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  1. Sorry for the ignorance, but are new games, this one included, usually offered in physical/cart form only?
  2. Silly question, but how do I know which cart type I have? Mine was sent to me in August 2012.
  3. LOL, really..? How on earth would you come to that conclusion, considering the title of the thread is "ALL SYSTEMS", and post #2 lists available solutions for home computers..?
  4. Neither is any individual part of a "real" flashscart...
  5. That is all relative... If you consider that for example I can use one (need one actualy) to use with the pi1541 for the commodore 64, it kinda is...
  6. Hi, I sent payment and messaged you nut haven’t heard back since tuesday. Are you there?
  7. Stupid question... is the Pac-Man game available as a download to use on emulators, either free or paid?
  8. Just in case though, and for other setups: besides of course any software that *explicitly* needs the 32 kB expansion, with the flashgROM I should be able to run *any* cartridge image right?
  9. Of course, on the other hand, with the nanopeb I don’t really need the flashrom I guess…
  10. Come to think of it, as I mentioned above, I still have a nanopeb v1. This is supposed to have 32KB RAM, so should be good right? (Besides all the other functionality it has...)
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