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  1. Anything left over from this sale? I'm always interested just saw it too late to get involved.
  2. If you have an extra finalgrom99 or if you know some who does and would be willing to sell/or trade it let me know, Have been trying to find one for about 6 months but don't want to order it from over seas. Everybody I know that had them is sold out. Thanks
  3. Ok still looking for loop back pug pin out to test rs232/1 to rs232/2 on diagnostic disk. 3-14 and 2 to 16 works on #7 test of rs232. But it doesn't work on the last two test which is rs232/1 to rs232/2 and rs232/3 to rs232/4. Anybody know the correct pins to jumper to get just the first one rs232/1 to rs232/2 to work?
  4. So its just a matter if it uses a 2732 rom or a 2764 rom just move the jumper?
  5. So how many versions of RS232 cards did corcomp make. Below is a picture of mine. I was told it is a ver 3 but I am not sure. Any comments. It is using a 2732 rom.
  6. Thanks I have the original manual, not sure it's the right one for my card. They may all be the same. How ever in trying to figure out why my pdm cartridge doesn't work I removed my TI RS 232 and put the CorComp RS 232 and ran the same test. Well the corcomp PDM still doesn't work However the disk program that runs RS232 tests. Reports back that I have a bad rom in my Corcomp RS 232 card. That is on the test for RS232 1 out to 2 in. The standard loop test works just fine. Confused! BTW I found a schematic in another post. The schematic is not in the manual.
  7. I know this is an old thread but if possible I would like to have a copy of Corcomp RS-232 PEB card. Thanks OK I just found it all on another post. Thanks
  8. Not absolutely sure this is the correct one but here is mine. Maybe one of these two is the one your looking for. Corcomp RS232.BIN corcompRS232ver3.BIN
  9. Don't have any Myarc hardware only Ti and corcomp. But only have Ti hardware in my PEB at the moment. I wonder if this test on corcomp PDM is looking for Corcomp RS232. Maybe something unique about it that Ti ES232 doesn't have?
  10. Yep that works fine on the regular diagnostic disk I have. I forget where I got it but it doesn't work on corcomp's diagnostic. I think it its because corcomp is testing loop from rs232 1 to rs232 2. Output 1 to input of 2. the connections you have in the photo according to the schematic I have show output 0 (which is 1) to input 1 ( which is 2) 3 to14 and output 1 (which is 2) to input 0 (which is 1) pin 16 to 2. But cor comp test program must be looking for something else in jumpers. Thanks by the way for sharing the information you did. It helps.
  11. Yes that is hand written in my manual. I did try this first and it did not work. Wonder if some other pins along with these need connecting? What I'm trying to say is 3 to 14 by itself doesn't work. Thanks
  12. OK still no help on making a loop back plug for ti RS232 in PEB. I have a Corcomp pdm99 test cartridge which has the loop back test in it but alas I have no loop back plug. I have failed after trying several times following suggestions. Pin 2 to 3 by itself _nogo, pins 2 to 3 and 8 to 20 nogo pins 2 to 3 and pins 20 to 6 and 8 no go. Seems like there should be a simple pin jumpers to make a loop back plug without using led's, resistor's and all that fancy stuff. I know Corcomp issued a loop back plug with their PDM-99 module how ever when I bought mine (Ebay) it didn't come with it and the manual does not show pin out for it. If you have the pin out for a loop back plug simple RS232 test, please post it so I can finish this. Or if you have a PDM original loop back plug to sell I would be interested, (if it was not an arm and a leg so to speak).
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