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    My background is in art and filmmaking. I'm interested in game design. I love console gaming and was really excited to discover the homebrew scene a few years ago, via the Vectrex.

    I try not to be too much of a collector but have to admit that I am one. .. Mainly focused on joysticks and controllers at this point.
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  1. I have an assortment of Vectrex controllers I'd like to sell together. This is an organized variety that might be of interest to someone trying to experiment with new Vectrex controller designs and rebuilds. Lot includes: - Rolo's Vectrex controller kit, ver.2, (never assembled and believed complete, as pictured) (check AA thread linked below for more information) - Fury Starblast button controller, average condition - original Vectrex controller #1 (bent stick, otherwise nice condition) - original Vectrex controller #2 (poor condition, disassembled, missing two screws, believed complete otherwise, (two removed buttons are included)) - Sega Genesis controller, (board components desoldered for Vectrex mod, cable missing, otherwise believed complete)(some spare buttons and partial enclosure from another Genesis controller included) - New Sega Genesis (db9) extension cable - Three different additional arcade buttons, NEW ******* In summary this is a combination For Parts or Repair/Assembly Required/Homebrew lot. Starblast and original Vectrex controller #1 both work. The rest do not currently, either for being broken, disassembled or (Rolo kit) not yet assembled and requiring additional enclosure to assemble, (see thread linked below for enclosure ideas including existing 3D print files). The extra arcade buttons might help you figure out what you like for building your own controllers. I'm a fan of the small size plunger buttons which I have used before and include one here. One of the big ones is a Sanwa which I seem to remember having a good reputation but to me not as good as the generic one that I include here. All three of those were purchased from Paradise Arcade online shop. The big ones are bigger than the kit buttons or the Starblast big button and the small one is a little smaller than the original Vectrex buttons. I'm asking $160 shipped to Continental U.S. locations. Perhaps negotiable. .. I haven't figured out this new posting format so I may be editing this post to be more organized with pictures and links etc. Please check attached photos for more detail. The picture at the beginning of this post is of the whole lot. The working Vectrex controller is pretty nice and untampered with, except for the bent stick. The disassembled Vectrex controller is all around poor condition, including the stick component which is not springy. Here is the original thread about the Vectrex controller kit, page 6 for me was the most relevant:
  2. RE: the original post, I suggest flipping the TV type switch to B&W on your console or emulator. The hack I want for this game is for the Left Controller to correspond to player one so I don't have to unplug my AtariVox+ from the Right Controller port and plug another joystick in. Apparently this convention was not set when Starship came out.
  3. Edit and update and bump to include Star Ship.
  4. I have two Vectrex consoles and two Vectrex games for sale. I have the Vectrex games Debris Revisited and Starship for sale. Debris Revisited is a homebrew game, noteworthy for its use of bitmap graphics and for its VecVox(or AtariVox+) compatibility. Starship is the European version of Star Trek. It is the same game without the Star Trek branding and it is compatible with all regions of Vectrex consoles. I have the cartridge and overlay but no manual or box. Cart and overlay are both in great condition. One Vectrex is non-working and does not include the joystick or any controller. This Vectrex does show some signs of life. Tube glows and a dim dot appears on screen and moves around when xy rings are adjusted. Speaker crackles. The other Vectrex seems ok. The image is a little compressed. Sometimes volume knob needs to be adjusted to get sound. Please make an offer on any items if you are interested. I'm not sure about shipping the Vectrexes. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  5. Vectrex and Atari Telemach controllers are both sold. .. For the first time I had an offer automatically accepted on an eBay listing. It never occurred to me until now, why would you ever automatically accept an offer? Auto decline makes sense, to send a message and keep a boundary with aggressive low ballers. But auto accept is selling yourself short. .. In this case I think the guy perfectly guessed and offered my absolute minimum auto accept price.
  6. Probably not. I really need money. Only possibility would be rare joysticks for Atari, Sega, Vectrex or PC (analog with 15 pin serial connector)
  7. Bump Vectrex overlays are sold. All items are crosslisted on eBay at higher prices.
  8. Various good stuff I'll be sad to part with, all items are loose and without retail packaging, suggested prices not including shipping, Nintendo Bioforce Ape prototype reproduction cartridge $40 Atari Telemach 200 joystick - import with IL arcade components, switch for Amiga compatibility $85 Vectrex Control panel $80 Minestorm overlay $30 Star Castle overlay $35 Original Lightpen with all three lightpen cartridges $160 Debuzz kit and Cap kit $40 .. I also have not pictured a never assembled Rolo's Vectrex controller .. I have the lightpen game manuals but I haven't decided to include them yet Spikes Circus and Vectrex Logo PCB reissues maybe for sale. Debris Revisited maybe for sale.
  9. Well I'm not so young that it's totally foreign to me. But I didn't have a positive view of 2600 or Atari in general until maybe four years ago. I'm 40. .. The key was finding reliable hardware and narrowing the list of games. As far as insight, I like to think of video games as poetry, high design or artistic engineering, and the rawness of the early consoles as well as the advent of homebrew, leads more in that direction. I studied art and filmmaking and had a better response to scholarly criticism and theory than most film/art students and I tend to apply those sort of principles to everything.
