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  1. I think an update is in progress for the latest version.
  2. Can anyone post up a 640x480 image of the title page games they have that are not part of the original 125? Looking to compile all of them for a kind of slideshow. Thanks.
  3. by RF output box, do you mean a component within the Intellivision?
  4. Is there an example of the BITMAP NORMAL/INVERSE/MIRROR statements I can try? Thanks.
  5. The converter looks like the image The RF signal booster is AC powered. There is no pot anywhere I can see. Thanks.
  6. Hi all. Intellivision II has a shielded RCA cable going to an RCA-to-coax converter, plugged into TV antenna-in. The picture is garbled. Adding a signal booster is slightly stronger, but still garbled. Where is the best place to look for a "fix"? Thanks. Video of console screen without booster: https://bit.ly/3gXH9lX Video of console screen with booster: https://bit.ly/2z60wrQ
  7. Magic 8-ball says it could be code complete by end of 2020. Then it's printing, boxing, distribution. The goal is still "charityware" with the price being whatever it takes to cover production cost plus some $ that goes into a "lock box" for monthly donation to American Cancer Society, game purchaser can opt to have their name included or be anonymous with the donation, but that is where the money goes (beyond overhead).
  8. Yes, I was looking for a cheap way to invert some images, but since I am using a lot of ROM anyway for images, might as well just use a little bit more. thanks.
  9. Can anyone show a quick example of how to XOR an item in GRAM so it would “invert” on the display? Thanks.
  10. This is great work! I think you will want to very, very, strongly consider coding your game for use in the LTO architecture, you get more 8-bit and 16-bit variables than you can ever reasonably use, and also fast math routines and other optimizations, "Save game" functionality, and big big ROM size. I threw together a couple of songs that might work for title screen or background in-game music, feel free to try them out. They are not optimized in terms of using MUSIC GOSUB and other functionality, but they do play. Enjoy. bdash1.bas bw1.bas
  11. The game looks so good! I think you have inadvertently created something that could be turned into Bruce Lee.
  12. If you google or Bing search for “intv prime may 2020” does this video show in your results?
  13. I think I need some kind of coax signal booster. Hmm. Picture is not "strong" enough.
  14. An excellent-looking game! Very cool!
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