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  1. Thanks!! But shipping cost is 15.95$ to Spain. Will continue looking on local dealers, but is good to know where to find heatsinks, maybe buying a large quantity will make shiping costs more affordable.
  2. JL, I have a 9928 for you. If you come next Saturday, the 9928 will be there. Btw, do you know where to buy a heatsink of the correct size for those vdp? Need one for one of my HX-10...
  3. Aas soon as I will be in front of a computer, I will place my preorder too. Tried using my cellphone, but it sucks...
  4. I just pledged for a console plus Sydney Hunter CIB. I really hope the campaign will be successfuly funded. I'm also spreading the campaign on twitter and by mail. I guess that some friends from Spain will also join to the kickstarter soon.
  5. Many thanks!! It looks beautiful!! ;) BTW @jltursan, let see if the 9928 I have works correctly... we need to meet soon!!
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