers/graphics.
  9. It appears that the play mechanic I had in mind is very similar to the Williams arcade game Bubbles.
  10. Will it be available in a keyed-ROM format for LTO Flash owners?
  11. Hey all. Looking for two new 2609 good-and-wood controllers, the ones in a current unit are faulty. eBay has nothing, so I am hoping the folks here can help me out. Thanks all.
  12. I would be very interested in purchasing this and all other titles as ROM for my LTO Flash (so they can be keyed if necessary).
  13. One thing that is handy with what I call IBN (IntyBASIC Notation) is "MUSIC GOSUB" which I have in an older song that plays the same sections two times then does a 3rd section and then the original section 2 times and then a 4th section. Would that be done with sequence/repeat that in the doc on page 46?
  14. The demo songs are pretty complex (the drum demo in particular is fire). Did you "code" them, or did you have another tool to pre-process?
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