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  1. This is a good academic question, but the Amico doesn't seem to be geared towards the classic market. The people that will truly move unit volume have never heard of the Intellivision. Ever. Even if everyone one of us here buys 2 consoles, that will be maybe 1,000 consoles. Intellivision Inc needs to 1-2 millions of these to be successful. So I'm getting a Founders Edition but don't expect to play classic Thunder Castle on it, I expect to play new stuff on it with vaccinated visitors at the home like cornhole or other stuff like Wii Sports-ish games. When the day comes that I can play classicArmor Battle with wireless controllers will be gravy, but I'm not looking for that right now with the Amico. But this pandemic seems to have really fscked with the timetable..
  2. I hope it succeeds because I like what it stands for as bringing back couch co-op as they call it. The current game market has tablet/phone games and Xbox monster games but nothing in between like the Wii used to handle. My mom would play Wii bowling but would never touch an Xbox controller to play even a cute version of bowling because the system is too intimidating for the casual player. The Amico I can see being pulled out at a family BBQ later at night in a way that other co soles would not. It's different for me than the fun I get from playing a classic Intellivision game. It's a while different segment and I'm OK with there being no overlap. My mom isn't going to play B-17 Bomber with me either. To me there is room for both csoles and they don't overlap in their missions. I think COVID-19-driven supply chain issues are going to kill the platform chances. Timing matters and I am not sure the small company can produce and source in an environment where Apple announced today that the next Apple Watch would be delayeddue to production issues from the pandemic.If Tim Cook can't get parts and people it has to be a strain on Tommy Tallarico.
  3. I am thinking of the basic mechanic from the Epyx Summer Games series, but with all of the smooth physics and control that the disc could provide in a smooth vertical scrolling Intellivision environment.
  4. I just viewed a YouTube of the original NES game so I could compare. Wow the Intellivision version really shines!
  5. This needs recognition: THANK YOU! This brings awesome randomness to everyone, so good it makes my teeth hurt.
  6. Hi all. Just validating that this is the most performant way to do something if a number is odd: #chek = 1 IF #chek AND 1 then Print At 182 color 7 , "x" Thanks.
  7. FWIW: I think alternate maps for Sea Battle would be great Also configuring the quantity of ships in each fleet might add some challenge (eg configuration screen at beginning of game has 100 ship points and buying a destroyer would cost 5 but a battleship is 10 so a player could elect to have lots of a certain kind of ship). Maybe a point buy could include a high cost for a submarine that has Mark I VS Mark II torpedoes that go faster. Maybe a concept of time, so ships could fight at night with light rotating around each ship making it hard to dodge shots especially torpedoes just like in World War II. The effect would be like Atlantis at night.
  8. Very rarely I play it but there are some games TV at don't have Intellivision equivalents (yet). I got reworked 260 joysticks from Best Electronics, highly recommend them.
  9. With all of the people out there with 3D printers (and talent), is this any closer to reality? Even just a tower-style thing to hold the innards of a 2609 or Intellivision II by itself would be fun. I guess the cartridge port would have to be at the bottom of the tower, and a cartridge ribbon cable would be needed to ensure the best fit, but it might be possible. Maybe?
  10. I was just musing that a Raspberry Pi Zero W might fit into a cartridge, and that the cart port would have enough power to keep the Pi alive. If so, then a game might be able to connect to the outside world via Bluetooth, giving games something else fun to do. Can anyone with hardware knowledge say if that is actually possible? I was skimming http://wiki.intellivision.us/index.php/Cartridge_Port and https://core-electronics.com.au/tutorials/raspberry-pi-zerow-headless-wifi-setup.html and https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=285282 but barely have any idea of what I'm looking at, so here I am asking the question. Thanks.
  11. If you want to consider drafting up a blog post of some kind or even make a PDF, I'd be happy to pass on to the Artifacts Division of Intv Prime for inclusion in the new FAQ. Lots of people end up looking for that kind of info, newbies and experienced folks alike.
  12. If anyone is in the mood to create a list/table of name, high score, date, note, I can convince the content managers at Intv Prime doing the updated FAQ to add it for worldwide notoriety. A similar thing is happening for the Twin Galaxies scores.
  13. This is all academic for me, I'm not planning to do anything with Chinese text (yet?), so thanks for indulging me. This Inty community is awesome! The special SimSun font, if available as TrueType, I would use Inty Letterpress to convert each character as an 8x8 image. I think then the issue is that the Intellivision GRAM can show 64 different characters maximum, so maybe some sentences or concepts could not be said?
  14. Wow that is awesome! I wonder if there were some BSR secret sauce plans to do something about the 16x16 parts? Embarrassed that I forgot about Hiragana, I used to understand enough to get-by on some TurboGrafx-16 games. However, that doesn't help with Chinese. Interesting stuff.
  15. I'm viewing a KansasFest (think Apple II version of Intellivision Virtual Expo) session on early 80s struggles with doing typewriter/keyboarding in China. The steps of "Criteria, Candidates, Confirmation" were requirements of input for putting characters on paper, push a series of keys to get fragments and then 1-8 options are presented in the display and then push 1-8 for the character that is wanted. Entry today is similar. So.... Has anyone experimented with non-Latin characters on the Intellivision? Or Keyboard component? It seems close to impossible with 20x12 characters and 64 GRAM positions, but maybe I'm not being imaginative enough. What do you think? Thanks.
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