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  1. I always thought of Tron Deadly Discs as a twin-stick shooter. You could probably lump AD&D and Night Stalker into that category as well.
  2. Yeah, nothing but padded zeroes after $5cc0. I didn't find any text either except for "STAKE" and "PLAYER." I'll see if I can decipher the graphical elements (not using the ECS "sucky" feature this time).
  3. The first thing I found was the easter egg. If you have the ROM in .bin+.cfg format, just open up the .cfg file in the editor of your choice and add these lines at the bottom. (I suggest making copies of the .bin and .cfg files first and appending " (Hack)" to their names.) [macro] p 502b 204 p 5031 204
  4. I did comment about "Roulette, Craps & Slots" on my old website 21 years ago. It would have been more interesting than just Roulette.
  5. Somebody actually wants a release of Hunt the Wumpus? I've got a couple other projects in the pipeline before that, and then I'll want to clean up the code. Plus I was thinking of adding the TI-99 port as a second game. Mike Thomasson didn't like the idea of having a 2-in-1 cartridge with the "same game" on it twice though.
  6. I'm just seeing this thread now. How did FUBAR never come up in the conversation?
  7. So far today, I've made time to play some Hunt the Wumpus and King of the Mountain. I got my copy of Defender of the Crown last night, and I'll make some time to try it out tonight.
  8. I checked Bing's "on this day" timeline this morning to see if there would be any acknowledgement. Instead, it was talking about The Who concert disaster. Oh well. Yesterday it was about Enron in 2001.
  9. Okay, new random crazy game idea! Somebody could make a port of the Atari Lynx game Dracula: The Undead. It used the Lynx's 16-color palette to have shades of brown, resulting in an art style resembling an old illustrated "pulp fiction" book. Plus, this type of game (graphical adventure) hasn't been done yet on the Intellivision to my knowledge.
  10. Ha! Not sure how I never saw that before. That's definitely going into my Run/Play scripts.
  11. Ah, the bad old days! There were so many games I wish I could have written in ECS BASIC in the late 80s, but I ran into all the problems you listed. If you think that's bad, wait until you find out your programs can't exceed 2,000 characters! All of a sudden, code lines are repainted all in grey, signalling an error. My best workaround was to split the program in two: one to set up the environment with string assignments and all the (animated/linked) sprites, and another for the actual game loop. Another annoyance is the length of time it takes to output a single 6-digit numeric value, even more so if you enable floating-point arithmetic.
  12. Heck, allow the color RGB values to be defined at command-line or be pointed to within a text file. Intellivision Lives for Nintendo DS seems to have taken the easy way out by just making "light blue" be light blue. Then there's the Intellivision Flashback console, which turned color #9 (cyan) into a dark murky teal color. Whose idea was that?
  13. What fun is it in PDF format? I still have the old text file from 2000 folded up and always handy in my "portable lab." Recently, I converted that file to UTF-8 so the line-drawing characters looked correct in emacs. Here it is: https://atariage.com/forums/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=652142
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