  10. I debated where to post this and decided here, although my goal is to seperate these joysticks from their Odysseys and use them on other consoles. I've had a non-working Odyssey 2 for a long time and never used it and never seen a live one otherwise. A while back I salvaged the joysticks. I hollowed one out and retrofitted a mini-arcade stick and button and a db9 cable for Atari. It works great and is super stylish, although the bottom of the stick pokes out of the enclosure. Having taken those apart and seen the components I figured the original function was probably pretty clumsey and unfulfilling, although the heavy spring and mounted metal stick were pretty impressive. .. Well more recently I acquired an identical joystick that was apparently originally manufactured for Atari compatible, so I've had a try and was a mildly surprised. It is the same inside and out but with a different cable and pinout. It is reasonably responsive and functional, way above average for an Atari stick, although I am surprised how awkward the button placement is and how irritating rolling the stick around the jagged 8-point hole is, which is pretty unavoidable in some games. .. Still a great joystick option to have around. .. Next is a real curiosity, an analog Pong stick with both x and y axis, and I'm still trying to figure out what to do with it. It's the same shape and size but a very different feel and function, even beyond what I anticipated. I knew that it did not spring center but I thought that meant it would be loose, like some old PC analog sticks. Well it is actually very stiff and stays wherever you leave it, something I'm not sure I've ever encountered before. There are two plastic plates that slide back and forth against eachother. They are just held on track by the the shape of the metal housing below and the pressure of the enclosure above. Small tabs underneath fit with plastic arms on the potentiometers which are able to slide side to side as well, in order to adjust to eachother. These joysticks orient sideways compared to the Odyssey 2 and they have a different and I think better button component. The Odyssey 4000 console I just got only partially works and probably won't satisfy my desire to play with these joysticks. I'd really like to adapt them to VECTREX, (**or hire someone to**) and after my first time using them and feeling how stiff and kind of restrictive it was I was guessing they had straight track potentiometers like what you might see in a volume slider on a stereo and which I have seen before in a PC joystick, (and which I'd hoped would be easy enough to replace with different value pots with the same mechanical profile). But no they are large rotary potentiometers with what I think might be a pretty unique and difficult to replace mechanical arm assembly. The pot values don't match Vectrex and .. they don't appear to match eachother! They are also quite jittery on the Pong console. So I think these might just end up sitting around looking pretty. In the first picture left to right is Odyssey 2 joystick, Odyssey 2 enclosure retrofit with arcade parts by me for Atari, Magnavox style joystick originally manufactured for Atari, and analog joystick from Odyssey 4000 pong console.
  11. I've never liked the straight "nostalgia" explanation or the word "retro", partially because it excludes me since I didn't grow up with this stuff, but also because I think it tends to trivialize the whole thing and tie it into a retired experience. To me the 2600 retains the dreams and imagination of video games in a way that is generally lost in contemporary gaming. Many of the best 2600 games were made by a single person and my impression is that the average size group of designers/programmers/writers was something like five or six people. Compared to today when a console game typically has hundreds. So it is much easier as a fan to fantasize about being one of those people, like being in a band. Also on this scale it has always seemed more practical to me to consider these makers as authors or artists or inspired engineers, with an appreciation for the true form of the thing. There was experimentation and discovery in those days and the commercial and industrial enterprise was much less regimented. It looks like a creative bubble where everyone was chasing new ideas and concepts. The engineers, the entrepeneurs, the salesmen, the manufacturers and the consumers were all a party to a spectacle of production and innovation. It is fun to reenact that spectacle, whether you were a part of it or not.
  12. Well I've just sold all the Commodore stuff locally so there won't be any more questions from me anytime soon. I'm a little sad to see it go but glad the new owner seemed to appreciate it and have ideas and plans for it. He brought his young son with him who I think he was trying to teach programming. Also he anticipated doing repairs to the computer and has experience with that. The two of them sat there and watched me load, list and run the graphics demo and listened to me explain my whole experience with this computer. I'm definitely glad to have gone through the type-in process and seen it all work. Thanks for the assistance with this carlsson.
  13. Alright I got a title screen. But it was stuck there for so long that I gave up. I think I gave it about ten minutes. The disk drive was whirring away and the title screen would not be interupted by any input on the keyboard or joystick. I eventually just flipped the power switches off. Shouldn't it have finished loading in that amount of time? Or shouldn't I have been able to interupt the loading with the run/stop key or home or something? .. The power problem is really bad and seems to be getting worse and worse. I'm not sure how to be careful besides not using it or buying one of the pricey custom power supplies.
  14. Hey the diskette I bought over two weeks ago just showed up. So I set the computer back up to see if it might start powering on again. After over 30 minutes it actually has. I found online the commands for loading a disk program: LOAD"program name",8 Or if you don't know the name: LOAD"$",8 And then LIST to see the contents. I did this and get a result but am unable to make it further and get errors or not found messages. Starglider is the title on the disk label. I tried: load"starglider",8 and: LOAD"Starglider",8 I also tried the same for the other two (titles?) that list, Paranoid and Para-Protect. Maybe the disk is bad? Maybe the drive is bad? Or maybe my commands are wrong?
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