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  1. It's because of the embedded exif data on the photo, which programs read and "auto rotate" your photos for convenience. When you copy it and paste it's removing the exif data.
  2. I do wonder what was made first.. the demo cart for the Fairchild Channel F or for the RCA Studio II. Altough I can imagine the Channel F's cart was seen by the public first.
  3. guessing a lot of people are waiting for the moment to try and pounce on that demo cart.. only at ~$20 so far.
  4. ACH the Apollo 80 was a UK clone not German. I know some sites say Germany but I have no idea where that information originated from. As far as I know no Academy electronics were ever sold in Germany. otherwise good video.
  5. Although it wont be a particular in-depth video. I still have a half-finished video I'm making on the Academy Apollo 80 system, mostly just giving an overview and some vain hope someone else may find it who can fill in missing gaps of info. Do you want/need any photos of the Academy Apollo 80 for your video?
  6. All of this because some tired person working at an office desk in the early 80s; looked at a blurry photo of a CRT TV screen and misread a number as 5.51, wrote it down, sent off a badge and then just moved on with their lives and forgot about it.
  7. This adds nothing to the technical understanding, but I now see how the error numbers display.
  8. Would a system not getting enough amperage for the test to run also potentially cause error codes? The test cart is stated that it needs 500mA.
  9. Great to know the final known US Studio II cart has now been dumped. (Ignoring any potential "betas" or tapes such as the possible colour demo of the Studio III) A question to "ajavamind" (Andrew Modla) do you know/have any record of who the author of the tester cart was? I am guessing Joseph Weisbecker?
  10. soooo..... they sold at the last second. Anyone here get them or knows the person who did? (looking at stupus again)
  11. 21 hours-ish to go on those carts. Wonder if they well sell at that asking price.
  12. As a note of interest (although minor) The stock number on that Tester cart is: 5008339. However the stock number in the service manual is: 5009339. so 2 possibilities. 1)There is another version of it out there somewhere. 2)It was a misprint in the service manual. -the power unit has a #: 5008333 -demo cart has a #: 5008331
  13. Well the "Tester I" cart actually has the stock number on it, so it may well be all "Tester I" carts look like that. The proto Demo Cart is also interesting, has what I assume is an earthing wire attached to it? It also says to use a modified power supply for some reason? Wonder if how different that version of the demo is compared to the "released" version.
  14. I don't think it's supposed to. I think the tester power adapter is just used in the console to give it more "oomf" for whatever stress testing it needs.
  15. I wonder if all the "tester" carts actually look like that. Or whether there actually are any that are more "finished" looking.
  16. I keep meaning to do a video on my Academy Apollo 80 unit but I keep getting distracted.
  17. no, I found them years ago on some random Japanese guy's page with very little details and 0 contact information.
  18. Found them: CAS-190 (Which contains Biorhythm AND Bagua) Front and Back Box Front All Boxes and Sides All Instruction Films (I think 190 is at the bottom)
  19. 190 does 100% exist. I've posted photos of it before: Manuals.. I do have a pic of the cart somewhere...
  20. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/268813-rca-studio-ii-3d-printed-replacement-cart-shells/
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