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    My background is in art and filmmaking. I'm interested in game design. I love console gaming and was really excited to discover the homebrew scene a few years ago, via the Vectrex.

    I try not to be too much of a collector but have to admit that I am one. .. Mainly focused on joysticks and controllers at this point.
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  1. Are you still looking for this?
  2. I have three analogue PC joysticks I've been holding onto for projects I know I'll never get to. Also included 16 pin to DB9/analogue to digitial convertor, ("imported" from Greece). I am looking for $100 + paypal fees + shipping for the lot. I'm a big Vectrex fan, as well as novelty joystick fan, so I had different things in mind when I collected these, making conversions etc. The convertor allows some 16 pin analogue sticks to function on Atari, etc. All of these are 16 pin connectors but none are compatible with the convertor, due to different pinouts or potentiometer values. But the convertor may help or be interesting in evaluating them, (and is a lot of fun with other joysticks that are compatible). Joystick 300 - is like new condition and includes instructions/box TG joystick - is loose and used 2001 Joystick - is tampered with internally and would need repair, (springs are removed/included, some wires cut..), interesting design with more weight than you might expect from such small package. Side buttons are on a panel that slides out. 16pin adaptor - is handmade by eBay seller in Greece, tested and barely used, (because I have three of them)
  3. For sale nice Suncom Tac-2 joystick for Atari/C64/DB9. Not my favorite personally but it is super reliable and sturdy, gauranteed to improve your scores if you've never played with a quality joystick. I'm looking for $45 + paypal fees + shipping, say $55 in U.S. or less $4 if you want to do friend payment.
  4. When I pull the Atari out I repeatedly play for a few days: Yars' Revenge HERO Congo Bongo Cosmic Ark Tutenkham Juno First Gravitar Night Driver gets less routine play because I hesitate to switch the paddles in, but it's one of my favorites, maybe even my most favorite. Definitely I will play it sometimes. I always scan my Harmony Cart for ones to revisit and pick a few. One I haven't played in a while and not sure why is Montezuma's Revenge. Excellent weirdo options still in my queue are: Up n' Down Muppets in Space I grabbed those from somebody's list on Atariage, same place I got Congo Bongo, which graduated to regular rotation. Gorf, Fantastic Voyage and Dragon Fire get some play.
  5. I'd go for MB or Bandai as well, depending on cost.
  6. Please include me for one. .. Are those buttons different than the prototype? They look more familiar and less interesting, (not saying they are or aren't better).
  7. - Japanese DMG style GB Pocket - DMG Game Boy with red backlight, (a few lines sometimes fade out in screen) - RGBbb back light, (never installed, unknown color) - Pocket to DMG link cable adapter - assorted stereo adapters - two NES plunger A/B buttons - Everdrive V 1.2 flash cart with micro SD card - 17 games, (each includes a plastic case): - Bionic Commando($) - Catrap - Link's Awakening - Metroid II, with Manual - Kid Icarus - Operation C - R-Type - R-Type DX - Gradius - Nemesis - Burai Fighter - Defender/Joust - Marble Madness x2 - Qix x2, with one manual - Super Mario Land All games have nice labels, except R-Type DX is faded in one section. R-Type, Gradius and Nemesis each have some plastic discoloration and some scuffing. Everdrive cart has a crack in the edge of the cart shell. DMG Game Boy has replacement screen and some cosmetic defects. Pocket is all around great. I am trying to sell this as a lot, all together: $200 + $20 U.S. shipping, Paypal friend payment
  8. I'm not sure but I would guess so. He didn't say anything about changing them. It was the common Atari Super Pong console used.
  9. A few years ago I convinced an Atariage member to convert a Pong console to be 2600 paddles. Works okay and is a cool novelty. Still plays the pong games too.
  10. Sale pending ****** Game Boy is in average condition. Everdrive is in good condition. Game Boy has red backlight, unprofessionally installed by me, years ago. Installation could easily be modified with a different backlight. There are a couple lines that come and go in the screen. Sometimes there are no missing lines. Everdrive battery save works and still has game saves from years ago. All around playable Game Boy has gotten a lot of use from me in recent days. Everdrive includes micro SD card as shown. Everdrive has a crack in the case I just noticed in the pictures and verified on the item, (front side, bottom right).
  11. gliptitude


    What is currently available to play MAME on Vectrex?
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