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  1. Also was able to acquire a ColecoVision with Donkey Kong and Smurfs, but it's missing the video cable.

  2. Got a 7800, now i just need some home-brews for it. Also the paddle doesn't seem to work for Circus Atari.

    1. Justin De Lucia

      Justin De Lucia

      (Correction: any games, not just home-brews)

  3. Is there such a thing as a Multi-Coaxl adapter that allows multiple inputs with one output?

    1. SSG


      you could make one with a selector switch



    2. SSG


      get perf board. Wire all the grounds to the output coax port

      and then all the positives to a selector switch and solder it to the board

    3. Justin De Lucia

      Justin De Lucia

      I am sadly not a techy person, so I wouldn't be able to make a multi-in adapter from scratch.

  4. The Atari 2600 that I got works perfectly; tested it with Combat. Now to get it into place and buy more games.

  5. I recently got a C64 that my father found; it's missing some cables though.

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    2. 7800fan


      Be sure to get C64 saver if you're using original power supply or make your own 5v DC + 9v AC adapter.


    3. carlsson


      If you're going to order cables, skip the RF cable and go straight for a composite video cable instead. Disk drive cables are straight 6-pin DIN, and not terribly hard to find.

    4. cjameslv


      What kind of monitor you hooking it up to? Need to know that before you buy a cable, there's a few kinds.

  6. Still anticipating a release of Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest on the 7800 someday.

    1. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Me too! I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

    2. DracIsBack


      Ditto. The thing about it being a hobby is you go on the schedule of the hobbyists who do it when they have time and energy to move forward.


      It will be Bob's crowning moment


  7. Doing pretty good at the moment, just talking with some buds online.

  8. Does grinding in RPG's ever get boring?

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    2. TheGameCollector


      And if it ever does, just put on some music or do it on the go. Pokémon can be tiring if you try to catch and raise every monster.

    3. DoctorTom


      To me, grinding is work, not fun.

    4. Ransom


      Depends on who I'm grinding with, really.


  9. Trying to get Salary Man Champ emulated in MAME with 3 players; it only does two ATM.

  10. So... I'm going to be in upstate new york for a few days... Wish me luck.

    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      I hear they eat faces there.

    2. Nateo


      Where in Upstate?

    3. Saldo


      If you are going to be anywhere near Brewster you should stop by Curt Vendel's Legacy Engineering.

  11. Dunno about you, but I'm craving a strawberry milkshake!

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    2. lushgirl_80


      i crave those everyday.

    3. slab0meat


      Chocolate only, please

    4. Dave Neuman

      Dave Neuman

      When I was a kid my dream was to have an endless chocolate milkshake ... wait it still is a dream ...

  12. When I start playing Pac-Man, you know stuff just got real.

    1. jd_1138


      Sounds like a challenge? Let me crack my knuckles and grab a Mountain Dew and channel my inner Billy Mitchell.

  13. The internet is full of double-headed hypocrites...

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    2. ilovethevectrex


      well, its the internet. what can you do about it :(


    3. Gemintronic


      The thin veil of electronic communication frees people to be more human and less kind.

    4. Kiwi


      There's a three headed monkey roaming around the internet too!

  14. Just heard someone intentionally tipped over an entire shelf of NES games.

    1. dustygraves.


      you mean like what was done in those gamefly comercials/

  15. Snow in spring? Darn inconsistent weather.

    1. BillyHW


      It's because of Global Warming.

    2. OBO


      Global warming is more like Global WTF these days.

  16. Are there anyone here that'd liek to take a recommendation for a homebrew 2600 game?

  17. I always take good care of my electronics.

  18. If Champ Pac-Em or Champ Ms. Pac Em was ported to the 7800, I will rejoice.

  19. To everyone on Atari Age; Most of the statuses you will likely see come from my Twitter, may have to turn it off if things get too extreme.

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    2. Fixitguy74


      Yeah, what Jaybird said.

    3. CPUWIZ


      Don't use Twitter.

    4. Sauron


      No way in hell I'd ever link my Twitter to here!


  20. Here are some new Arkanoid block colors incase you want to experiment with designs. And the glass block from Returns. http://t.co/7SFc3a3V

    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      In case you lose your suitcase, always keep a spare case of beer in your hat.

  21. Gah! This frozen yogurt from Red Mango was so bitter and stung my mouth! The sprinkles were like glass...

  22. MAy be one of few times you're rooting for the animal. http://t.co/VRDmyBNE

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