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  1. is there any new hardware this year from At Games?
  2. Hi I have my TV tuned into my Atari JR , SNES & Megadrive & N64 over the RF cable and they all work on the same channel on my TV. However I have now 4 Light Sixers and 1 Darth Vader and none of them work , i know it is not the power supply and have tested on my Atari JR . So was wondering are all 5 consoles broken (seems unlikely) or Does the Woody Sixers use a different frequency on my TV? so i do need to retune another channel on my TV ? I am in the UK and these are Pal machines (i assume). Thanks
  3. Found this the other day , and do not remember ever seeing a white and blue box for the joystick. Anybody know anything about it.
  4. Fingers crossed Atari flashback X will answer all my paddle game dreams
  5. anybody tried 2600-daptor on shield tv? I would be a very happy boy to get my paddle controllers to work through Retro Arch on my shield TV. Any lag? Thanks
  6. When we get wireless paddle controllers for a Atari flash back console i am sold.
  7. Will the wireless paddles controllers work with the flashback 9? Thanks
  8. Aye every year this products gets better keep up the good work Bill. One day i would like to see wireless paddle controllers . Also medieval mayhem on the system .
  9. Chip's Challenge 1 & 2 + Editor out now on Steam $4.99 for the bundle http://store.steampowered.com/sub/64119/
  10. Here is a video of the creator, Steam workshop is apparently going to work too.
  11. Chip's Challenge 2 http://store.steampowered.com/app/348300/
  12. Chip's Challenge 1 http://store.steampowered.com/app/346850/
  13. Code sent flip, i have 1 code left.
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