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  1. I know I'll find out the answer to this by experimentation, but I thought I'd ask ahead of time and save some effort. Does PLAY SIMPLE still play all the ECS channels, leaving only SOUND 2 available, or does it leave SOUND 7 available as well? Would there then be 6 or 7 arguments for MUSIC? Same goes for NO DRUMS. Is it possible to have percussion for one sound chip and not the other? I'm asking because I'm planning to have SOUND 2 be available to play both a tone and noise for a sound effect, while all the other channels and the other percussion are put to use. Thank you for your time.
  2. Very good. I thought that's how it would work. Thank you very much.
  3. Is there a sample somewhere of how to use the IntyBASIC music tracker with the ECS sound channels enabled? I didn't see any updates in the documentation for the appropriate syntax. Also, if the ECS is not present, does the music still play and just skip over the ECS channels?
  4. Do want! Now, maybe we'll get a reissue of Stadium Mud Buggies.
  5. There's no end to what we could do with patched commercial ROM images. If somebody wants to make new feelies, and somebody else is compelled to collect it all, I could probably suggest a support group of some kind.
  6. Ask and ye shall receive. See the threads More ROM Hacking and Vectron - No More Enemies for more information about how to either put these into your .cfg file or to start jzintv with a debug script. __________ p 50f9 55 ; Tron is now light blue instead of red p 5109 81 ; Your disc is now blue instead of yellow p 5c2a 54 ; Warriors are now pink instead of light blue p 5db4 83 ; Enemy discs are now tan instead of blue __________ The Recognizer is not affected by this, nor the Black Beam or Paralyzer Probe. But the other disc and enemy types' colors are offest from the original. That means the Leaders are now black, Bulldogs are now light green, Guards are now cyan, Double-Damage Discs are now light blue, and Homing Discs are now cyan. I can keep poking around to change the offsets, but this is a start.
  7. I made an update a couple weeks ago. Just after the Table Of Contents, I list the changes I made. There was a correction and a typo to fix, plus a few things to add. The most significant change is the Play script, to easily play all your other games in this environment. I guess I was too busy having fun with this to get around to posting the update sooner. Portable Development Environment Complete.pdf
  8. First, here is an extra one for Space Armada. p 5649 34 ; Infinite lives __________ Now for today's ROM hack: Diner. p 5656 34 ; Infinite peppers p 59dc 34 ; Infinite lives
  9. Today I went with Dig Dug. I was originally trying to stop the clock in Frog Bog, but I'll come back to it another time. __________ p 5b92 34 ; Infinite lives p 5b93 204 ; | ; p 5daf 12 ; Start on level 18 p 5db1 173 ; | ; p 5e13 ff ; Always only 1 enemy in each monster pen __________ Your lives counter is stored in $0175, and the level number is stored in $0173. I replaced the code that writes #$3 to the lives counter, to write #$12 (hexadecimal for 18) to the level number instead. Fortunately, this doesn't give us an automatic GAME OVER, but now there's no game intro. There are 18 unique levels. Don't start at anything higher, or else you'll get no vegetables. Normally, you start getting 2 enemies in each monster pen when you reach Level 7. Now, you don't have to worry about that at all. Time to figure out what all those vegetables are supposed to be.
  10. Today I give you Space Armada hacks. __________ p 5044 ff ; Enable easter eggs if no keys are depressed on left controller at startup p 504a ff ; Easter egg 1 - SPAZ ARMADA (if no keys depressed on right controller) p 504e ff ; Easter egg 2 - SPACE BEASTIES (if no keys depressed on right controller) p 50ae ff ; Start on level 254 in Practice Mode if easter egg is enabled ; p 517c 6 ; Start with 2 additional lives p 517f 11 ; | ; p 5218 2b8 ; Enemies move very slow when level starts p 5219 2 ; | p 574e 34 ; Enemies do not speed up throughout the level p 574f 34 ; | __________ Here are a couple more for fun: p 512a 6 ; Slowest speed in Game Mode (like pressing 3 on title screen) p 597f 34 ; Ground turns to ice Obviously, comment out one of the easter eggs. Otherwise, you'll get the first one by default. If you want to see just how fast the enemies can be, try commenting out the lines to slow them down.
