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  1. Hey guys, this has been a long time coming but I selling my ENTIRE Intellivision collection - I will be updating as I get things out and take pics - All prices are shipped to United States - pm me for other rates Super NFL Football - $80 The Flintstones Keyboard Fun $80 Super Pro Tennis $80 Super Chef BT $80 Space C*nt $80 Space Carousel $80 Space Raid $90 Match 5 - Sealed $90 Paddle Party - Sealed $75 Minehunter - Sealed $75 DK Arcade - Sealed - $100 Old School - Sealed - $75 3 International titles - Shark Shark/Burgertime/Mission X/ $125 Orphan Overlays Series 3 Unopened - Make Offer - PM Sears Overlay Set - Make Offer - PM Space Patrol $100 REPRO box Learning Fun II - $100 REPRO box Congo Bongo $125 ORIGINAL "2005" Same Game & Robots $250 I will be updating often!!
  2. I used this ----> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Intellivision-A-V-Composite-Video-Mod-Kit-NTSC-PAL-DIY-/181043125890?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2a2702de82 in my SVA It was pretty easy to install, slight.. I mean very slight shadowing... not bad enough to use the RF
  3. My copy arrived Friday but I have a crazy busy weekend, and I don't have a console hooked up at the moment... but! I have a short week and a long weekend coming up!
  4. Beauty and the Beast is still a top 5 game for me, even today after all of the new releases. Mainly because I got it for my birthday after the original Donkey Kong sucked so bad... And I played it for days! I too love the Thunder Castle soundtrack but the fact I still play Beauty and the Beast on my phone at work speaks volumes
  5. The black bubble ones are my favorite too, I used them on my custom Sears SVA
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