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  1. On 4/24/2020 at 6:28 PM, tbs123456 said:

    Not sure if this is working or not. I click the recaptcha, get the green check and hit send message and I get a please wait banner and then the recaptcha times out. I'd like to be added to the waiting list though.

    Same here.  I've tried multiple times and the recaptcha fails.


    Please add me waitlist as well.

  2. I don't program for retro consoles so this might be a naive suggestion, but could you just approximate it with its 5th degree taylor expansion?


    if x is between 0 to pi/2 use    tan x = x + 1/3 x3 + 2/15 x5


    if x is between pi/2 to pi use   tan x = x-pi + 1/3 (x-pi)3 + 2/15 (x-pi)5


    (= is approximately here)


    any error should only be noticeable very close to pi/2 

  3. Just waiting for the Manual, so it will be released within the next weeks.

    If someone wants to preorder, here's the link



    I went to preorder at this link, but everything I try to add to my cart says


    "The products marked with *** , are not available in the requested quantity.

    Please decrease quantity for marked products. Thank you"


    Any suggestions?

  4. A small run of carts will be for sale by Good Deal Games in November !


    Not too many folks have given this one a look, but I am pretty proud of the final version with the most recent updates . If played on skill level A and TV type to B&W ( limited shots) , I think it is simple but challenging. !


    Thanks for making this. I'm am following the thread. If you think about it, post here when it is available at Good Deal Games

  5. I am not sure what you are referring to. :?


    I like a lot of the Sega CD games but I hate the Sega hardware and would love to play them on a CD-i with it's superior hardware and controllers.


    I can't tell if this post is sarcastic so I will refrain from commenting on this statement.

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  6. We understood it and let it die, it's just not good enough as a videogame machine.

    [Yes I have one and I do enjoy it from time to time but I would not go as far as recommending it to anyone unless he/she ran out of things to collect]


    I think this statement helps prove the OP's point that the CD-I is misunderstood (i.e. it was not intended as a "videogame machine").


    While I have played games I like on the CD-I, I would never defend it as a gaming console. It completely sucks in this regard. I am a big fan of documentaries/nature programs and I have spent a ton of hours soaking in all the edutainment media that the CD-I has to offer. I also get a kick out of all the retro 90s pop-culture videos in the CD-I library.


    If I'm in the mood for an active game, I wouldn't even consider the CD-I. If I am in the mood for a more passive gaming/learning experience, then the CD-I is a great option.

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