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  1. Adding a bunch of skins to the characters that don't fit the graphics doesn't help the gameplay or the mechanics. And allowing the old soundtracks really doesn't add anything else. It would have more impressive if there was an actual mode, that used pixel graphics, instead of the cell shaded ones. sorry, you can't fix the game with skins or music mods. later -1
  2. Those aren't vector graphics, that looks like cell shading to me. Completely different. later -1
  3. Even more aprils fools - Sandbox 3D voxel game engine? Prepare to see voxel versions of Atari hits such as Asteroids®, Centipede®, Pong®, and RollerCoaster Tycoon® when the 3D voxel world of The Sandbox launches this year. Created by Animoca Brands and its subsidiary TSB Gaming Ltd, the blockchain-based gaming metaverse of The Sandbox will also be home to the first Atari theme park — Atari LAND! This virtual creation will feature Atari-themed attractions, creations, and immersive social gaming experiences. later -1
  4. a new game, pong quest -> aprils fool joke? http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/03/ataris_arcade_classic_pong_comes_to_switch_as_an_rpg later -1
  5. missile command recharged is out, i like the vector looking graphics later -1
  6. well, i'm happy to be proven wrong, he missed the killscreen by 1 dot : but he came back and did it finally: later -1
  7. stop motion dig dug: later -1
  8. once you get the timing down, you can earn a few men for each one you lose, because when you're running out of time, you just pass the border into the next area and come back. even if you get 3 men for every one you lose, you gain a lot more, and a lot of points also. i think you stop getting men after 1,000,000 so at that point, you then play the rest of the levels. later -1
  9. well, unless you plan on mastering ghosts and goblins, at least you can continue, and there's always the shooting zombies trick to get tons of extra men, my friend used to do that, and was able to make it much further into the game. if done properly, you earn more men than you lose during that time later -1
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