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    My background is in art and filmmaking. I'm interested in game design. I love console gaming and was really excited to discover the homebrew scene a few years ago, via the Vectrex.

    I try not to be too much of a collector but have to admit that I am one. .. Mainly focused on joysticks and controllers at this point.
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  1. I have two consoles I'm selling, preferably as bundles/lots. - 500GB PS3 with Ico/Shadow of the Colossus and two Sony Dualshock 3 controllers, all good condition - Wii emulation box with full original functionality and Game Cube compatibility, with extras and a few valuable Game Cube items, priority Zelda. Wii is a great alternative way to play Atari 2600 games, besides convenient, compact and wireless input, motion controls are shockingly effective for Night Driver and some other Paddle games. Nunchucks are not an insignificant alternative to 2600 joystick options either. The Wii classic pad is also an awesome and fairly standard option for NES/SNES/Gameboy and even N64, which operates wirelessly through a Wii remote. Not generally interested in trades unless you happen to have an Olympus Air lens camera or similar small exotic or quality video capable and conventional tripod mountable camera. Items are crosslisted on other sites at different prices. Looking for reasonable offers.
  2. Yes it is quite the saga of the joystick kit who now finally will spread her wings.
  3. I still have mine I never built and would pass along at this point. I haven't followed closely but I think it is the second version.
  4. I tried two different high quality 2600 joysticks on the flashback 9 hdmi and they did not work, appear to be different pinouts.
  5. I was just playing a Flashback 9 that I bought for a friend's family. You can navigate the menus with either joystick plugged into either port, (I know because the 5 year old I was playing with was perpetually fighting me to choose games). In the menu screen the joystick and fire button is enough to select and start a game and within each game you have normal atari 2600 functions with the joystick/fire button/mode,reset and difficulty switches. In the absence of the extra buttons you have to turn the console of and on to change games. I didn't use the rewind or freeze state functions except once by accident but I don't see how you could use them without the special joystick buttons. My bigger concern, and the reason I'm posting here is that in my experience with the Flashback 9, original 2600 controllers DO NOT WORK. I tested two high quality joysticks and a pair of paddles. Both provided some input, but not correctly or reliably. They appeared to me to be wired incorrectly and not compatible. When I read reviews of the flashback 9 I saw something about paddle controllers being planned but never released. So I think the paddle games are basically unplayable. The two paddle games that I tried seemed like they may have been patched for the included joysticks because left/right and fire seemed to correspond with paddle spinning and button, which is not the case on real 2600 pinouts. But they were still not really playable that way, with much too abrupt responses to the joystick. My real paddles gave nonsensical input.
  6. Working Vectrex controller is marked for sale. Since no one has expressed any interest I am considering 3D printing an enclosure for the Vectrex joystick kit and assembling it, which will change the price. .. Also will consider trades involving similar type stuff, db9 joysticks, homebrew joysticks, broken joysticks, 15 pin serial PC joysticks, paddles, spinners, buttons, enclosures, salvaged non-gaming input components...
  7. I have an assortment of Vectrex controllers I'd like to sell together. This is an organized variety that might be of interest to someone trying to experiment with new Vectrex controller designs and rebuilds. Lot includes: - Rolo's Vectrex controller kit, ver.2, (never assembled and believed complete, as pictured) (check AA thread linked below for more information) - Fury Starblast button controller, average condition - original Vectrex controller #1 (bent stick, otherwise nice condition) - original Vectrex controller #2 (poor condition, disassembled, missing two screws, believed complete otherwise, (two removed buttons are included)) - Sega Genesis controller, (board components desoldered for Vectrex mod, cable missing, otherwise believed complete)(some spare buttons and partial enclosure from another Genesis controller included) - New Sega Genesis (db9) extension cable - Three different additional arcade buttons, NEW ******* In summary this is a combination For Parts or Repair/Assembly Required/Homebrew lot. Starblast and original Vectrex controller #1 both work. The rest do not currently, either for being broken, disassembled or (Rolo kit) not yet assembled and requiring additional enclosure to assemble, (see thread linked below for enclosure ideas including existing 3D print files). The extra arcade buttons might help you figure out what you like for building your own controllers. I'm a fan of the small size plunger buttons which I have used before and include one here. One of the big ones is a Sanwa which I seem to remember having a good reputation but to me not as good as the generic one that I include here. All three of those were purchased from Paradise Arcade online shop. The big ones are bigger than the kit buttons or the Starblast big button and the small one is a little smaller than the original Vectrex buttons. I'm asking $160 shipped to Continental U.S. locations. Perhaps negotiable. .. I haven't figured out this new posting format so I may be editing this post to be more organized with pictures and links etc. Please check attached photos for more detail. The picture at the beginning of this post is of the whole lot. The working Vectrex controller is pretty nice and untampered with, except for the bent stick. The disassembled Vectrex controller is all around poor condition, including the stick component which is not springy. Here is the original thread about the Vectrex controller kit, page 6 for me was the most relevant:
  8. RE: the original post, I suggest flipping the TV type switch to B&W on your console or emulator. The hack I want for this game is for the Left Controller to correspond to player one so I don't have to unplug my AtariVox+ from the Right Controller port and plug another joystick in. Apparently this convention was not set when Starship came out.
  9. Edit and update and bump to include Star Ship.
  10. I have two Vectrex consoles and two Vectrex games for sale. I have the Vectrex games Debris Revisited and Starship for sale. Debris Revisited is a homebrew game, noteworthy for its use of bitmap graphics and for its VecVox(or AtariVox+) compatibility. Starship is the European version of Star Trek. It is the same game without the Star Trek branding and it is compatible with all regions of Vectrex consoles. I have the cartridge and overlay but no manual or box. Cart and overlay are both in great condition. One Vectrex is non-working and does not include the joystick or any controller. This Vectrex does show some signs of life. Tube glows and a dim dot appears on screen and moves around when xy rings are adjusted. Speaker crackles. The other Vectrex seems ok. The image is a little compressed. Sometimes volume knob needs to be adjusted to get sound. Please make an offer on any items if you are interested. I'm not sure about shipping the Vectrexes. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  11. Vectrex and Atari Telemach controllers are both sold. .. For the first time I had an offer automatically accepted on an eBay listing. It never occurred to me until now, why would you ever automatically accept an offer? Auto decline makes sense, to send a message and keep a boundary with aggressive low ballers. But auto accept is selling yourself short. .. In this case I think the guy perfectly guessed and offered my absolute minimum auto accept price.
  12. Probably not. I really need money. Only possibility would be rare joysticks for Atari, Sega, Vectrex or PC (analog with 15 pin serial connector)
  13. Bump Vectrex overlays are sold. All items are crosslisted on eBay at higher prices.
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