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  1. More fun with Tron Deadly Discs ROM hacking today. I haven't been successful in becoming invincible yet, though I'm still working on it. Searching the ROM for "GAME OVER" was the easy part. (I changed the text to "DEREZZED!") Earlier, I posted on my website an additional hack that would make the Recognizer easy to hit: the eye is much larger and the shield around the eye is gone. Today, I played around with the score. It's saved in two consecutive 16-bit memory locations, and there's a padded 0 at the end of your score, allowing for the score to go up into the 9-figure range. (Standard EXEC score display routines only allow for up to 4 digits per value.) One memory location holds your hundreds of thousands of points, and the other location holds the digits below that, barring the padded zero. By shifting five words of code, I captured the value 16 ($10) at startup and saved it to the "hundreds of thousands" location, which is enough to make the Guards appear at start. I also tweaked the first point-value tier to make it 10,000 instead of 50, and bounce you to the highest tier every time you score, where the point value is already 10,000. Then for a little extra fun, I can reverse the two score values when writing back to memory, giving you over 100 million points in a hurry.
  2. Nifty. Blix & Chocolate Mine made the cut.
  3. I don't think it would matter if you didn't use the bundled constants file. I've always created my own for all my projects.
  4. What program is that you've got on the screen? Looks like it could be Road Race, but I just checked and it's not that. I still miss my old black ECS.
  5. My first successful project was SameGame back in 2001. I decided to just go with a turn-based puzzle game, which would be easier to implement and wouldn't be too boring to play. @carlsson as for maze chase games that have already been done, I was just thinking somebody ought to build a better Mousetrap, pun intended. I loved the original game, but on the Intellivision it's way too hard to control, and there's no reason the sound hardware can't do a better job of recreating the music from the arcade game. Plus there are only a dozen prizes to collect, nowhere near the number from the original game, and I miss the minor details like the text "Enter 'IN' to make hawk stupid."
  6. To activate the menu in the earlier version, hold either the Back button or the App Stack button, depending on your device.
  7. If you have a keyboard, you can set up my Portable Intellivision Development Environment. You'll get the latest version of jzIntv and have it compiled and running, and I provide an easy front-end for launching all your games. The documentation is on my website.
  8. If you need more memory, bear in mind that using JLP gives you a little under 8K of additional 16-bit memory to work with. It also provides for real-time multiplication and division, if that helps.
  9. Good thing I put in that order when I did. The new home page looks nice.
  10. That of course would make more sense, given that walls exist as whole cards and not as single-pixel barriers between adjacent cards.
  11. There's an interesting idea. I remember when I first conceptualized the Intellivision port of RobotFindsKitten that I wanted to write a helper function that would take all the nonkitten text and Huffman-encode it. Shoehorning a large amount of text into a game that would put it all to use and eliminate the need for ROM bankswitching is definitely a topic of interest. The other problem then becomes fitting all the text you need at a given time onto the screen when 20x12 characters is all you have to work with.
  12. Is Colored Squares Mode documented in the book, or did I miss it? I know about it myself from reading Your Friend The Exec ages ago. If anybody has a need for it, I could create a file with a bunch of constants defined to make it easy to work with.
  13. Hello. I remember seeing your post with your screenshot on FB. I had written a few indie games early on, when Assembly was the only choice we had. After I bought the @nanochess book and took the plunge into IntyBASIC, I went a step further and created an environment on Android devices suitable for development and play. That was by necessity because I could only fit development into the cracks of my schedule. A couple other people have built whole SDK packages around IntyBASIC and shared them as well. First, Intellivision MOBs (moving objects) are only one color, so drawing Lupin (the thief's name) is done with three moving objects drawn in the same space. There is a bit that can be set to draw moving objects using 8x16 bits as opposed to 8x8. By setting this bit and keeping the vertical size set to minimum, you can achieve "double resolution" within a single background card, which is why that bit is often called the "double-resolution" bit. I have been creating BITMAP lines myself by hand, and only a few days ago added IntyColor to my environment and tried it out. In the bad old days, I just wrote lines of hexadecimal data for the graphics. You're in the right forum for programming questions, and we're all happy to help. Unfortunately, all my games have used Color Stack Mode, so I can't immediately help you with Foreground/Background Mode except to say that's what you're going to need for what you're doing. I'm glad to run into somebody else who's passionate about early games, especially the Intellivision. We're happy to have you here.
  14. You might want to look at this thread which I also posted here somewhere, but a quick search didn't immediately pull it up. I uncovered the method for procedurally generating the "virtual world map" for each mountain.
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