  11. Here is another one. This time it's for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. (I haven't tested this on the version titled "Adventure".) For infinite arrows, add this line: p 5297 34 For infinite lives, add these two lines: p 5e7d 34 p 5e80 204 Now for an exaplanation. For "infinite arrows," I replaced the DECR instruction that decrements your arrow counter when you fire an arrow with a NOP instruction. You might be wondering, what if you lose your arrows to a spider? Turns out it doesn't matter. The spiders can still take your arrows, but the game decrements the register that temporarily stores your arrow counter and then performs a BMI instruction, meaning it checks to see if your arrow count would now be a negative number to know if you had no arrows to begin with. That patch then is all you need, so you can still fire an arrow even if a spider got them all. As for the lives, it wasn't enough to just replace the DECR instruction with a NOP. After writing back to the "lives" variable, it performs a BNEQ to see if the game should end. Therefore, the game would end after losing only one life, and you would be back on the map screen with three dots blinking instead of a tombstone. That additional line replaces the BNEQ with a BEQ to prevent that from happening. So now you have infinite lives as well as arrows. Happy hunting.
  12. Today, I went with Lock 'N' Chase. This hack will give both players infinite lives. Be aware, there are two different versions of the game, so make sure you use the right one. More detailed instructions on how to enable hacks is available in the thread Vectron - No More Enemies. For the original version (without the proper copyright symbol): p 59cb 34 ; Both players never lose lives For the 8K version (with the proper copyright symbol): p 5c26 34 ; Both players never lose lives There are three sets of variables for such things as lives and the score: one for the active player, one for Player 1, and one for Player 2. When control switches to the other player, the "active player" variables are backed up for the player whose turn is ending, and the variables for the player whose turn is starting are written to the "active player" variables. This patch affects the "active player" lives counter, so it works for both players. There is only one drawback. The game loop continually watches to see if the active player's lives counter falls out of the range 1-9. If you reach 10 lives, the game ends immediately. I think you only gain a life at 20,000 points, and since you start with 5 lives, that means you have to roll the score over 4 times for that to happen. The score rolls over at 300,000 points, since it's a signed 16-bit variable with one padded zero (meaning it can't go higher than "327,670"). Now you can see all ten treasures, for those of us who couldn't make it to Level 10 up until now.
  13. I just tried the "Infinite bullets" poke for Night Stalker and it worked. Now, using the same technique to disable sprites as in Vectron, I found a place to write 7 to $104, eliminating robot bullets. p 5073 7 p 5077 104 This replaces a 6 with a 7, just before it writes that value to $015f (lives counter) as well as $0162. If you replace 5077 with 5075, you start the game with 0 lives. Unfortunately, that gives you an automatic GAME OVER. The side effects are that you start the game with 7 lives (which doesn't matter since you can't die anyhow), and you don't hear the heartbeat for the first 15 seconds of the game or so. So $0162 must be a timer for the heartbeat. Some time ago, I was using the debugger to find variable addresses for other games. I recall messing with Lock & Chase and AD&D (Cloudy Mountain). My notes are on my old laptop. If I dig those up and try disassembling those ROMs, I can create patches for those as well.
  14. That ROM looks familiar. In Carl Mueller Jr.'s INTVPC, there were function keys for save scumming. The save scum file was just a dump of the whole 64K address range. From there, it was possible to patch it into a ROM image, and in this case, convert it to .ROM format as well. I fired it up, and immediately went out to the debugger and entered these two commands: p 104 4 ; Disable the Diamondbacks p 164 26 ; Nearly max out the score With that .txt file from earlier, the Easter Egg still activated, and that was all. I'm glad to know I didn't spend all those hours save scumming my way through 99 levels for nothing.
  15. I did that originally, set the starting stage to 99, but then I decided to do it this way so people could see the easter egg as well. You can't see the Easter Egg message after you finish the game.
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