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  1. when you run out of room, or when the cost interferes with things you must to pay for (bills and such).
  2. I like that, not to many seem to collect for microvision.
  3. Acctualy all mine are secured in place, well all but the vectrex anyway. but that has more to do with me living in a motorhome (don't want stuff falling everywhere while im driving!) and less to do with worrying about theft. the way I see it, if they can get past the deadbolt then a thin piece of wire rope or a light duty chain isnt going to stop them from getting the most valuable thing in the house. of couse if I happen to be home at the time that changes everything, but most people don't argue with a double barrel. For a flashback? why?...
  4. I like how they say, "There has never been another video game system like it" that in and of itself is absolutely hilarious. as it is a NES clone afterall.
  5. honestly as much as I like my genny there art many games to list. but here some of my favs Super off road beavis and butthead (WAY better than the snes version) race drivin' (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1DFK0hw_s0 - nuff said) dick tracy (totally different from the nes version) virtua racing and of course the desert strike series I mostly play my sega cd tho, I have a thing for 90's rail shooters, and the sega cd has PLENTY of them.
  6. cardboard boxes WILL stop bullets. no mater how high you jump out of an aeroplane or helicopter, if you land in water you'll be ok don't eat the green cheese burger don't eat purple mushrooms some doors are alwase locked unless you are "the master of unlocking"
  7. gotta go with A8, just like the 2600 with a little more eye candy : ) and being on Atari it even uses that awesome joystick! 2600 for 2nd place. the others just don't sound right to me.
  8. when I use to work in construction you either followed the crew from job to job, or you got laid off when there wasent a job close by. they made you chase that dollar. you just tried to find a RV park as close to the job site as you could, or if you were lucky one of the locals might rent you a lot to stay on. then when the job was done you followed your company to the next location, and the circle continued... im with you on old motorhomes tho, the new ones just don't feel like a home, there more like a luxury hotel room on wheels. nice don't get me wrong, but not very comfortable or relaxing. @bennybingo, lol
  9. I know right? still one day I have to get something bigger... maby a double decker bus! lol
  10. I move it every year or 2, depends on my mood, where the work is, if theres a tornado coming, etc etc...
  11. I also did some work to the sleeping area, this cabinet sets above the foot of the bed. inside the cabinet I added some shelving. so you only counted 17 consoles? well theres a a genny/cd/32x and a hyperscan out of shot (you can see them in the 3rd pic if you've got good eyes!), that makes 19 a 360 slim is normaly in the cabinet above the sleeping area (my wife is out of town and took it with), so 20. theres a dead 60gb fat ps3 (awiting repairs) and a backup dreamcast in the closet. also theres a ps2 slim mounted to a portable tv that goes with me in the truck. so yea 23.
  12. well the title about sums it up, I live in a motorhome, but I am a collector. those 2 things don't seem like they would go together to well do they? well that's because they don't. however with carful planning, some slight remodeling, and a little bit of crazy it can be done! but before we have a look at my collection, lets take a minute to see what I started with. so without further ado, allow me to introduce Matilda. Matilda is a 1986 tiffin allegro 28ft motorhome. this is what Matilda's living area looked like when we bought her, keep in mind that this is about half of the total interior space, the rest is taken up by the kitchen, bathroom, closet, and sleeping area. here is what the living area looks like as of now. because this is a working driving motorhome everything had to be secured to is intended position. the shelving is bolted to the floor, the tv is bolted to its shelf and all the consoles have had Velcro tape cut to the shape of their feet and applied only in that location. this ensures everything stays in its place when moving. (I do take the vectrex off its perch when moving) the front-most part of the shelving holding the vectrex, OUYA, ps3, nes, and xegs the rearmost part, housing the 2600, 360, xbox, wii, gamecube, ps2, dreamcast, n64, and a yaroze ps1 couldn't get my intelly in the other shots so here it is. most older motorhomes are built with a nice integrated system of cabinets that run between the ceiling and outer walls, Matilda is no exception. a shot of one of the other cabinets the ottoman has a removable cushions and a large storage capacity, perfect for storing controllers and a good place to rest you feet!
  13. I run rca cables on mine, but with the sega CD an 32X on I don't have a lot of choice. used to run the old RF tho, and rca cables are definitely an improvement. just don't expect to be blown away by the difference in video quality.
  14. Have you considered a cable tv tuner? you can get an old one on the cheap, and they connect just about anything to just about anything
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