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  1. The running-man animation is 8 frames, so at double-resolution, that's 16 GRAM cards - one quarter of the available GRAM right there. Fortunately, with most of the Sports Network titles, most if not all of the sprites at any time are the same thing - players. With clever use of the available characters in the GROM library, you can reduce your GRAM consumption even further.
  2. The one thing I care about is developer support. As long as I get a chance to put something out for Amico, I'll be happy. Meanwhile, I'm keeping busy with my own Intellivision indie projects, and I can wait as long as it takes for launch. I'm only speaking for myself though.
  3. I found out while Twitch-streaming my Shark Shark achievement run, that the controls are mapped to the right controller by default. You have to press Select to switch to the left controller. That probably matters with Dracula, which I haven't bothered to play.
  4. While conceptualizing my level editor, I decided to add the screenshots from the ends of each level. This one includes Level 1, since there's difference between Levels 1 and 8 here; a tree to start Level 2, and a snowman to start Level 9. End Rooms.zip
  5. It's funny, because I remember INTV hyped up the Tutorvision in 1987 catalogs. That was just before they offered leftover ECS units for sale. It was obviously in development for a couple years, and just ready to be test-marketed when the project died. The modifications to the original Intellivision hardware indicates a sort of compromise from an attempt to resurrect the Mattel Electronics Intellivision-III, which would have been the INTV Intellivision-IV. Yes, I'm glad the few units that have turned up have been preserved, and that jzIntv emulates it. I can only hope more of the games turn up at some point.
  6. In case anybody has a use for these, I created screenshot images for each of the rooms, same as what I did for that Auto Racing World Map. Rooms that contain only non-color-changing elements I posted in the "General" subfolder, and the other rooms I posted in each of the 8 other folders, "Level[xx]". The color schemes cycle through levels 2-9. The first level is an oddball which uses the Level 8 color scheme. That is why I named the folders as I did. In case you're wondering about the naming of the rooms, "room[xx]", these are the values in the even-numbered ROM addresses at $Fxxx. Other values poked into these addresses produce garbage, as you might expect. These are the assets I'm planning to use in a GUI level editor. They are in .png format because I'm using the same GUI toolkit I used for PIDEjL, my front-end for jzIntv, which gupports only .png and .gif formats. Bump & Jump Rooms.zip
  7. There should be a "follow" button near the bottom of the page, just above the Social Media glyphs. Raising the "double resolution" bit just fetches two consecutive cards from GRAM to display as image data, but it's still only one sprite in use. It's only done vertically to give you an 8x16 image. It's also not to be confused with doubling the horizontal size or changing the vertical size. Because sprites can only be one color, having the three colors comprise the player's car (red, white, and black) do in fact use up three of the sprites. As it is, the 8 sprites are: 0-2: player's car 3-6: each of the four enemy cars (single color each) 7: water hazard sign Close. The dump trucks' poops are not sprites; they replace one of the background cards when they're spawned.
  8. Kotaku itself is part of the Gawker network, which explains the tone of the article. It's all about shock value and very little substance.
  9. The color scheme used for the ground tiles, cycles every 8 levels. What's interesting is that the first level is using the Level 8 palette. It's as if the level ID is internally set to 0 for all intents and purposes before the first level begins, and then incremented to 1. What that means is, when you reach Level 9, you'll have seen all the ground tile color schemes. At Level 10, the color scheme cycles back to Level 2. I'm mentioning this now, because I always wanted to see all the color schemes since I was a kid, but I thought I'd have to get to Level 32 to see it all. Maybe I'm the only one?
  10. After submitting the exhibitor application, I hadn't heard anything. Then all of a sudden, I got an e-mail that the expo is "indefinitely postponed" due to Covid. I was planning to demo X-Ray & DILLIGAS, Little Man Computer, and another tabletop game I created with my 3D printer. Next time there's a local indie game expo, I'll mention it.
  11. In @nanochess Advanced Game Programming book, there's the example posted on pages 270-271, if you're not allergic to Assembly Language. I'm panning the whole screen upward, one whole card at a time, barring the top two rows.
  12. Probably the one benefit to libretro is retroachievements support. That's something I've been wanting to see ever since I first used Retroarch. Diner just got added a week ago, making it the 8th Intellivision game to have achievements.
  13. There are definitely 32 unique levels in the ROM, although there are apparent repeating patterns that you observed. The ROM hack I recently posted changes Bit 9 in many of the odd-numbered addresses, which triggers the water hazard warnings.
  14. Sorry. I just know I did everything by hand when I integrated Robots into SameGame, way back in 2004.
  15. Here is that hack I started working on yesterday, as I promised. As with all my other hacks, it's just the .cfg file to accompany the actual ROM image in .bin format. If you have the ROM image in .rom format, run jzIntv's rom2bin to make a copy in .bin format, and rename it "Bump & Jump (Hack).bin". There are a couple other hacks in here, which I disabled. All I wanted to do was replace the water hazard warnings with a single warning when you're about to reach the end of the level, so you know when to jump back onto the track. Enjoy. Bump & Jump (Hack).cfg
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