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  1. I have been supplied some great info showing that looks like you can use a 2364 to 2764 adaptor (28 pin to 24 pin). I have ordered one to take a look.
  2. Yes sorry meant the TMS4764NL. The PAL rev D board does not have the extra holes so you cant do the small mod and put a 28pin socket in 😞
  3. Ok fell into the trap! I programmed a 27c64 (28pin) only to find out that the TMS9929A is 24 pin so the new BIOS wont fit 😄 Does anyone have the pinout of the TMS9929A so I can make an adaptor for the 27c64. Thanks
  4. Thanks guys...I'v got a programmer and some eproms on the way so lets see how I do. Will report back...
  5. Guys. I have narrowed my colecovsion fault down to the BIOS. I borrowed a friends BIOS and my console works with his in it and does not with mine (and visa versa). I'd like to download and write a new bios for mine but need a dummies guide (and equipment needed). I like to play with this sort of thing so I am up for the challange! Any help, links etc etc are most welcome 🙂
  6. Yup count me in please....missed it first time around
  7. No worries. Happy to wait as I can understand the admin must be a nightmare. I am just happy you are offering the games special edition or not.
  8. please put me down for a copy if there is any more made. Thnaks
  9. Come on postie...where are you. This is on my xmas holiday sneak off and play list while my relatives natter on about stuff
  10. TRON Deadly Discs 2 ? If that came true I would frankly be unable to contain myself.... :-)
  11. Ohh these are nice. Any chance or a re-release ?
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