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  1. Recently, Mattel released a line of politician Barbie dolls, and a few years ago they released a Game Developer Barbie doll, so Trucker Barbie is probably not off the table. "Be sure and tell 'em, Large Marge sent ya! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
  2. There's a list here: https://www.cnet.com/news/intellivision-amico-vs-atari-vcs-comparing-two-baffling-retro-consoles/
  3. I was fully expecting an Earthworm Jim Match-3 game. Somebody in the comments kept suggesting Barbie Truckin'.
  4. I forgot @jenergy and I put together a package of screenshots for all the commercial games, as an optional download. This .zip file contains 127 .gif files. The extra two are due to the two versions of Pac-Man and Lock & Chase, which are in the default Game List. This archive does not contain a subfolder, so place it with your ROM image files and unzip it there. PIDEjL should pick up the appropriate screenshot image when you select that game, provided the base filenames match. You'll notice sometimes the window resizes itself. Some of the screenshots I grabbed from my old Intellivision Library website, which I had taken using INTV2PC. That emulator did not include the border in the screenshots, and so the pixel dimensions are slightly different. Because the window is dynamic in size, it changes to conform to the size of the objects within it. I was pretty quick to take the screenshots I took, and so they don't often do justice to the games they represent. In particular, I had the Vučko easter egg activated for Thin Ice. If anybody wants to help out by taking better screenshots, feel free to post what you have. Just keep them as 320x200 .gif files, which is what jzintv creates. Intellivision Screenshots.zip
  5. When you run dasm1600 and supply a .bin file, it prints out the contents of an Assembly file. Add " > [romname].asm" to turn the output into a file. Example: dasm1600 Astrosmash.bin > Astrosmash.asm It only works with .bin files, so for .rom files, you would have to run rom2bin first. When that's done, open it up in the text editor of your choice. You can also open up the .cfg file, add "[macro]" at the bottom, and put in pokes to add cheats. I did that with Vectron at first, and then played around with ROM hacks for about a dozen other games so far.
  6. I'm going with Deep Zone as a first pick. If that's a no-go, then Jumpking Junior.
  7. A little bit of a delay, because I was working on a frontend to launch jzintv without text-based scripts. Once I had it working, I decided to expand it to include project development. The result is two programs, one for "work" and one for "play". I'm quite pleased with the result. This is definitely a milestone. Not only that, but since all those script files that you had to type by hand are no longer needed, I stripped them from the documentation, cutting it down in size to nearly half. The remaining files that you create that are more than a few lines long are also available on my website, so you can just download them for your convenience. I should also give thanks to @jenergy, who took the time to work on porting this to Windows. I'll spend some time trying to make it into a stand-alone installable package before I release that port. Graphical Portable Development Environment.PDF
  8. Actually, I was hoping to use the IntelliVoice to create a singing AI. Even with the stock voice samples, I would just have to create a custom tracker to keep modulating the voice pitch. Yes, that really is an idea of mine.
  9. Actually, when I wrote my first iteration of Hunt The Wumpus for the 2018 contest, I used something like this: Maps: DATA 1, 2, 3 DATA 4, 5, 6 ... Each line of data contained the room numbers for the three exits from the current room. When fetching the adjacent rooms, I had something like this: Maps(RoomID*3) Maps(RoomID*3+1) Maps(RoomID*3+2) As you can guess, RoomID was the number of the room, range 0-19. I used RoomID+1 to display the current room number. All I know is it worked.
  10. With the newer versions of IntyBASIC, a second volume will probably be in order at some point. Obviously it will have more sample programs to work with. But I'd like to make some suggestions from reading the first volume. - See if an Index can be included. I created a Reference file myself for those times I need to look something up in the book. - I had to look elsewhere to figure out how USR and CALL worked. Once I knew, I put them both to good use. - Yes, more talk about VARPTR. - Maybe a little more discussion about JLP's flash capabilities, especially with regard to Wear Leveling. The sample FLASH program only wrote to the first row in a single sector. - There was a thread @intvnut created years ago about reading the ECS keyboard and Music Synthesizer. It would be good to have sample code for that. I know I'm forgetting something, but I'll remember at some point.
  11. Converting those things into anything else is definitely an improvement.
  12. That would make sense. The same voice sample used to construct "that was close" after taking a hit is used in "checkpoint close" and "target close".
  13. I thought it was "below us" because if you're in Bomb Bay view and the target appears, the voice might be "target in sight" or what I thought was "target below us." "Close" is close.
  14. If he had actually played it, he would know that $5 is too much for a loose copy of that game.
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